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Name And General Location

Chowking located at 3rd floor 168 Mall, Soler Recto.
Location Map of Chowking

Objective/hotel/restaurant philosophy

  • Our Vision Statement
  • We will be one of the top 3 oriental QSR brand in the world by 2020
  • Our Mission statement
  • To serve great tasting food bringing the joy of eating to everyone.
  • Our philosophy
  • To consistently serve steaming hot devious food in five minute or less with a smile, in a clean looking and clean smelling sore. `C.
  • Ownersihp/Management
  • Fresh and famous inc, company


Oraganization structure.
there 5 waiter/food server in chowking headed by the Captain Waiter (Mr. Marcelo Sicat). The waiter who stayed there for the longest time is called
Senior waiter. They are more expert than the other waiter. Each of them has their assign area/tables to servr each of them is doing their jobs responsibilities, and the good thing about them is their teamwork of chowking FS always help each other.

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2)Operation, system and procedures.

The dining area is divided into five (5) areas the area 1 table (1,2,3,4, and 5) Area 2, (table6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13, and 14 ), Area 3 (Tables 15,16,17, and 18) and Area 4 (Table 19,20,21,22,23,24, and 25),Each waiter or (SS) is being assigned to his designed diing area. As the customer arrives the receptionist will lead them to an empty tables She will give the menu. After then the waiter or (SS) will take orders. He will do suggerstive selling it is their duty to push their Happy plus card this chowking card is good for 3 years.

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It has beinfits for the customers who will avail this card. If the customers avai this card after they order the foods they want, they have an automatic 10% discount on their bill free siopao Flaovre asado or bola bola and 1 cup of ice tea. Then the cashier punh the order to the P.O.S (point of sale) and it will automatically receive by other department kitchen and Halo halo station facilities equipmemnt, etc.

Chowking is one storey building, but it has many facilities.

Of course there is a dining Area which has 25 tables and can accommodate 125 individuals. Manpower scheduling Works method, Style of communication. There are three (3) types of scheduling in the Chowking the opening Schedule Middle schedule and closing schedule. The opening schedule start 6:30 in the morning to 3:30 afternoon and it has 1 hour break time. The middle schedule starts from 8:00 in the morning to 5:00 afternoon it has 1 hour break. The closing schedule starts from 11:30 in the morning to 8:30 in the evening and also has 1 hour break like opening schedule. The store is located the mall that’s the staff is until 9:00 pm only. The staff have a rest-day in every once a week. But every Friday, Saturday and Sunday they are all present. No one has a day off on these days, it is strictly not allowed because during that three days, there will have many customers coming usually and sometimes there were events during these day.

The Kitchen Leader is always calling for a briefing sometimes, after the opening this is to ensure that a;; his subordinates are always reminded regarding the correct and standard procedures of service, and at the same time, he also checks each of the kitchen Staff are have a complete uniform. Also, twice in a month, they are having their general meeting to be led by the operation manager and branch manager. 5)Works atmosphere, interpersonal relation relations layout ventilation color schemeof the office. Chowking is a Fast-food chain based in the United States which branches all over the Philippines. It is decorated in a unique ambiance to create a warm relaxed atmosphere. It was fascinated with the interior design chowking had as I entered the façade. The red brown white and blue chairs give a vibrant aura whoever enters in the food court.

The quite dine lights all over the food court are also giving a positive vibes and will not give you a wrong impression that you are in different place other than chowking. In general, I can say that the place is well kept and the floors and laboratories are clean. There is always a background music that can be heard in the dining area, a variety of love songs that gives more the feeling as if you were in romantic place and sometimes they played modern songs. You can see the elegance brought by the surrounding’s. 6)Use of material resource.

Chowking has its own supplier. The purchaser is the one recording the supplies that are coming every week. This raw material will be stored in the stock room and then it will be cooked and prepared. 7)Sanitation procedures/practices.

Chowking was having their General Cleaning and Pest Control twice in every month. But it doesn’t, mean they do not conduct cleaning practices on regular day’s they do actually every day. Every opening and closing it is a MUST to clean up the surrounding’s, especially the dining area and it is important for them to ensure that the utensils and other equipment’s will be place correctly, sanitized clean.


Chowking gives customers good food and quality service. The company stops in creating new ideas and concepts to expand the business that will provide the community with excellent giving experience at the most affordable cost. To be the LEADING and PREFERED rice meal. Fast food chain provides its guest with the best value for money and a very memorable experience. The places not big it can accommodate as much as 125 guests. This branch of Chowking is pretty convenient to visit because it is located the mall. You can g here after you go shopping.. 9)IMPROVEMENTS AREA/WEAKNESSES.

During my stay in chowking I noticed that some sensitive customers are complaining about how the waiter takes out their left over because waiter takes out the food using plastic bag and a paper bag only. 10) RECOMMENDATION.

I’m looking forward that the management of chowking will someday consider having a comfort room inside the store so that the customer’s will not go to the public restroom of the mall. III.)CONCLUSION.

In my stay in Chowking I have many things to conclude. First the staff and the managers who treated us a regular staff and not only as a trainee. They welcome us with their smile on their faces. Second my on job training is hard but I must say that I enjoyed it very much you will be able to meet different kind of personality. They taught me how to handle guest discriminating them with their satus.

Summary of Status Report

(In Emiramona Garden Hotel)
During on my job training at emiramona it was existing at the same hard I met different kinds of people here because we not only have Filipino guest but also foreigners. My duty was always 8:00 AM in the morning until 8:00 PM evening and sometimes passed 8:00 if my manager or captain waiter wants to me overtime. Night shift again, I feel so bored today as GRS (Guest relation service. I don’t know why I had this feeling. I need to easy the laziness inside of me. When 7:00 PM arrives, the laziness and the boredom I felt, disappear because the guest have come take an under time we had four Korean guests, two ladies and 2 men. After I made the table set up in their table, one of them says thank you to me in our language, Filipino I felt slightly shocked because of what he said. Because sometime when we had foreigner guest they speak pure English but one of different.

Then I said he’s welcome. Then they give me a smile before I left. We have two parties today at the same time, one function hall and the other is in the dining area. Because of the overflowing of guests, I felt so tired, thanks to God our store are air-conditioned if not god it be a very hot day. Actually I should be in store at 12:00 noon but unfortunately I have my Saturday Class so I was not able to come in time. Today I because I had a headache, before I went to store, I to school to take an exam. But I didn’t my professor was not there. Our manager didn’t allow me first because it’s against the policy. So I told our manager that it will never happened again, just for the day. And then he I let me we have so many guest today because of that even the function hall was open for them. I felt so tired so that night.

My duty is GRS but because of the overflowing guest, I helped the food servers. I do what they asked me to do because of the things they asked me to do I end up aching legs and so very tired. We have tree parties today at the same time. One birthday parties and two baptisms. The birthday held at the function hall and other at the dining area. And at the same day we have other party by 6:00 PM, the party of the big boss. Thank God my movements in serving food were faster than usual. And my period didn’t stop me in my work Due to few OJTs that will handle the situation; I extended an hour to help them. As a kitchen staff in chowking I developed my skill and I learn about serving the juice and meal for the guest because my position in chowking is cook or kitchen staff.

Summary of Status Report

(In restaurant)
My on the job training in chowking is not that easy. But I must say that I’m happy because I take my ojt here. In my first day. I was afraid, nervous and exited at the sametime .afraid and nervous because this is my first time to take training in an establishment and exited because it is another challenge for me as an HRM student. My duty at first was 12:00 in the afternoon until 9:00 in the evening. First day I don’t know what I’m going to do regular Glen, one the seal talk to me. He oriented me about the things that I will do while I’m taking my training in their store. Taught me the basics cooking etc. at first I was quiet id never talked to anyone unless they are talking to me ill just smile to them but as the days goes by, I felt comfortable to be with them every day whenever , I smiled at staffs and greet them.

Customers relations service, one of my duty there I feel dizzy again because all I need to do is to greet the guest that will enter our store then I’ll take them to an empty tables and give them sometimes I do free cooking, back up portions wares free set up, e had four American guest two ladies and two men. After my duty he calls me for the one of them and he talked what is the best seller in chowking in tagalog. And I felt slightly shocked because he talk to me in tagalog and he ask what is the best seller in this company I suggest chicken Lauriat because this is a majority ordered from the customers because we have a canton and chicken chicharapbutchi and egg fried rice and pork siomai. And one them ask me ask me what is the ingredients of HALO-HALO and I tell all of ingredients. And she say thank you for suggesting. And i say no problem. Then she gave me smile before I left. And we have balk order today I fell nervous because it is a very big order from 168 office because the managers birthday. The order is 250 pcs of 1pc chicken and the manager say eldryn do this order I’m shocked because this is my 3rd day I really don’t carry of them without guide and one the regular he teach the processing cooking of chicken. And after 1 hour I’m done this order and I say thank you sir glen for helping me.

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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