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Essay on Justice

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Legal framework for social work in United Kingdom

... Social work and social care has a pivotal role in service delivery to the society. This view cannot go unnoticed. The values, ethics of social work such as respect for humanity, equality and service to all have played a major role in helping the less privileged in the United Kingdom. The beneficiaries have included the mentally ill, the old, women and children. The United Kingdom having realized the vital role of social care came up with various laws not only to check but to guide the...

The Profession of Social Work from Past to Present to Future

...Most of the privileges enjoyed by American citizens today are attributed to the efforts of early social workers who dedicated their energy to fight against human injustices and inequalities due to gender, race, or faith (Reamer, 2013). It is important for individuals interested in pursuing a career in social work to understand the origin of this profession and developments in the profession since its origin. This will help for social workers to understand their core values and responsibilities w...

Social Work Ethics

...Home SUMMER 2009, VOL. 6, #2 Intl & Natl Professional Social Work Codes of Practice: Australia & Policy & Practice w/Older People Intl & Natl Professional Social Work Codes of Practice: Australia & Policy & Practice w/Older People This paper explores the relationship between the IFSW code of ethics and the Australian Association of Social Workers code of ethics. It begins by conceptualising the notion of “ethics” before interrogating the respective standpoints, differ...

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Generalist Practice in Social Work

...Finally, the authors present concise information for the social worker as it pertains to the attainment of personal professional goals, focusing on the resume, interviewing skills and getting a job. The practical information is geared toward helping the social worker assess their capabilities and areas of interests, as it relates to the type of employment being sought. Presentation of the abilities, in the format of the resume are offered in detail with comprehensive tools and techniques for mak...

Rule of Law

...http://www1.worldbank.org/publicsector/legal/ruleoflaw2.htm accessed on 2nd march 2012 4. Dabcanboulet, ‘Dicey’s views on the rule of law and the supremacy of parliament’,(2002),http://everything2.com/title/Dicey%2527s+views+on+the+rule+of+law+and+the+supremacy+of+parliament 5. Murray Ian, ‘The Failure of the rule of Law in Britain’, 2010, http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/274233/failure-rule-law-britain-iain-murray, assessed on 3rd March 2012 6. Raz Joseph, The Rule of Law and Its ...

Social Work Program Evaluation

...1. Reamer, Frederic G. "Ethical standards in social work: The NASW Code of Ethics." Encyclopedia of social work (2008): 113-131. 2. Closing the Gaps Higher Education Plan, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, state initiative 2012. http://www.thecb.state.tx.us/index.cfm?objectid=858D2E7C-F5C8-97E9-0CDEB3037C1C2CA3. Accessed May 3, 2013. 3. El Paso Times, December 13, 2012, http://www.elpasoinc.com/news/business_announcements/article_0b674f2a-422f-11e2-b5ce-0019bb30f31a.html. Accessed May 1...

Ethics in Criminal Justice Administration

...Albanese, J., 2006, Professional Ethics in Criminal Justice: Being Ethical When No One is Looking, retrieved May 12, 2013 from: http://www.thefreelibrary.com/Professional+Ethics+in+Criminal+Justice%3A+Being+Ethical+When+No+One+is...-a0158093018">Professional Ethics in Criminal Justice: Being Ethical When No One is Looking. Strahlendorf, P., Professional Ethics, Ryerson University, School of Occupational and Public Health, Session No. 174, Retrieved May 12, 2013 from: http://www.bcsp.org/pdf/P...

Business Ethics-Written Assignment for Module 2

...(Shaw and Barry, pg.121). I see at the method for determining the morality of an issue no matter what social role one may play, it is only how one truly considers the morality of a certain position. 7. According to Shaw and Barry, deciding what sort of economic arrangements would best promote human happiness requires the utilitarian to consider many things. What are the five considerations mentioned by Shaw and Barry? The five considerations mentioned in our textbook (Shaw and Barry, pg.111): 1....

Reflections on Social Work

...However I think it is important to keep my options open and maybe later on I will develop more interest in this area after taking more social work courses. An aspect of social work that appeals to me is that no matter what work setting you are in, you are able to work alongside other professions as well to reach a common goal. Although this was only an introduction course and a small glimpse into the social work profession, I can see that that there are endless possibilities with a social work d...

The code of ethics for social workers

...There may be some problems acting out these values for the professionals covered by this code because they are very detailed and strict, or limiting. One may be justice. A social worker may feel that their client is not guilty of a crime and want to shelter them from the law (or vice-versa). This is against the code of ethics because the social worker has to do what is right not only for his client, but for the broader society. This also ties in with another value, Integrity. The social worker m...

Plato's View of Justice in the Republic

...In this post world war two and post 'Brave New World' time, it is easy to take The Republic as a strange Nazi/Taliban-esque tyrannical state on a first glance. As a state the polis would most definitely have failed. As macrocosm for justice in the individual it is unsurpassed. Its influence to this day was evident recently when it was voted best philosophical work ever by readers of the web page http://www.philosophers.co.uk. Whilst it has certain ideas that maybe questioned against the standard...

PCS model

...How were they built? People in communities are all at different levels within their PCS model- people are influenced and affected by the lives they lead- when they were raised by their parents, how they raise their own family. You need to take this into account- where are people found in these PCS rings? You also need to remember that the PCS rings ARE concentric and they DO affect each other. When trying to address issues such as discrimination, you need to figure out which circle might be the ...

DBQ On Hammurabi

...The newly-crowed slave had little or no input in this decision, and not until four years later would the hostage be set free under Hammurabi's laws. In essence, the man of the house was like a king or emperor over his kinfolk. His wife, sons, and daughters were at his service at all times, which meant their faith would be determined not only by their own actions, but by his actions as well. In a male dominated society, respect for the higher authority was expected from all individuals, as the pa...

Values In Social Work Practice

...Braye, S and (1995) Empowering Practice in Social Care Preston-Shoot, M Buckingham OU Press CCETSW (1995) Assuring Quality in the Diploma in Social Work Paper 30: Revised edition Rules and Regulations of the Diploma in Social Work London: CCETSW Egan, G (1990) The Skilled Helper California: Brooks/Cole Publishing Co. (4th edition) Mullender, A (1996) Rethinking Domestic Violence: The Social Work and Probation Response, in Thompson (2000) Social Care (1988) Code of Practice for Social Care Assoc...

Present condition of rule of law in Bangladesh

...However, the proposed measures for overcoming the shortcomings of rule of law also are not final but these are fundamental. Independent and particular policy for rule of law is a must for overcoming the ambiguity and anomalies in rule of law. After all, government must be committed to ensure the security of life and property of the people, protection of individual rights and the dissention of justice on the basis of the equality and fairness. On the other extreme, the opposition, civil society a...

"A View From the Bridge" by Arthur Miller

...Eddie, however, blindly refuses to believe that he has done anything wrong. He desperately wants to get back his good name after Marco's accusations caused the neighbourhood to turn away from him: Marco's got my name - and you run tell him, kid, that he's gonna give it back to me in front of this neighbourhood, or we have it out.(p.62). The problem is that Marco wants the same thing as Eddie: respect, which is once again connected to honour, they both want apologies from each other which they sh...

Medea shows that seeking revenge undermines any hope of justice

..."Medea's association with the gods by her ancestry, refutes the widespread applicability of the notion that revenge cannot succeed in terms of forming true justice. Medea is the grand-daughter of the Sun-God. This is shown most emphatically in the manner in which Medea murders Glauce. Medea perpetrates the murder of Glauce through engulfing her in flames. Similarly, she exhibits an affiliation with the god Zeus, and the god of the underworld, "Queen Hecate … my chosen accomplish." This affilia...

12 Angry Men Prejudice Essay

...This is established when he states “you can’t believe a word they say…they act different… they don’t need any big excuse to kill someone. ” Juror #10 never really considers the facts of the case only using them as a pretext to vote guilty and to leave early. When he found it too difficult to change people’s opinions he simply gave up and voted not guilty. “I couldn’t care less”. This shows just how little he cared for the defendant’s life and the jury system unlike juror #3...

Human Nature and the Goodness of a Person in Plato’s Republic I

...This is basically the idea of a just and good man based on the first book of the Republic. Conclusion The good man according to Book One of the Republic is the man who is just. Specifically, he is a firstly a man who makes his own wealth in order that he may appreciate it. He is also one who “recognizes that the importance of money is for one to be able to treat his fellowman justly and to avoid causing any unjust treatment” (Kozlovic). Moreover, a good man is one who gives to his friend wha...

Universality and Reversibility: Justice and Fairness

...Similarly, some believe that those who violate the rights of others should receive their just desserts, while others believe that our focus should be on the needs of victims and offenders. A conflict may arise about whether a retributive or restorative justice mechanism is most fair. When principles of justice operate ineffectively or not at all, confidence in society's institutions may be undermined. Citizens or group members may feel alienated and withdraw their commitment to those "unjust" in...

World Peace

...For this reason, in order to achieve world peace, we have to start with ourselves. We have to be agents of change and ambassadors of good will. We should learn to live with our neighbors peacefully and do business with each other fairly and honestly. When we start with doing good to other people, we can inspire others to do the same. By paying the good deeds forward, we can multiply the number of people we touch with our goodwill and eventually it will spread and infect others. We cannot expect ...

Justice vs mercy

...When he was a child, he was always in charge of his brothers. Rukyo told them what to do and they obeyed. Now his superiors have put him over several people in the army. You can tell that he has a strong sense of purpose and destiny. Rukyo is also an excellent student. He doesn’t like to read much but he is the first to learn a new maneuver. He is also tri-lingual. He has learned language during his journey with several of the armies that he has served. He is also very concerned with achieveme...

Plato Aristotle Comparison

...Sources used: 1- The Republic: Author: Plato Published by: Penguin Classics 2- The Nicomachean Ethics: Author: Aristotle Published by: Penguin Classics 3- Goodness and Justice, Plato, Aristotle, and the Moderns: Author: Gerasimos Santas Published by: Blackwell Publishers 4- Aristotle on equality and justice, his political argument: Author: W. Von Leyden Published by: Macmillan 5- Aristotelian logic: Author: William Thomas Parry, Edward A. Hacker Published by: State University of New York, Albany...

Organ transplant

...“Aristotle’s Ethics”, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Winter 2012 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed. ), retrieved from http://plato. stanford. edu/archives/win2012/entries/aristotle-ethics/ Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2008). Ethics and Social Justice: Fundamental Concepts. Baltimore: Author. Featuring Amanda Baker John Mary Waliggo (2005) Law and Public morality in Africa: Legal Philosophical and Cultural issues http://www. justice. gov. za/alraesa/conferences/2005...

Organizational Justice

...Treating people fairly on the job surely is a noble objective. Although many people are concerned about being fair for its own sake, of course, there’s also a good practical reason for treating employees fairly. Specifically, individuals who believe they have been unfairly treated in any or all of the ways described respond quite negatively. We know for example, that people who feel unfairly treated are likely to do such things as work less hard, steal from their employers, do poor-quality wor...

Plato, Crito

...Perhaps not, as Socrates is already 70 and was expected to die soon anyways (the average life span for male was around 40). Dying in the name of justice, instead of old age in a distant place, is definitely more romantic and held more appeal. Furthermore, to live in exile would have no positive effect on his children, it would tarnish his reputation, and such a life in exile will not be enjoyable (Crito 53d – 54d). Therefore, it would be possible that Socrates will still choose to die as a mar...

"The Ring of Gyges"- Plato

...These agreements are the origination of justice in society. So like in the story, if we possessed a magical ring that makes us invisible when we put it on, would it be foolish to keep abiding by the law? Glaucon suggests that we shall be able to make a correct judgment about it only if we consider the most just man, and the most unjust man. For the most just man, we must take away his reputation, which would bring him honor and rewards, and it would not be clear whether he is being just for the ...

Objections to Utilitarianism

...In order for Act Utilitarianism’s to be justifiable it’s claim would have to be understood, instead of contradicting itself. Rule Utilitarianism follows the rules in the legal system, in which these rules are created to maximize happiness. According to Rule Utilitarianism, if an action is justifiable by others and the general rule is proved to reduce happiness, the rule can be changed or ignored. This shows that Rule Utilitarianism is closer to correct moral theory than Act Utilitarianism....

Hume natural and artificial virtues

...I have described how Hume explains the need to distinguish types of virtue and the criteria he uses. I have looked at the problems with Hume's account in relation to the artificial virtues and established that, at least in the case of justice, they do not sit comfortably in a category separate from the natural virtues. The problem of the circularity may not only cause a problem with the distinction but may even suggest that justice is not a virtue at all. While this does not conclusively establi...

Plato's 4 Virtues

...In the city, the guardians and auxiliaries exist in order to control and direct the artisan class; while in the soul, the intellect and high-spirit exist in order to rule over the appetites of the individual. Justice in the city and soul are related to one another because, “in truth justice is, it seems, something of this sort…binds together those parts and any others there may be in between, and from having been many things he becomes entirely one, moderate and harmonious” (Cahn 153)....

Legal Studies - Basic Legal Concepts

...* Accessible Procedural Fairness, Principles of Natural Justice * The right to be heard * The right to have a decision made by an unbiased decision maker * The right to a decision based on logically relevant evidence Justice- a concept about what is right and wrong and what is fair and unfair. A combination of elements such as, equality, fairness and reasonableness Rule of Law - Everyone is subject to the same laws, no one is above the law. Punished equally through sanctions (penalty) Anarchy- ...

Professional Identity

...I believe these qualities are indispensable for establishing rapport and building relationships with colleagues and clients, while enhancing my competence as a professional school counselor. In preparation to becoming a culturally, competent school counselor, I am developing an awareness of cultural sensitivity, with the understanding of worldviews of culturally diverse groups, development of culturally appropriate intervention strategies, personal responsibility, accountability, resourcefulness...

The Role of Ethics in Security Management

...Balmar Legal Publishing Services. Retrieved July 12, 2008 from: https://www.mackinac. org/print. aspx? ID=723. “Private sector”. InvestorWords. com. Retrieved July 12, 2008, from InvestorWords. com website: http://www. investorwords. com/3860/private_sector. html “Public sector”. InvestorWords. com. Retrieved July 12, 2008, from InvestorWords. com website: http://www. investorwords. com/3947/public_sector. html. Singer, Peter. (1993). About Ethics. Practical Ethics, pp. 1-4. Retrieved Ju...

Ideal Society

...There are many components that could play into creating an ideal society. The ones mention above are just a few. Undoubtedly religion would play some role in the theory of an ideal society and the people’s lives of the society. Government and the components that go into an effective government are also key elements. Another thing that one may look at would be healthcare. However, what components I think should go into an ideal society may differ from those of another person. Every person has h...

Killings by Andre Dubus

...This desire for reprisal is all too common, especially to those who have been victimized, to feel that if one wrong is committed that another wrong will cancel it out. Revenge is ill advised by most as people who say two wrongs don’t make a right and the memories will never fade. The story, “Killings” by Andre Dubus, illustrates how a father seeks out revenge for the murder of his twenty-one year old son and takes matters into his own hands only to discover that revenge only makes matters ...

Reaction Paper for "The Count of Monte Cristo"

...When his priest friend died, he had the chance to escape. After escaping, he traveled to the island of Monte Cristo to find the treasure. He considered his fortune as a gift from God. After finding the treasure, he went back to Marseilles and disguised himself as an Italian priest. He used the treasure to punish those people who have hurt him and made his life miserable. The movie gave me a new perspective of vengeance which is never meant for self-fulfillment but for the good of everybody. We d...

Environmental Values Paper

...I would like to emphasize further this view by entreating everyone wherever part of the globe to be environmentally conscious. As for me, I firmly believe that all environmental issues are important issues that can affect our lives not only in our generation but also the next generations and onwards. We must all be aware of the impact of pollution that we tossed up in to the atmosphere and try to do our part to stop the things that pollutes our society, and our planet. Let us rally our selves in...

Understanding the Challenges of Glaucon and Adeimantus in Plato’s Republic

...If, for example, the military will depart from its distinctive function and seek acquire wealth like merchants or rule a city, injustice occurs. The same is true if a merchant will seek to become the ruler of a city. In the context of the individual’s soul, if the appetitive element is more dominant than the rational element, then that individual will not be able to function well or flourish. Justice then, in both the individual and the city (or state) is the harmony among elements: temperance...

Justive vs. Injustice in Mad Shadows


Ethical Treatment of Prisoners

...Ethics as a form of intellectual inquiry does not provide answers to moral questions. People with beliefs about right and wrong do. Societies are built upon those beliefs. As we have analyzed the ethical treatment of prisoners with theories of ethics we can argue that society’s views of right and wrong coincide with reality, are representative of the objective moral order, and encompass the will of the people with regards to their treatment. Davenport, A. U. (2009). Basic criminal law: the con...

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