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Essay on Justice

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Legal framework for social work in United Kingdom

Social work and social care has a pivotal role in service delivery to the society. This view cannot go unnoticed. The values, ethics of social work such as respect for humanity, equality and service to all have played a major role in helping the less privileged in the United Kingdom. The beneficiaries have included the mentally ill, the old, women and children. The United Kingdom having...

Punishment vs. Rehabilitation within the criminal justice system

Punishment and rehabilitation are a major part of the criminal justice system and will be effective in controlling crime if there is a way to incorporate the two factors to work together. Punishing and following up with rehabilitation through community supervision can be the source of helping deter crime. Punishment and community supervision should be based on the type of crime. If the appropriate...

Juvenile Justice

Morals usually are the guiding principles in just about everybody's life. Humans generally tend to do what is considered to be "right" and astray from what is "wrong", but in some cases, people choose to do what is considered "wrong". However, people believe that children should be dealt with much more lightly because they're not adults yet. On the other hand, I disagree that children should be ex...

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Social Justice

For example, many free trade proponents believe that economic opportunities, prosperity, and even equitable justice within poor countries will come with globalization, the opening of markets and the integrating of trade around the world. Tom G. Palmer, a senior fellow at the libertarian Cato Institute, states, "Within countries that have opened their economies to trade and investment, middle class...

Effectiveness of juvenile justice

Overall juvenile justice law, as assessed in the previous section, promotes fairness, equality and justice. The common law aims for rehabilitation of offenders, but will not hide from more serious sentencing options, such as detention. If this is continually maintained as the driving force behind the Juvenile Justice System, the pinnacle point of the effectiveness will be reached. For the system t...

The Profession of Social Work from Past to Present to Future

Most of the privileges enjoyed by American citizens today are attributed to the efforts of early social workers who dedicated their energy to fight against human injustices and inequalities due to gender, race, or faith (Reamer, 2013). It is important for individuals interested in pursuing a career in social work to understand the origin of this profession and developments in the profession since ...

Ethics for a Criminal Justice Career

Eldridge, L. (2011, June 16). Situational ethics and the moral chaos of modern policing. In issues/articles/3804919-Situational-ethics-and-the-moral-chaos-of-modern-policing/ PoliceOne.com. Retrieved May 3, 2014, from http://www.policeone.com/patrol- issues/articles/3804919-Situational-ethics-and-the-moral-chaos-of-modern-policing/ Fitch, B. D. (2011, October). Focus on Ethics Rethinking Ethics in...

Social Work Ethics

Home SUMMER 2009, VOL. 6, #2 Intl & Natl Professional Social Work Codes of Practice: Australia & Policy & Practice w/Older People Intl & Natl Professional Social Work Codes of Practice: Australia & Policy & Practice w/Older People This paper explores the relationship between the IFSW code of ethics and the Australian Association of Social Workers code of ethics. It begins b...

Generalist Practice in Social Work

Finally, the authors present concise information for the social worker as it pertains to the attainment of personal professional goals, focusing on the resume, interviewing skills and getting a job. The practical information is geared toward helping the social worker assess their capabilities and areas of interests, as it relates to the type of employment being sought. Presentation of the abilitie...

Rule of Law

http://www1.worldbank.org/publicsector/legal/ruleoflaw2.htm accessed on 2nd march 2012 4. Dabcanboulet, ‘Dicey’s views on the rule of law and the supremacy of parliament’,(2002),http://everything2.com/title/Dicey%2527s+views+on+the+rule+of+law+and+the+supremacy+of+parliament 5. Murray Ian, ‘The Failure of the rule of Law in Britain’, 2010, http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/274233/fail...

Sentencing and punishment essay in achieving justice

Throughout Australia, sentencing is the final unambiguous act given from the court to the offender as their result of punishment. The Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999 (NSW) is apparent to be one of the main core of statutory guidelines in relation to the sentencing procedure in NSW. The law itself explores the type of penalties, purposes of punishment, clarifies that prison is the last reso...

Leadership in Criminal Justice Organizations

Even though California allowed the prescription of marijuana to some of its citizens, it had no effect on drug trafficking from Mexico because the majority of marijuana is entered through Texas and Arizona. Overall, there is not any scientific evidence that would conclude that it will either increase nor decrease the amount of drug trafficking. McKinney (2008), “in a criminal justice organizatio...

Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice

American Legislative Exchange Council . (2014). Prison Overcrowding: Oklahoma. Retrieved from http://www.alec.org/initiatives/prison-overcrowding/prison-overcrowding-oklahoma/ CNN. (2014). Oklahoma executions back on, as court rules to keep lethal-drug sources secret. Retrieved from http://www.cnn.com/2014/04/24/justice/oklahoma-court-execution-drugs/ Muraskin, R., & Roberts, A. R. (2009). Vis...

Ethics, Justice, and Fair Treatment in HR Management

In terms of ethics, justice and fair treatment in human resource management, we glean the importance of firstly the individual having a firm ethical framework, the organization also fostering the same and the society which embellishes the same. Governments are the regulating and enforcing entities of the same. We note in closing the authors remarks: “Of course, few societies rely solely on manag...

Racial Disparity in Criminal Justice System

Cocaine Sentencing Laws. The Sentencing Project, 8. Mauer, M. (2009). Racial impact statements: Changing policies to address disparitie. The Sentencing Project. Mauer, M. (2009). The changing racial dynamcis of the war on drugs. Washington: The Sebtebcing Project. Mauer, M., & King, R. (2007). A 25-year quagmire: The "war on drugs" and its impact on american society. The Sentencing Project, 33...

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied

In vogue justice delayed justice denied is a very smooth saying. But it is not as easy to understand without clarification as to what actually is meant by the delay of justice. Justice is something meant to be handled at the present moment. Without justice system there can be no state worth the name. It is rightly called the shield of innocence and the guardian of civil right. This is so because, ...

Criminal Justice System

The final process is corrections. The offenders are sent to prison, they are classified and assigned to facilities and treatment programs. If the judge gives them a suspended sentence they are placed on probation. When an offender serves part of their sentence and released they are placed on parole until they end of their sentence (CJi, 2014). There are 5 goals of the criminal justice system. The...

Social issues in Criminal Justice Profession

Violence against women is another social issue that plagues the Criminal Justice professional. Rape and battery of women is not an old issue, but it is a cultural issue. Women have been seen for years as the weaker species and therefore need to be controlled. Before women’s rights were gained, men had control over their wives in such a way that it was okay to beat their wives for disobedience o...

The Effectiveness of the Law in Achieving Justice

Laws that have effect in Australia cover the wide range of issues that emerge from relationship breakdowns. In theory they are extremely effective in achieving justice for parties such as the spouses and children involved through considering the rights of the parties and ensuring its accessibility for all. However many of these orders and resolutions do not have any physical means of enforcement t...

Social Work Program Evaluation

1. Reamer, Frederic G. "Ethical standards in social work: The NASW Code of Ethics." Encyclopedia of social work (2008): 113-131. 2. Closing the Gaps Higher Education Plan, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, state initiative 2012. http://www.thecb.state.tx.us/index.cfm?objectid=858D2E7C-F5C8-97E9-0CDEB3037C1C2CA3. Accessed May 3, 2013. 3. El Paso Times, December 13, 2012, http://www.elpasoi...

Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program

Emancipation Patents (EPs) for OLT lands;b. Certificate of Land Ownership Award (CLOAs) for CA, VOS, and EO 407 lands, resettlement areas and landed estates; and. Free Patents for public lands.Note: Beneficiaries of the Integrated Social Forestry Program covering agro-forestry public lands whose ownership cannot be transferred, received Certificates of Stewardship Contract (CSCs) which are good fo...

Ethics in Criminal Justice Administration

Albanese, J., 2006, Professional Ethics in Criminal Justice: Being Ethical When No One is Looking, retrieved May 12, 2013 from: http://www.thefreelibrary.com/Professional+Ethics+in+Criminal+Justice%3A+Being+Ethical+When+No+One+is...-a0158093018">Professional Ethics in Criminal Justice: Being Ethical When No One is Looking. Strahlendorf, P., Professional Ethics, Ryerson University, School of Occ...

Society’s Needs for Criminal Justice Practitioners

Katz, Charles, Webb, Vincent. (2006). Policing Gangs in America. Cambridge, New York: Published by, Cambridge University Press. Retrieved from Kaplan University’s library at: http://ehis.ebscohost.com.lib.kaplan.edu/eds/ebookviewer/ebook/bmxlYmtfXzE0NjE4NF9fQU41?sid=497034da-b427-4712-ae4b-ee7a6c633b97@sessionmgr115&vid=3&format=EB&rid=16. Kevin, Borgeson, Robin, Valeri. (2009). Terr...

Business Ethics-Written Assignment for Module 2

(Shaw and Barry, pg.121). I see at the method for determining the morality of an issue no matter what social role one may play, it is only how one truly considers the morality of a certain position. 7. According to Shaw and Barry, deciding what sort of economic arrangements would best promote human happiness requires the utilitarian to consider many things. What are the five considerations mention...

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere

It was also not the proper way to deal with a situation like this so her father did not want his daughter to get into trouble even though she was not treated as an equal. Though others may disagree and state that it was completely Scout’s fathers’ decision to defend the African American, he deserved the decision he made. Scout’s father stood up for Tom Robinson because he knew that he was in...

Criminal Justice Trends Paper

In this paper I discussed the past, current, and future trends in corrections. In the past the punishments were cruel, and now we are focused more on rehabilitation and California facilities are being over crowded. I also analyzed current and future issues facing the overpopulated prisons. The budget deficit is only going to get worse and these problems within the criminal justice system is only g...

Criminal Justice System Paper

The rights of the people and the need to control crime of the citizens. There is a constant competition between the rights of and individual and the need to control crime. This is call due process vs. crime control. Due process is the rights of the individual and rights of groups of people. Being read your Miranda rights and being fair in trials without prejudice or biases. Crime control is mainta...

Market vs. Justice Globalism

Now we are at somewhat of a standstill, unsure of which way our next economic thought process will become. It is obvious that there needs to be such some sort of fusion of both of these thoughts. We can’t leave the weak to drown, yet the weak cannot learn to depend on the strong, as it will make them less productive. The problem with market globalism is that it leaves the lower in society to die...

Reflections on Social Work

However I think it is important to keep my options open and maybe later on I will develop more interest in this area after taking more social work courses. An aspect of social work that appeals to me is that no matter what work setting you are in, you are able to work alongside other professions as well to reach a common goal. Although this was only an introduction course and a small glimpse into ...

Honesty and Justice in the Criminal Justice System

I believe that every case is different and we cannot assure that honesty is maintained and still do justice. For example, every police officer is different and you have those that lie to help catch criminals and those bad cops that lie and use their authority in a negative manner. There will be police officers who go undercover and sell drugs to catch big time drug dealers, and therefore this type...

Criminal Justice Careers

I’ am never going to give up; I’m always going to give it my all. I know that there are going to be obstacles in life that not everything is going to be easy, but I have to overcome them. Nothing in this life is easy we have to work and struggle to get what we want. Nothing is going to be given to our hands. The best way to ensure my success and become who I want to be is to always keep going ...

Components of the Criminal Justice System

Those laws vary from state to state in terms of penalties for misdemeanors, felonies, infractions, etc. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, “Under our form of government, each State and the Federal Government has its own criminal justice system” (BJS, 2012). After the laws are made, it is then the responsibility of the criminal justice agencies to enforce them. Although it seems tha...

Management Challenges in Criminal Justice

In conclusion, challenges within the criminal justice system’s management and leadership are never ending. Leaders and managers are vicariously held accountable for subordinate’s actions and must remain diligent with solutions to problems. To maintain proper adherence to policy and procedures, leadership must be diligent in their efforts of education and communication of their subordinate empl...

The code of ethics for social workers

There may be some problems acting out these values for the professionals covered by this code because they are very detailed and strict, or limiting. One may be justice. A social worker may feel that their client is not guilty of a crime and want to shelter them from the law (or vice-versa). This is against the code of ethics because the social worker has to do what is right not only for his clien...

Justice in "King Lear"

In Edgar's case it seems that he has received his just reward. He does not have an easy time when dealing with his brother, Edmund. Yet, it would seem that justice is served as Edgar regains his proper position in the natural order of things. In King Lear, each of the characters discussed have varying interpretations of the importance of the higher powers affecting their fortunes. As well, justice...

Justice: Childhood Love Lessons

There is a difference between physical punishment and child abuse. Physical punishment is done out love to keep a child out of danger, but child abuse is often done by an angry or frustrated parent. Physical punishment is needed in a child's life to teach them the difference between right from wrong. Spankings are used if a child was told not to touch something, but they do it anyway. Some parents...

An examination of the role of retributive justice

As previously stated, 'what goes around comes around', is an ideal phrase to describe Macbeth's murder. Macbeth had killed countless people in order for him to succeed as king. Among these people are innocent women and children. Retributive justice plays a significant role in the murder of Macbeth because he had committed so many crimes and justice must be served. Macduff stepped in to kill Macbet...

Plato's View of Justice in the Republic

In this post world war two and post 'Brave New World' time, it is easy to take The Republic as a strange Nazi/Taliban-esque tyrannical state on a first glance. As a state the polis would most definitely have failed. As macrocosm for justice in the individual it is unsurpassed. Its influence to this day was evident recently when it was voted best philosophical work ever by readers of the web page h...

Liberty, Equality, and Justice

With the two philosophers enduring thoughts about liberty and justice, mixed in with the equality of individuals of society, these factors can not be consistent with each other. Berlin's statement would be a true pick towards how society can not have both of two worlds. These two different attributes would not give part in what utopia is, as Rawls would have thought it could have. Even with the o...

Justice in The Plain Sense of Things

In the final two stanzas, Stevens has unleashed his rawest thoughts and emotions. I think he is referring to the absence of morals, justice, and the Lord in our lives. He speaks of "the great pond" which could be a reference to Heaven, or the Lord, and how we see it reflected, dirty and muddy. The glory of our salvation has been tainted by our evil ways, the water has been polluted, and our hopes ...

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