Employment Among College Students: Difficulties In Acquirence Of Required Abilities And Skills

Any student pursuing higher studies aspires to obtain an employment, which matches his/her qualification and abilities. While it is not very difficult to gain a certificate of qualification, it seems not so easy to acquire the required abilities, skills and competencies, especially in a labour market, where the demands for these are subject to rapid changes. These skills/attributes are collectively termed as employability skills and need modifications and sharpening as per the context and needs of the employment sector.

Employability skills cover a wide gamut of skills, capabilities and personal qualities, as could be seen from the frameworks and policies of countries worldwide. The turn of the century has witnessed a remarkable emphasis in the development of employability skills in these countries’ political agenda. They are geared for a turnaround and a total restructuring in the educational system from the kindergarten onwards. They plan these in close collaboration with parents, employers, faculty members, researchers and the civil society leaders.

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Those who hesitate and procrastinate to take the right decisions in this race for survival are brushed aside, making it extremely difficult for them to cope up with the front-runners.

Today, BE, MBA has become a basic prerequisite for employment. Bright young students are lured by the glamour and opportunities offered by IIT’s and B-school education. The challenge that business schools must tackle is how they can contribute to a reframing of the notion and purpose of the firm in society and what the role of business leaders should be.

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This is a priority because business schools need healthy companies with a clear purpose if they want to have a positive impact on them. But when it comes to Rural MBA colleges, it’s nowhere to see. Surveys showed that many of the MBA colleges are about to windup due to poor enrolment ration, and poor infrastructure. One among the reasons for lower enrolment ration is institutions failing to provide employment opportunities as promised at the time of admission. And the second reason being that these graduates lack the requisite skills for employment.

Management education has witnessed a mushrooming growth in India from just about 200 MBA colleges in the early nineties to 3,900 administration schools with admission of 3.5 lakh that are affirmed by the AICTE in 2018. However, employability for management students ranges between 10 - 20% for roles involving sales and client servicing. Despite its importance, there is relatively little research done on the employability and market expectations from management students, thus, calling for further research in this field.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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