Language Essay Topics

Stereotyped Reactions to Regional Accents

The voices of four speakers, reading the same passage, were presented to two groups of subjects – one group from the north of England, the other from the south. Both groups rate the speakers on various personality traits. Unknown to the Ss, there were only two speakers, each of whom recorded the passage twice, once… View Article

Language structure and stage devices

‘A View from the Bridge’ is still relevant to a contemporary audience. Discuss this in relation to Miller’s use of language, structure and stage devices; showing how they are used dramatic effect. “Miller intended the play to be a modern version of a Greek tragedy” and even though Miller set the play in a specific time… View Article

Language and atmosphere

Analyse the importance of chapter one of Great expectations with regard to character, plot, theme, language and atmosphere In modern society, when our children feel boredom creeping over them, they can turn to the technological wonders of our time, such as computers and televisions, and other gadgets and gizmos that have become commonplace in everyday homes…. View Article

American Sign Language

For years psychologists have debated and tried to find out how our individual behaviour is gained- are we born with it or do we gain it through experience? Many psychologists have tried to find ways in which they can measure if our behaviour is learnt or inherited but these psychologists have encountered problems while doing… View Article

Come in-Ahhh Merciii

Scene V, Blanche: “Come in”-“Ahhh Merciii” Discuss this extract in relation to the rest of the text paying attention to structure, form and use of language. The ending section of scene five of Tennessee Williams’s play ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ has provoked much confusion and debate as to the writer’s motives in regards to the… View Article

Brendon Gallacher and Medusa

Loss is a key, reoccurring theme in my two poems of choice; ‘Brendon Gallacher’ and ‘Medusa. ’ ‘Brendon Gallacher’ is an affectionate elegy for an imaginary, eponymous childhood friend, ‘Medusa’ is a poem divided into stanzas of mostly equal length. Both poets use varying language to help the reader visualise the characters’ feelings and persona…. View Article

How ICT has helped people with special needs

Introduction In this essay I will be analysing how the usage of ICT helps people with special needs. There are 3 types of special needs. What is a physical disability? The term “disability”, as it is applied to humans, refers to any condition that impedes the completion of daily tasks using traditional methods. National governments… View Article

The poems ‘Spring Offensive’ and ‘Exposure’ by Wilfred Owen

Compare how Owen uses the natural world to reinforce the suffering that the soldiers faced in the poems ‘spring offensive’ and ‘exposure’. Wilfred Owen was an experienced soldier who fought in World War One. He wrote poems based on his experiences in the war. Many of his poems focus on the ordeals of the soldiers… View Article

Mythological Language

“Mythological language raises very difficult if not impossible problems.” Discuss this statement by examining both verification and falsification. “A myth is a symbolic approximate expression of truth, which the human mind cannot perceive sharply and completely, but can only glimpse vaguely, and therefore cannot adequately or accurately express.” – Millar Burrows. In the context of… View Article

Language and memory

Limitations with the study included the sample range being too small. This means that it is difficult to make generalisations because 20 undergraduate students cannot possibly be representative of the sample population. In order to improve the experiment, a wider sample range could be used, including people from different age groups and ethnic backgrounds. Another… View Article

Language & state of chaos

The lexical choices made by Beckett in the first act show many things, such as the relationship between Estragon and Vladimir, and the confusion of the characters as to the time and the meaning of their actions. The main characters, Estragon and Vladimir, switch roles continually, so not using language as an expression of their… View Article

Explore how Friel uses language

Explore how Friel has used language in order to create humour and other emotional responses in the audience? Focus particularly on the exchange between Yolland and Marie in Act 2 scene 2. In this essay I intend to explore the relationship between Marie and Yolland. I want to examine how the overall structure of the… View Article

Dickens uses language

When Mrs Gradgrind passes away in chapter nine, Dickens uses language to create sadness. Victorians loved sadness and tragedy in books and the portrayal of her death is done very emotionally. She is firstly described in the chapter as “helpless” and “feeble” to which the reader empathises with her. All people hate to see people… View Article

Influential factors

When it’s time to develop a new program, the first thing that must be considered is the decision on what programming language to utilise. This is important because changing the program midway through completion is very difficult to achieve, and will often require a vast rewriting of code. There are a number of issues that… View Article

A Dolls house Language

Ever since reading the text in my own time I have, in many of my past lessons been discussing, acting and re-reading parts of the play as well as researching many other aspects to the play. By doing this I discovered things like the play was firstly written in Norwegian and then translated into many… View Article