Language Essay Topics

Language acquisition

Contemporary researchers, who are interested in the language teaching, ELT publishing, second language acquisition and the theory of language in general while referring the process of a mother tongue influence on a foreign language teaching, usually apply the terms: ‘Language Interference’, ‘Cross-Linguistic Influence’, or ‘Transfer’. All of the terms imply that the language produced by… View Article

The language of arts

Labor, toil, travail, drudgery, and grind are listed as synonyms for work. Although these words depart from the conception that many non-artists have about art, it is common to hear artists talk about the drudgery and even boredom that is very often part of the process of making art. The antonym for work is play,… View Article

Whorf Hypothesis

The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis is a linguistic theory that states a correlation between the language a subject speaks and their ability to understand the world. According to Benjamin Whorf, “we dissect nature along lines laid down by our native languages. ” This concept has come to be known as the principle of linguistic relativity and is… View Article

Fluency in a Foreign Language

Thesis: Fluency in a foreign language should be required for all students before graduation from high school. Introduction: In a world of advancing technology and higher education, it is imperative that students take the time to develop unique talents and skills in order to gain a competitive edge over the average individual. I. Fluency in… View Article

Written and oral english language conventions

The standards for written and oral English language conventions have been placed between those for writing and for listening and speaking because these conventions are essential to both sets of skills. 1. 0 Written and Oral English Language Conventions Students write and speak with a command of standard English conventions appropriate to this grade level…. View Article

Instructional planning

Introduction Proper planning is a core prerequisite to an effective instruction process. Teaching disabled persons poses great challenges to instructors and calls for the careful planning of a lesson so that it may meet the needs of the learners. Disabled persons have special needs occasioned by hearing impairment, vision impairment; nervous problems as well as… View Article

The advanced language proficiency stage

In this stage, the students now gradually progressed to be self-sufficient with the language they are about to used and is now condensed to participate actively in classroom discussions and activities. Students can now speak grammatically correct and may be more prone to fewer errors to writing and speech defects. Motivation from their classroom advisers… View Article

Importance of language development

Introduction As psycholinguists began to chart the course of language development, they were amazed that children could learn such a complex symbol system at such good pace. After all, many infants are using arbitrary words to refer to objects and activities before they even begin to walk. By age 5, children already seem to know… View Article

English As Official Language In United States

Introduction             The United States of America is the melting pot of cultures and values permeated to its “American” way of life. Along this line, this cultures and values bring with them its languages so unique with each other culture that as such ethnic people grew over times; the language also conquers the different corners… View Article

English Is Official Language In U.S.

Half the countries in the world have an official language. The US is not one of them. Recently some attempts were made to designate English as the official language of the United States, though this country is widely known for being multinational and, correspondently, multilingual. Nevertheless, at the present there are twenty seven states out… View Article

English Language

English is the universal language; thus, the need for its mastery is a must. Its diverse concepts need be learned in detail so that the communication between two conversing parties could be made in an efficient and effective manner. In achieving this end, my English writing teacher has greatly contributed to my learning of the… View Article

The Java Language

“One of the great powers of bringing Java technology into play in the business community is that it forces you to once again think through what your business is” said John Gage, the chief researcher and director of the science office at Suns Microsystems, Inc. (Gage, 2003). With an array of technologies coming out in… View Article

Jamie Oliver’s language

In this essay I am going to be talking about the different aspects of Jamie Oliver’s language and how he adapts and uses these language features in his TED speech.Jamie Oliver successfully uses many language devices in order to help him communicate with his audience. I will be looking at Oliver’s and examining how effective… View Article

The language of thought: The relationship

Thought and thinking is a mental language that consists of a system of representations physically realized in the brain as the domain of mental processes. The philosophy of language inquires into the nature of meaning and how any meaning is known by the manner sentences are being composed into a meaningful whole (O’Hear 2002). Understanding… View Article

The Official Language Movement Case

Much of the contest on bilingual education is politically aggravated, more appropriate for talk shows than for civilizing schools. The United States can generate excellent bilingual education for ever more varied learner population, but only if we monitor what actually occurs in our schools. If we persist to contract with bilingual teaching as a label,… View Article

The Official Language Movement – This website is run by the National Association for Bilingual Education.  It presents an informative insight into the controversies surrounding the implementation of a Bilingual Education policy.  The website basically presents the argument that while many Americans may resist the idea of having bilingual modes of instruction in classrooms; they are also unaware… View Article

David Hocking’s book The Nature of God in Plain Language

It has to be said that the concept of trust has taken quite a hammering in society in the past twenty years.  During this time we have seen a host of previously considered “credible” people such as politicians, priests, childcare workers, teachers, babysitters and more exposed in the media as liars, cheats and criminals so… View Article

The Progression Of Language Development

Infants begin life with no other language than their cries and grunts. As their language mechanism matures, they make more and more sounds. Even before they can use these sounds as language, they begin to comprehend the meanings of words that they hear. They also can communicate their wants and needs with gestures and cries… View Article

Psychology and Language: Research Proposal

The relationship between psychology and language is a moot point among some scholars. However, when the two disciplines are taken into account in terms of their contrast and comparison, it merges jarringly clear that a relation exists between them. The two are either inextricably bound, or one of the discipline is overly dependent on the… View Article

The Role Of Culture In International Business

As globalization continues to thrive trade liberalization has led to the emergence of many businesses across the globe. There are many cultures in the world and the international businesses ought to have a good understanding of them if they are to be successful in the global market place. (Kotter J. and Heskett J, 1992). Culture… View Article

Bourdieu, P. Language and Symbolic Power

French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, in his work, Language and Symbolic Power (1991), describes the power of language in relation to politics, social institutions, economics, and education. He views language as a means of communication but more especially as a competitive means of pursuing interests and objectives. He explores the traditional approaches to language but emphasizes… View Article

The Role of Grammar in Language Teaching & Learning

Introduction In this ever changing world, the barriers to communication and understanding must be lowered. The acquisition of linguistic skills requires that one must be able to master it and use it to communicate effectively to people who are using that same language, like English for instance. For learners of this particular language to communicate… View Article

Thought and Language: A Mirror of One’s Rationality

Lev Vygotsky was a Soviet psychologist who developed the genetic approach to the development of concepts in early childhood and youth. Specifically, he identified the link between thought and the meaning of words. In his study, he traced the transition through a series of stages in human development, based on the development of a child’s… View Article

Rusell’s Theory of Reference

Language is very powerful. It can isolate one individual or allowed it to communicate with other people. We acquire a lot of skills and knowledge through the use of language. We used language for cultural adaptation. Some thinkers would just put it that way, accept language as part of our mundane existence, while others were… View Article

Visual Basic Programming Language

A computer program is the set of instructions a computer follows to execute a specific operation that includes to input, process, output and store data to meet unique information needs. Professors John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz of Dartmouth College as a tool to train students in computer programming created the original basic programming language in… View Article

Gideon’s Trumpet Strong point of the book

Gideon’s Trumpet is the ‘story’ of an epic legal battle. I give full marks to this story. It depicts the will power, grit and determination of a simple prison inmate to take on the legal system of USA. He achieved his objective with a pencil and paper and his simple drafting skill. He proved that… View Article

The Circumstances that Affect Use of Language

Language is a very powerful tool in communication; hence, it is only essential to discover the frames of relationship in the stuffy of this field. The use of such function has never become stagnant systems and/ or simple grants in the society. Utilizing such function has been linked to various circumstances that are dealt by… View Article

Vietnamese Language

Vietnamese (ti? ng Vi? t, or less commonly Vi? t ng? ), formerly known under the French colonization as Annamese, is the national and official language of Vietnam (“Vietnamese language,” n. d. ). Currently, it is the mother tongue of about 87% of Vietnam’s population or about 65 million people (“Vietnam,” n. d. ). It… View Article

LV & UV GCSE French Oral Examination

There are four broad areas of questions for the general conversation section of the oral examination. These are listed below: 1. Lifestyle 2. Leisure 3. Home and environment 4. Work and education Amusez-vous bien et bon courage! Lifestyle Health 1. Qu’est-ce que tu aimes manger et boire? (State what you like to eat & drink… View Article

German language

Learning a foreign language calls for various considerations. The foreign language Germanof choice to be learned is of prime importance, for if the pursuit of this language does not yield any concrete productive results save for personal satisfaction, the course would then be considered superficial, if not at all futile. Some people have admitted that… View Article