JB Smoove - The Star Of "Def Comedy Jam"

The television series Def Comedy Jam has seen lots of stars emerge out of it, one of such stars is JB Smoove, an American comedian, writer, director, producer, actor, and voice actor also known for playing the character of Leon in Curb Your Enthusiasm an HBO comedy series.Smoove has over the years built up an impressive career as an actor with many films and television series to show just how good an actor he is, what most people don't know however is that this man who began acting from way back in 1995 initially started off as a dancer.

Perhaps you will appreciate him the more when you learn about his background.

Who is JB Smoove?

JB Smoove as he is popularly known otherwise called Jerry Angelo Brooks was born in the year 1963 on December 16 in Plymouth, North Carolina, to Floyd Brooks - father and Elizabeth Brooks - mother as the eldest of three children born in the family. As a toddler, he spent most of his time in Mount Vernon, New York prior to staying much with his mother's relatives in Plymouth.

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His father sadly died when he was about 15 years old. JB attended and graduated from Mount Vernon High School in 1983 before proceeding to further his education at Norfolk State University in Virginia where he chose to study engineering and graphics designing.

As a young man who valued hard work and had no time to waste, JB Smoove earned money as a perfume formulator in a perfume factory, he sold fire extinguishers and also worked at Mrs.

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G's T's, a T-shirt branding business where he branded and sold printed T-shirts that were bespoke to their customers' specifications. Anyone who saw JB then would probably conclude he was set to make a living out of establishing and running several business outfits of his own, but little would they suspect he had more affinity for entertainment except his tranquil and cheerful disposition when interacting with customers was given a second look. Nevertheless, JB Smoove didn't venture into acting outrightly but first took to dancing.

JB began his now burgeoning entertainment career as a dancer with a hip-hop group as J. Smoove before transitioning into acting and made it big with a recurring role on The Lyricist Lounge Show which aired on MTV then. After this came more roles in The Lyricist Lounge Show, Premium Blend, Pootie Tang; his first big feature film, Mr. Deeds where he starred with Adam Sandler. He has also followed these up with performances in appearances on the Saturday Night Live (2003–2005), Jimmy Kimmel Live! (2004–2013), Comics Unleashed (2007–2011), Curb Your Enthusiasm (2007–present), Transformers: Cyberverse (2018, Jazz (voice)) and a host of other notable works.

Who is JB Smoove’s Wife, Shahidah Omar? His Daughter and Family

In marriage and probably in most other spheres of family life, JB Smoove and his wife Shahidah Omar are an inspiration for many singles in the American entertainment industry as well as a model for most married celebrities to tailor their marriage towards. The power couple has been married since 2007 with no signs or rumors of squabbles in their home.

Shahidah Omar who was born on December 16, 1965, in Plymouth, North Carolina in her own right is recognized as an American actress, and singer famous for acting works like Graduation Night, Real Husbands of Hollywood, andThe Arsenio Hall Show. With her spectacular voice, she has to her credit songs like “Stop The War,” "What About The Living” and “People Of The World”. Aside from being a singer, Shahidah is also a music producer and has a studio called Hot Pink Studios where she produces songs, in addition to this she dances and does modeling occasionally.

She stands at a height expected to be between 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 10 inches which by all standards is not bad for her personality. Her other body measurements have not been obtained, but even without having a figure at hand, one would agree that Omar is a pretty and well-shaped woman. When we get those, we will update you with them. The union between the JB Smoove and his wife Shahidah Omar has since it became public following their wedding in 2007 been peaceful. They are parents to one child a girl whose name we obtained to be Jerrica Brooks.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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