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Jollibee Foods and Corporation have a good mission/vision statement because it is possible, reachable and curative. There are lots of people, when they are having difficulties; their hobby is to go to a place where they can eat plenty of foods to avoid thinking about their problems. It may help problematic persons to become happy even just for a while. Also, Jollibee is well-known to most Filipino children with it’s ‘’Be Happy’’ trademark. It really attracts people due to the fact that you may really feel happy every time you hear it or even see it.

That’s why, aside from the children, even teenagers, adults or I may say the whole members of a family would love to come and eat at Jollibee.

The company did well with its mission and its existence is really worth it. However, Jollibee’s vision statement is doing well too. With Jollibee’s rapid growth, it had reached Filipino workers in some other part of the world like United States and Hong Kong.

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Jollibee then offers Filipino foods instead of the usual menu such as burgers and fries so that Pinoy customers will overcome their loneliness of being far from their country land where their love ones are. The company did a great job because Jollibee is well-loved by the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) until now. So as to compare with any other top brands, Jollibee emphasized ‘’happiness’’ that made them as one of the leading fast food chain in the Philippines.

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