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Many people have a variety of goals and personal preferences when it comes to employment. While some people enjoy less stress, which comes from being provided with an average job and being told what to do. Others would agree that self-employment is better. Being self-employed is better than a nine to five job because it allows one to follow one’s own schedule and enjoy being able to achieve his own goals.

First, being self-employed allows people to have a wide window of flexibility.

On the other hand, a normal nine to five job requires mployees to be at the office by a specific time and they can leave until they are told to do so. There are very strict rules about the numbers of breaks employees may take and lunch hours must be taken within a specific time frame. Employees are given a certain amount of sick days and vacation. Employees are given very little choices and must follow all of the rules.

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Violating rules may result in verbal warning or even termination of employment. However, those that are self-employed can make all of the decisions without risk of consequence.

Being self-employed allows people to completely set heir own schedule and have control of their own work life. Second, being self-employed allows people to focus on achieving their own goals. When one is not self-employed, he must follow and complete the task given by his supervisor. If employees try to pursue their personal goals during working hours it will likely result in termination of their employment.

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Employers have very little regard for the goals of their employees; their primary concern is their business.

However, those that are self-employed are free to pursue whatever goal they want to achieve. If a specific task or rocess dose not fit what they have in mind the self-employed can immediately adapt or change to something that is more appropriate for them. In conclusion, People have a wide variety of employment preferences: while some people want the safely of a regular paycheck, others prefer the freedom to pursue their own goals. It is better to be self-employed because of the additional flexibility to pursue one’s own goals no matter what they may be. Being self- employed also allows a person to pursue his dreams and goals rather then being stressed at work, working paycheck to paycheck working under someone.

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Employed vs Self-Employed

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