Julius Caesar in Point of View of Calpurnia

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I have had the most awful dream about my dear Caesar. A statue of my dear husband was seen spewing blood and the citizens of Rome were bathing in it. I ask myself if this is a sign. I have informed Caesar about my dream so he agreed to stay home. But Brutus just had to come and told Caesar he was receiving an award from the senate. I wanted to impound Caesars feet into the ground so he would stay, but he went against my wishes left me.

I worry with what will come next. What will Rome become if my dream becomes a reality? Without a leader as great as Caesar, our dear city will be in ruins! I have a feeling Brutus is up to no good. He has been acting fairly strange lately. The other day I saw him under a tree speaking with Cassius. That Cassius is never up to any good, and has never been a fan of my dear husband.

I saw him trying to convince some people in the village the day of Caesars return from defeating Pompey to stop cheering. He was just jealous that my husband was triumphant.

The sky has turned cloudy and lightning has struck, just as it did in my dream. I worry that by nighttime, I will no longer have a husband. What will happen to me? Will I have to return to my family and work on the crops? That would be a step backwards in my life, I wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible and swore never to return.

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I have greatly enjoyed the lavish lifestyle I am living; I will do whatever it takes to stay this way. What if Caesar does not return tonight? Who will rule and what will they want to do with me? All of these questions are arising and now all I am hoping for is the safe return of my husband. This is too much of a struggle for my delicate mind. Maybe I am over thinking this dream entirely. Perhaps it is a sign of good fortune. But now only time will tell.

The Next Day

Dear Journal,

I have just been informed Caesar has been stabbed by none other than Brutus and Cassius! Marc Antony has come to visit and has assured me someone will pay! He has spoken to the plebeians and they have taken our side. They will begin the hunt for Cassius and the other conspirators come night time. For now, I am being protected by several guards at all times of the day. Antony fears the conspirators will try to capture and hold me for ransom. He promised to send me what is going on and what the status of their mission is every time he can. Justice will be served and those who deserve to be punished, will be. I will personally make it to where they suffer just as much as Caesar did. Although my husband is now dead, his legacy will live on and the people of Rome will live as though he is still here.

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