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My name is Grace Dee. I believe that chummy, outgoing, talkative, smiley, funny, and reserved at times describe me. Why? Read to find out. For starter, I am chummy. We all choose our friends, but me, I don’t have intense standards on choosing my friends. I’m not a racist. I'm a good listener with generally a happy disposition. I easily make friends especially on social networking sites. But because of being shy, I usually won’t do the first move to get to know someone.

So I guess it’s still called “chummy” or “friendly”. Secondly, I’m an outgoing person.

I don’t mean I am that person who goes to party even if I don’t know anyone and go schmooze around with people. I mean, I do things related to having fun with friends and family. I’m also a shy person and I’m pretty confused about what my personality really is – shy or outgoing or shy extrovert or outgoing introvert.

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I’m shy around people I don’t know but I’m loud and outgoing if I’m with friends even if we’re surrounded by strangers. So, that’s it. Next, talkative. I am chatty person. My favorite pastime is talking with friends. When watching movies, I always talk to the person sitting next to me about it.

I’m usually the starter when everybody gets silent. I always start the conversation and I don’t run out of things to tell. My topics were acclimating to the others.

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So the next adjective is “smiley”. I am a smiley person. If happen meet a good friend, I still smile even if I’m feeling bad about something. I’m not a snob; I don’t want them to assume that I’m mad at them. I smile because I think it looks good on me. Funny. I’m always told that I’m funny. I make my friends laugh unintentionally. Personally, I don’t find myself funny at all. It’s just that I’m outspoken.

Sometimes, I’m just mean and everybody thinks I’m joking. It’s amusing because I’m dead serious in saying my ‘inappropriate comment’ then there’s them, laughing. Then after a while, I realize that I’ve said something funny and laugh with them. I’m reckless. I don’t mean I care less everything in life. I don’t think things twice; what already happened is gone to the past. I usually don’t regret decisions.

Motivational Approach

In the simplest of terms, the motivational approach asks the question, why? Why do we act like we do? We have to consider what our motives are for doing things. The theory I am going to use for this is Freud's Drive theory.

Sigmund Freud proposed that the human psyche could be divided into three dependent parts, the id, the ego and the superego. The first of these "consisted of amoral, irrational, driving instincts for sexual gratification, aggression, and general physical and sensual pleasure. The superego constituted the external moral imperatives and expectations imposed on the personality by its society and culture. The ego stood as the mediator between the impulses of the id and the asceticism of the superego. The ego allowed the personality to cope with the inner and outer demands of its existence.

In my life, the Id would be represented in many ways. I am now 6 months pregnant, so obviously my Id produced a need for sexual pleasure. I tend to be very aggressive and crave instant gratification. These are the subconscious desires of my Id, according to Freud. However, the Id is not the strongest, in my life, between the id, ego, and superego.

Then there is the Superego, which is an icon for the moral branch of our reasoning, and contains the ideals and thoughts that we strive for, and how we expect to be punished for not meeting those ideals. For instance, my Superego prevents me from taking money from the petty cash box at work. I could probably very easily take it, but I know that it is wrong and understand that I will be punished if I do so. This part of my mind urges me to follow the laws, and abide by the ethics that govern me. This lets me know the nature and order of things, and tells me to respect that. That is why I am a good, law-obeying citizen, because my Superego is a strong force in controlling my behavior.

The third part is the Ego. The Ego tries to take what the Id wants, and make it happen, while still keeping accordance with the Superego. It puts my desires, demands, and thoughts into reality for me. My ego controls me in certain ways, and allows me to express my Id, without offending my Superego. For instance, Id desires sex, yet my Superego wants to be ethical, therefor my ego governs that it is ok for me to have sex, but not with my friends husband. Or not at church. Or my Id desires that I be aggressive and physical, so my ego lets me be aggressive, but lets my Superego tell me that I can't be so aggressive that harm or offend another person.

I have now explained the three major approaches to personality, and described a theory of each, and how they relate to me.

In conclusion, congratulations! You now know all about me. I normally don't write so, I guess “normally” is a good word to describe the way I wrote this.

Updated: Jan 30, 2023
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