Required Practicum: On-the-Job Training for College Students

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On the Job training is one of the requirements that the college students need to take within a required specific number of hours as part of the curriculum in order for them to expose into different kinds of situation once they get in in the actual workfield. On the Job Training is included in the curricculum in college because it will help the students with no experience to have an insights or idea how to work in a company, in short, it will give them work experience relevant to their chosen career.

It enables the student trainees the opportunity to provide the learnings or knowledge they have acquired from their professors inside the classroom.

On the job training will provide student trainees to acquire more skills that may help them effectivey to do the task and responsibilities given to them. On the job training also helps them to improve as a person because it enables the trainees to develop or practice professionalism, love for their work; they have to learn that in order for them to work effectively and efficiently, they have to love their work first because they will enjoy working and happy about it.

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It also develops the commitment they have to the people they serve in the company.

On the Job Training will also improve the student trainees not only academically but socially as well in order for them to somehow save them from problems in working and communicating with other people.

Once you're in the on the job training, ofcourse there will be people who will evaluate your performance, so it is important to take it seriously because the company you're applying for your on the job training might be the company you will be working on someday after you graduated that's why it would be better for you to give your best out of it.

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For us student trainees, ofcourse it will serve as a big help in building, developing and improving our personality as a person because it also serves as a preparation for us in the future working in a wider community, in a bigger opportunity and in a bigger responsibility. Aside from gaining work experience, the student trainees will also able to meet different people with different positions that may also help them to get inspired and work hard to be like them.

I applied as a trainee in the Saint Joseph Group Of Company located in No. 5 Executive Hills Street, Executive Hills, Taytay, Rizal.

CVM Pawnshop (Accounting Department) - this is the office where I am assigned to conduct my on the job training. It was on November 5, 2018 when I have my first day of training I feel excited and nervous at the same time. I feel excited because it is new or unfamiliar to me to work in a corporation or company and also, I will finally experience how to work and earn an allowance from it, doing the tasks assigned to me. I feel nervous because of the new environment and the new people that will surround me because I don't know them and I don't have any idea who they are and what kind of attitude they possess. That's why I should know what I would need to adjust within myself with their personalites and attitudes.

So on our first day, luckily, I'm working with my two classmates from college and our training supervisor happened to have their meeting, so, one of her subordinates assists us and tell us what we are going to do and where we will be staying during our working hours. While she gets some papers we came up to an idea that we are going to encode something. And to our surprise she keeps on going inside and get stacks of paper, there are really lots of bundle or stacks of paper like thousands. Those papers are called the check vouchers and we are asked to arrange those papers by their check voucher numbers with accordance to their date (month, day and year). So the first thing that we should do is to separate the papers according to their month then arrange it by their numbers in short, in chronological order, then we have to separate the scanned checks and other papers according to their kinds and when there are papers detached but related to the transaction of one paper we need to attached it as well. So it took us two to three days to finish it. After we finished arranging the paper in chronological order, we are asked to encode the check vouchers numbers, the date of the transaction, the name of the payee, the description, and the amount of the transaction. Doing that encode work, we divided the paper works into two because we only given two laptops to use in encoding so one of my co trainee who is deft in typing got the sixth up to twelfth month because it has the most number of paper transactions so that we can finish it as fast as we can while the two of us divided the first to fifth month into half then encode what we have to encode. So doing the encoding, it took us two and a half weeks to finish it. While doing our second task which is encoding I find out that I have learned new things which are related to my chosen course which is Bachelor of Science in Accountancy because I read the transactions and how it is recorded and it was easy for me to understand that because the terms used are already familiar to me.

My three weeks or almost a month of training in that department was really a good start because it motivates me to perform excellently. Because of what my co trainee and I have accomplished, our supervisor seems to be happy with how well and serious we work. On our almost three weeks of working there, although it was a long and tiring day and we got some wounds and cuts because of the staples of the paper stacks and with the paper as well (paper cuts), it was a very fulfilling experience because I was able to finish what I thought I wouldn't because who would have thought that there are tons of paper and we have to arrange it and encode after, finally we are able to done our work task. It was hard for me to do it at first because I admit I'm not really used in fixing papers in order but through our training I was able to do so.

On our fourth week of training, we are asked by Ma'am Edith to retype the contracts that she'll provide, she gave us three laptops and one hard drive where we could save and copy the document that we worked. Each of us is busy doing different contracts, she asked us to use the same font, same font size, same alignment and the spacing in the same size of the paper as well. After re typing the contracts, she gave us a break and told us how she got in the business in cvm pawnshop, she even talked about her college life and her experience when she was in the branch that is far from her home. She told us that as soon as you get a job when you were younger you are looking for a job who has a higher salary offer at first and it is normal but as you grow older you will come to realize that the job you wanted is near from your home and the salary that you can get in the business is exact for your family needs, and as long as you have your acquaintances with your side, you will still continue to work with the company with a salary that can only satisfy the need of your family or children, because in there you will realize and soon to find out that working with your colleagues for a long time is important in life because in there you will gain a friend that you can lean on unlike in the situation that you are transferring into different companies searching for higher salary offer, ofcourse you will meet different kind of people and do you think you can gain friends from there? Maybe yes but for a short period of time because you are about to transfer into different company that you think has the higher salary offer because the satisfaction that you get in the company you currently working on not satisfies you anymore. That's why it would be better to work in a company that you are comfortable to work on in any ways.

On our fifth week, we are asked to do different kind of work which is checking the amount of every daily transaction we hold containing the pawn tickets and the paper for insurance and other papers in that certain transactions. So one of the subordinates in the office taught us on how we are going to do the checking. Our first time in checking of evey transactions, we had a hard time because of the person who explained to us is quite confusing because she is not clear when speaking to us in a way that her instructions are way incomplete that's why at first we have many questions of some of the subordinates inside the office. It is somewhat humiliating to ask because they might think that we are poor in understanding but they said it was okay to ask them if we don't understand or do not know what we are going to do. So we feel relieved and we have learned that they are so approachable and friendly, they are not strict when it comes to mistakes they will explain and give directions to us on how to do it so that we will not be confused next time rather than looking down on us and asked us to do different kind of work because they don't trust us anymore.

On our sixth week, it is just a regular days for us because we are doing the same paper works just like what we are doing for the past few days but the difference is that we are going to work inside their office; we are going to work with them inside the office because some of the subordinates are not around because they were tasked to go to the other branch of their company that's why my co trainee and I are able to get inside and work there. When I knew that we are working inside the office I don't even know what to feel either happy or get intimidated because we are with them and they will monitor our actions but while working inside their office, we find out that they're just like us, a teen ager. They love to joke around, they are easy to get close with because working with them will make you smile the whole time because they are making fun of each other in a good way that nobody will get hurt with their jokes. They are very fun to be with but the respect is still there.

Back to my accomplishments, we are doing the same checking we did few days ago, and we are able to get knowledgeable enough on what we are going to do in a situation wherein we can encounter that there is something wrong in the transactions such as there are missing pawn tickets, wrong calculations, and missing papers that needed to be attached on it because the number of papers are really important.

The sixth week of training up to seventh or eight weeks, was a heavy week because they gave us so much wrapped paper transactions of different branches but despite of it, we really learned a lot not just academically but socially as well because we have learned how to adjust ourselves to the people surround us and we are able to socialize with them in a good manner. The tasks that we did on our sixth week is the same task that we are doing up to present.

Updated: Apr 29, 2023
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