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Knowledge and Understanding of “the Human Seasons”

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Essay, Pages 2 (374 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (374 words)

The poem “The Human Seasons” is a poem by John Keats is a poem John Keats wrote to a friend in a letter. “The Human Seasons” is a fourteen line English sonnet with twelve lines in the beginning followed by two final lines at the end. The poem has rhymes however the whole poem is neither uniform nor consistent throughout. The first four lines rhyme in an ABAB pattern. The second rhyme can be found between line six and eight. The Third rhyme can be found between nine and eleven and the final rhyme is in the last two lines, line thirteen and fourteen.

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All these rhymes are different, however they do share one thing in common the rhyming pairs all have one line in between to separate them.

Another pattern that can be found in the poem is an iambic pattern. In pattern flows with the human blood flow making it easy to read. These patterns construct the bases that show the amount of thought John Keats put into the poem to express himself.

The speaker we assume is John Keats himself since this poem was used in a letter to a friend from John Keats. The intended audience is the recipient of the letter, but now the poem is shared to all. In the poem John Keats is comparing the two different natural process, the four seasons of a natural year and the stages of human life. The season become metaphors for the various feelings and thoughts humans experience in the various phases of one’s life.

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The tone is serious as John Keats is expressing his thought on the topics of the natural human process. This serious tone can be felt from the diction since the John Keats choses to use formal language to write this poem. “The Human Season” is an example of John Keats ability to put a lot of thought in a fourteen line poem. The patterns and thoughts expressed in the poem are densely compressed but not too much that makes it hard on the reader to understand the topics and the expression of the speaker. One can really appreciate this with the careful analysis to see how much work John Keats puts into a short fourteen lines.

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