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The Progress of Becoming an F.B.I agent as a Minority or Women
Words • 1048
Pages • 5
This paper is about six articles that talk about the years and steps it took for minorities and women to become an F.B.I agent and the progress the agency has been able to make throughout the years. How getting into the F.B.I is a difficult task and how the agency no longer needs students with criminal justice degrees and want students with cyber computer, hard sciences or maybe even have a degree in a foreign language. How women weren’t allowed…...
Importance of Forensic Anthropologists in Crime/Disaster Investigations 
Words • 2074
Pages • 9
Investigating the wide scale disasters or crime scenes is a daunting task. The amount of work that goes into attempting to deconstruct what actually happened is mind boggling. Often times the scene of a disaster or a crime does not readily provide an explanation of the events. In these cases, forensic anthropologists use their expertise to analyze bone fragments and other visible biological characteristics to provide a more accurate picture of the events leading up to the death of an…...
Criminal InvestigationForensic Anthropology
Teaching Social Justice Through To Kill a Mockingbird and A Time to Kill
Words • 1823
Pages • 8
To Kill a Mockingbird and A Time to Kill both reflect the common state of life of the American people in the background of the great depression, as well as the estrangement and discrimination between races. These prejudices let innocent people suffer unwarranted disaster, black become a victim of this bias. In To Killing a Mockingbird, Harper Lee described the protagonist, Atticus Finch, as a lawyer who defends a black man named Tom Robinson who was accused of raping a…...
Justice In LiteratureSocial JusticeTo Kill A MockingbirdTo Kill A Mockingbird Racism
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The Management of Organizational Justice: Dynamics of Fairness in the Workplace
Words • 1218
Pages • 5
Justice is a subjective concept. Organisational justice is a personal evaluation of fairness within a company, which affects employees’ work attitudes and behaviours. It is crucial to ensure organisational justice because it can bring great benefits to both organisations and individuals. As explained by Cropanzano et al (2007), there are three components of organisational justice: distributive justice (fairness of outcomes), procedural justice (fairness of allocation process) and interactional justice (fairness of interpersonal transactions with others). Employees care about justice for…...
Justice And FairnessOrganizational BehaviorWorkplace
Political Equality in Justice as Fairness in John Rawls Theory
Words • 1618
Pages • 7
“To be human is to be capable of living in a society with a common good that has no metaphysical content”. Discuss this statement with reference to John Rawls’ notion of justice as fairness. John Rawls, an American who was described by Bill Clinton as the most influential philosopher was born (1921) and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. His adult life was a scholarly one with the exception of World War II where he witnessed brutality of the holocaust which he…...
EqualityJustice And FairnessSocial Justice
Philosophy of Plato the Republic: Is Justice Intrinsically Good?
Words • 1226
Pages • 5
What exactly is justice? According to Velasquez, we can view justice as the fairness within a punishment or the fairness in which society itself “distributes benefits and burdens” (p. 538). The nature of justice is seen as whether a person should compromise with being just and be “good” while suffering through the injustice without being able to fight back or to become injustice and be considered “evil” while not being punished. There are different views on what justice is along…...
JusticeJustice In LiteraturePlato
Justice: Definition, Problems and Nature
Words • 605
Pages • 3
Justice can be a controversial topic by having two different subjects brought into play. Conflict relevant to justice is first derived from a lack of communication, misunderstanding, and ignorance. These two can result in vague questions without having a clear and concise answer. For example, society these days, they define justice to be as “a subjective term that is perceived in a variety of ways” (_____). Being a subjective term, justice is a highly controversial topic among individuals and cultures.…...
JusticeJustice And FairnessSocial Justice
Exploration of Social Injustice in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible
Words • 865
Pages • 4
Throughout the ages, humans have proven themselves countless times to be disloyal, selfish, and underhanded. It is with a degree of smugness and superiority that we often regard events such as the cruel, corrupt governmental systems of the past, abuses of the church, and mass murders in the name of religion. We tend to believe that we have made improvements in areas such the definition and protection of personal freedoms and we have faith that our journalists will uncover and…...
InjusticePolitical CorruptionSalem Witch TrialsThe CrucibleThe Crucible About John Proctor
Gender Inequality in Media and Entertainment
Words • 444
Pages • 2
The media is one of the strongest instruments to distribute mass information. It ought to be used as a platform to influence the attitudes and culture of Australians towards gender equality, opposed to reinforcing gender stereotypes. Advertising reflects society in a distorted fashion, calling attention to and exaggerating some aspects of our lives and hiding others. The representation of women reinforce their position of inequality through gender roles and body images displayed in advertising along with how advertisements have been…...
Gender InequalityInjustice To WomenMedia
Oppression of Women: The Oldest Injustice in Human History
Words • 988
Pages • 4
Women’s history includes the study of the growth of women’s rights, personal achievements over a period of time, development of individual and groups of women of historical significance and the effect of the historical events have on women. The women’s movement with equal rights, newly formed organizations for women, rise of new generation of female artists, professionals and photographers transformed the traditional social structure across the globe. The end of the nineteenth century saw tremendous growth in the suffrage movement…...
Injustice To WomenWoman SuffrageWomen EqualityWomen's Rights
Environmental Health Disparities and Environmental Justice
Words • 1663
Pages • 7
Usually, the standard form of racism is prejudice, discrimination, hatred, violence or superiority of one race over another. However, there is one overlooked form of racism, and it takes place without people even being aware of it. This inequality is known as environmental racism. This form of racism occurs in marginalized, poor, immigrant, or communities of color. The living environment of these low- income communities isn't safe because the toxic wastes surround the areas, factories, and fracking plants. The public…...
Human Life And EnvironmentImportance Of Environmental ProtectionJusticeSave Environment
A Structural Approach to Ethical Reasoning
Words • 1505
Pages • 7
Abstract This reflection paper will discuss the six ethical systems learned in this accounting ethics course. The systems include egoism, enlightened egoism, utilitarianism, deontology, justice, and virtue ethics. We will define and evaluate the various ethical systems and discuss the beliefs supporting them. For this reflection paper, we will discuss in further lengths one specific ethical system, enlightened egoism. We will also analyze enlightened egoism from a Christian worldview. The purpose of this reflection paper is to understand the six…...
Decision MakingEthicsJusticeMorality
The Wages of Prison Overcrowding
Words • 783
Pages • 4
Prison populations around the world have increased beyond measure and are troubling the criminal justice systems with massive financial and organizational burdens. The Criminal Justice System as a whole is coming to the realization that incarceration in its most regular sense has been far from being successful in achieving the envisioned social and sentencing goals it was intended for. Now the criminal justice system is looking into the effectiveness of many alternatives to incarceration programs, which offer many advantages in…...
OvercrowdingRestorative Justice
Seeking Social Justice in “Les Misérables”
Words • 1698
Pages • 7
Seeking social justice has come a long way during the darkest period of history. The longing for equality of every individual in the society has never been simple and painless, but it gave them the force to start a revolution and that was the beginning of a story — a story which was enticingly captured by the known author Victor Hugo as early as 1829 which is now successfully adapted as a musical drama film directed by Tom Hooper. The…...
JusticeSocial Justice
Capital Punishment in South Africa
Words • 2265
Pages • 10
Discuss the death penalty as a suitable sentencing and punishment option in South Africa for serious crimes. Introduction There is no avoiding the attention fixated on crime in South Africa currently. The amount of violent crimes has sparked interest, both ordinary members and the famous in South African communities’ experience brutal crimes and violent deaths. The media is ridden with rape and murder reports thus the public calls for the reinstatement of the death penalty (Solomon, 2015). According to Amnesty…...
AfricaCapital PunishmentJustice
The Evolution of American Federalism
Words • 1555
Pages • 7
I am going to examine the nature of American Federalism and how this division of power between the Federal and state governments impacted the Civil Rights Movement. As I do so, I will also address three assigned concepts in conjunction with an assigned question. I would like to choose to talk about Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) and Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas (1954), the second one would be about the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the…...
Gender Equality: A Matter of Social Justice
Words • 1146
Pages • 5
Among the oldest forms of social injustice in the world, gender inequality had been around the scene for quite a while. From the earlier centuries, men or male gender was considered superior in most societies. This, however, didn’t stop there. With this in the public domain, there soon ensued a systematic and open manifestation of such discrimination. It went on until a time came when calls for gender equality rand so high. Various movements, therefore, set in to try and…...
Equality Of GenderGender BiasGender EqualityGender InequalityJusticeSocial Justice
Examples Of Injustice In To Kill A Mockingbird
Words • 877
Pages • 4
To Kill A Mockingbird shows the causes and effects of injustice through the oppression of the innocent, racism, and existence of social inequality. Throughout the novel, a symbol of “mockingbird” appears. The title “To Kill a Mockingbird” has a true meaning to it, and that is: the oppression of the innocent. Miss Maudie explains in the novel that, “’ Mockingbirds don’t do one thing, but sing their hearts out for us. That’s why it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.…...
JusticeTo Kill A Mockingbird
Social Ijustice and Poverty Arises in The Story Les Misérables of Victor Hugo
Words • 1166
Pages • 5
An astonishing movie with extraordinary scenes that brings you in roller coaster ride entitled, Les Misèrables, in year 2012 it was released as a musical drama by the production of working title films and relativity media, and the movie was distributed by Universal Pictures. The movie is actually based on the French historical novel Les Misérables written by Victor Hugo and it was published in 1862. The novel was considered to be one of the greatest novels in the 19th…...
The Criminal Justice System and the Death Penalty
Words • 2465
Pages • 10
While some studies have found that there is some evidence that the death penalty may deter some, the death penalty serves as no deterrent, and many people that are being released from prison need rehabilitation services and employment showing that incarceration is ineffective. There is too much crime, at the same time, crime rates have decreased or stayed near notable lows, but the realization of crime is up, and the penal population has risen to unbelievable new heights. “Incarceration impacts…...
Capital PunishmentCrimeCriminal JusticeCriminologyDeath penaltyJustice
Capital Punishment Controversy
Words • 1423
Pages • 6
Capital Punishment has long been a controversial issue. Your political views or religious beliefs may cause you to favor one side of the argument against the other. The death penalty is the most extreme punishment you can receive for committing a crime. But is the death penalty worth its exorbitant cost? The death penalty is vastly more expensive than the cost of a life sentence in prison. The “threat,” “deterrence,' “terror” does not exist to criminals. They do not fear…...
Death penaltyDeath penalty againstDeath Penalty Pros And ConsIs The Death Penalty EffectiveWrongful Convictions
Racial Bias in Juvenile Incarceration
Words • 1760
Pages • 8
Abstract Racial and ethnic discrimination continues to concern juvenile justice systems nationwide, the data supports the theory of racial bias and disparities in juvenile court. In 2001, black youth were four times as likely for severe sentencing than white juveniles. Nearly 60,000 youth in the United States under age 18 are imprisoned in juvenile detention centers and prisons due to stereotyping them as devious hard criminals. Judges and arresting officers believe confining and cutting black youth off from their families…...
BiasJuvenile DelinquencyJuvenile JusticeJuvenile Justice SystemWrongful Convictions
Difference Between Juvenile And Adult Justice Systems
Words • 2805
Pages • 12
Juvenile Justice Systems and Adult Criminal Justice System share some of the same procedures when dealing with specific crimes but differ according to age and the severity of the crime committed. They both take into account the mental state of an individual when determining the outcome of a crime and what components led to that individual committing that crime. Juvenile Justice System is a system specifically designed to handle delinquents who have committed crimes and will either be sent to…...
Forensic Psychology and Criminal Justice
Words • 1324
Pages • 6
Explain the "crime control" and "due process" models of justice. Select one and discuss the strengths and limitations of this model. There are numerous attempts at explaining and structuring the criminal justice system, more specifically the prosecution process and punishment. The two most well-known models will be discussed in this essay: the "due process" and "crime control" models as proposed by the American scholar Packer (1969). It is important to note that these models are mainly used as explanatory tools,…...
Criminal JusticeCriminal Justice SystemForensic PsychologyJusticePsychology
Criminal Justice Reform In The United States
Words • 674
Pages • 3
Criminal justice reform is when errors are found in our criminal justice system and then are planned to be fixed. Everyone in a courtroom that has had to appear before a judge, has rights. Rights such as the due process of law, the right to have bail, to not have your property searched or your personal items confiscated without a warrant. Every citizen in the united states has these rights, including the right to be free from cruel and unusual…...
Criminal JusticeJusticeState
Criminal Justice As Last Line Of Defense In Society
Words • 954
Pages • 4
The main agencies that make up the whole criminal justice system are the police departments, corrections, and court cases. All together they are commonly referred to as the criminal justice system. Although these agencies have their similarities but also the differences oin the way they monitor the community. The police department is in our community to protect and serve those to violate our laws but also influences the community in various ways. When crimes are committed they are supposed to…...
Criminal JusticeJusticeSociety
Female Enlightenment with Isolation and Justice in “Trifles”
Words • 1202
Pages • 5
Trifles can be simply understood as “something of little importance or value to someone”; however, in Susan Glaspell’s Trifles, femininity is shown encountering a revolt against a male dictated society and how women pay attention to the simplest things to make it have value. The difference in behaviors with men and women is verbally acknowledged but it also shows the character’s intentions. Mrs. Peters - wife of the Sherriff - and Mrs. Hale - the neighbor -, were only invited…...
JusticeThe Enlightenment
The Juxtaposition of Justice
Words • 891
Pages • 4
The Constitution of the United States of America defines a framework for the country\'s law and order. The preamble to the U.S. Constitution states the main goals of the document, but who are these goals set in place for? Over 40 years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said that it is not possible to be in favor of justice for some people and not be in favor of justice for all people. Just 3 years ago, Colin Kaepernick stated…...
Injustice and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Words • 585
Pages • 3
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was jailed due to his non-violence demonstrations against injustice and race discrimination at Birmingham. He wrote the “Letter from Birmingham jail” on April 16 1963, to his eight white Clergymen from Birmingham Prison to respond the statement given by eight clergymen in the newspaper that is “call for unity”. By writing this letter Dr. King showing himself to the affinity with suffering African American community. He had written this letter to establish himself in the…...
JusticeMartin Luther KingMartin Luther Reformation
Injustice Anywhere is the Threat to Justice Everywhere
Words • 1288
Pages • 6
Public interest litigation is not defined in any statutes; it is interpreted by the judiciary to protect the interest of public at large. Public interest litigation differs from private interest litigation where the persons whose legal right is violated will file petition. The relaxation of locus standi itself is PIL, where locus standi is the writ applied by the person whose legal right is violated and PIL is the tool in the hands of public spirituated person to provide access…...
JusticeMedha Patkar
The Problem of Injustice in Society
Words • 716
Pages • 3
Injustice has manifested throughout the centuries for as long as society has known. From discrimination, to segregation civilians have been taught to neglect or judge people based on the content of there skin, sex, or age. With leaders like Martin Luther King Jr., who has taken it upon himself to speak out on an unreasonable and unjustifiable act, he created the Letter from a Birmingham. With Dr. King being the president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference organizing educational, and…...
JusticeSocial Problems In Our Society
Reconstruction of The American South
Words • 3062
Pages • 13
The Civil War was between the North and South of the United States. The civil war has been categorized among the goriest wars ever experienced on American grounds. The primary reason for the civil war was the age-old dispute regarding black people enslavement. The commencing of the civil war was a result of the adamant differences among the Slave and Free states concerning the government’s power to ban slavery in territories that were not yet stated. The ordeal that ignited…...
Abraham LincolnAmericaJusticeReconstruction
Christian Values: Compassion, Forgiveness, Justice and Peace
Words • 932
Pages • 4
Christian values have often been identified as compassion, forgiveness, justice and peace. However, these can also be described as essential human values, further society without having to turn to belief in afterlife or a saviour Lord. However, the claim that Christian values are ‘distinctive’ seems to separate the spiritual from the human and this would conflict with the message of the incarnation – God bringing together the human and divine. Firstly, the Gospels set the example of Christian values of…...
Justice and Injustice Within “The Crucible”
Words • 1287
Pages • 6
Justice and injustice. Two concepts that have been important to our society for centuries. America was founded on the injustices the colonists were facing by the British government. Even now, justice and injustice have become important points of contention in contemporary history. Many groups have differing opinions on what justice is and isn’t. This also applies to injustice. When dissecting and deconstructing “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller, the question arises. As an allegory for how Miller was mistreated by HUAC,…...
JusticeThe Crucible
Greek Justice
Words • 1379
Pages • 6
Apparently, then, injustice has the power, first, to make whatever it arises in - whether it is a city, a family, an army, or anything else - incapable of achieving anything as a unit because of the civil wars and differences it creates, and second, it makes that unit an enemy to itself and to what is in every way its opposite, namely, justice. (28) Republic, Plato Since the beginnings of civilization, the concept of Justice has been debated and…...
Youth Welfare and Juvenile Justice
Words • 2051
Pages • 9
This essay will present the youth welfare in Australia and the programs for the young people and juvenile justice system which is based on three broad models. Then, the link between youth welfare and juvenile justice system and also the effectiveness of relationship between two systems will be mentioned. In addition, the role of social worker in juvenile justice systems will be followed. There is a scope of youth welfare across Australia’s states and Territories . Regardless of growing debate…...
CrimeJusticeJuvenileJuvenile DelinquencyJuvenile JusticeSocial Work
Young Offenders
Words • 1697
Pages • 7
An examination of the phenomenon of young offenders The subject of young offenders in our troubled society has been one that has generated many hours of thought and meditation for concerned members. It is felt by many that the change needed in the area of delinquency within the First Nations culture is to overcome the effects of colonization and this must begin with the youth. It is with the youth that the future of the culture lies. There has been…...
Book ReviewCrimeHuman NatureJusticeJuvenile DelinquencyLiterature
Walsh VS Lonsdale
Words • 1612
Pages • 7
This is one of the most frequently cited authorities on the effect of the Judicature Acts so far as the fusion of law and equity is concerned. Essentially the question down on whether the defendant could bring a legal remedy (distress) with respect to a lease which formerly would have been regarded as equitable only (effectively an agreement to grant a lease rather than one in proper legal form). Facts The Defendant on the 29th of May 1879, agreed to…...
Famous PersonJusticeLaw
Teamwork and Motivation in Criminal Justice Organizations
Words • 530
Pages • 3
Presently, it has been analyzed that the society expends escalating money on criminal control activities. As per the views of David J. Audlin, spending money is not only a way to make a strong and effective criminal justice system (Audlin, D. J. 1993, pg. 2). Effectiveness and efficiency of the organization depends on various factors such as leadership, teamwork, motivation, etc. John Storey stated in his book that understanding of the system of criminal justice organizations is a challenging job…...
Criminal JusticeJusticeTeamwork
Surveillance Cameras In Public Places
Words • 429
Pages • 2
Security Cameras have become very common in countries that have advanced technology such as the the United States. The use of security cameras has done more good than harm because it is a way for the police and other security agencies to keep an eye out for individuals with bad intention in public places. Some people have seen the use of cameras in public places as an invasion of their privacy rather than a security measure. But i support the…...
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