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The movie The Empire Strikes Back is the fifth episode of the globally famous TV media franchise Star Wars. It has achieved the audience’s attraction and huge recognition on all the seven continents of the globe; this episode was filmed by an American movie director Irvin Keshner in 1980. It is considered to be the classics of its genre.

The first draft of this episode was finished by a science fiction author Leigh Brackett in early 1978. In brief, one may say that the plot is a certain continuation of Luke Skywalker’s mythical and challenging adventures.

The story of the fifth episode reveals the complexity of Luke Skywalker’s severe confrontation with the the villain Darth Vader. He is one of the most mysterious individuals in the whole history of film production. As it is known to all the fans of the original trilogy of the Star Wars, Darth Vader is Skywalker’s ardent foe. Perhaps, not only to them due to the movie’s success and popularity.

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Here, one cannot mention the rest of those rebels who decided to set up on the ice planet entitled Hoth. They manage to capture Skywalker: still, the hero appears strong and wise enough to escape from the enemy’s cave.

Not to mention one of the most iconic battle episodes; it takes place in the plot. When there happens the struggle between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Indeed, taking into consideration the perfect suspense, the mysterious and tragic atmosphere and amazing acting of both Hamill and Prowse.

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One may define this scene taking place in Cloud City as the most epic battle entire trilogy.

The Global Success of the Fifth Episode

In fact, quite often it happens that the first time one hears the title Star Wars, he or she unconsciously recalls namely the fifth episode of this famous media. It happens because of its widespread popularity and those well-designed images presented in the Internet network. The script of this episode was written in such a way that each next scene not only reveals the complexity of the previous one but adds some deeper layer of morality and meaning.

The majority of critics has unanimously referred The Empire Strikes Back. It is the best episode of the whole fantastic saga. According to the comments and reviews provided by the international audience, this movie can be described as the explicit example of the classic epic space opera.

One of the possible reasons for it is its highly involving plot. Moreover, these are increased drama, great choice of special effects, and fascinating atmosphere successfully maintained through the whole story. Indeed, it is possible to suggest that the action-packed plot keeps the audience on tenterhooks during the whole film. The amazing development of the main character is done in a dark manner. Still, it makes the audience feel hopeful and believes.

At the end of the movie, the good powers will win, and the galaxy will be saved from evil and destruction. The dark nature of the evil heroes enriches the suspense of the story. It also implies some fades of mystery into the plot. Perhaps, Darth Vader’s character can be referred as the main driving force of this episode.

The reason for the fifth episode’s global recognition and success also lies in the fact that it manages. As it provides a lot of thought-provoking philosophic in-depth questions to the target audience. In such manner, urges the global viewers to reconsider the eternal issues connected with the concepts of life and death, love, and betrayal, friendship and enmity.

It is impossible not to mention the outstanding and totally breath-taking scenery where the filming process took place. It also makes the huge impact on the general impression from the movie; thus, as it is known, the beginning of the fifth episode was filmed near Norway. In particular, sixth largest glacier with the sophisticated name Hardangerjøkulen. The real cold and frosty paradise on Earth, as it can be called, was used as the location for the planet Hoth. However, not all the battle episodes were filmed on this amazing location without the implementation of the special effects. For example, some miniatures were filmed with the help of the microscopic glass bubbles technique. The main reason for it was making the mimics of the snowflakes. Despite the extremely cold temperature that dropped to the mark of approximately −20 °F, the cast managed to make several episodes there until once.

There happened a little curious and unpleasant incident when the crew could not even enter the hotel it stayed in.

The World Needs New Heroes

The film provides the audience with the great possibility to analyze the concept of a hero and his antagonist that are present in all the movies of whatever genre, length, and budget. Therefore, in the case of this movie one may name the characters of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader as the ones. The bad and evil Vader’s identity quite explicitly reveals all the virtues and positive sides of Skywalker’s personage. The Jedi is perfectly performed by Mark Hamill.

He manages to create a positive impression of his character by his polished acting manner and skills from the very first episode of the movie. The character of Vader has been successfully played by the famous English bodybuilder and character actor David Prowse. The great physical strength becomes a real helping hand for the actor in making his character look grueling and powerful.

When analyzing the process of the character’s development, it is necessary also to take into account those factors (both positive and negative) that, most probably, has to lead to those crucial changes in one’s true identity and inner world. Hence, what concerns Luke’s character represented in the fifth episode of the saga, one may state that there happened two great losses for Skywalker in this episode of the original trilogy. First of all, his best friend Han tragically perishes which makes Luke’s heart crush into small pieces. The next significant loss and pain are connected with the “lost” positive image of Skywalker’s father what becomes a real shock for the young man as he cherished the honorable and, let us be frank, too idealized image of his father in his heart. Still, it does not imply that his hope in life is lost. As a matter of fact, the last episode of the original trilogy quite evidently shows the opposite situation.

The heroes can become in a way real ones when they are the characters of the popular movies. Luke Skywalker can be viewed as a real hero due to his virtues; this Jedi is a perfect example of generosity, braveness, strength, wisdom, and kindness. On the one hand, he is the one who wants to bring peace to the galaxy. On the other hand, he is quite rebellious and ready to fight for his ideas and personal beliefs cherished in heart and mind. These are supposed to be moral. What is more, this man does not lack self-esteem, and the potential danger is supposed to become just another challenge for him. In the fifth episode of the media franchise, Luke has to face the challenge of defeating his greatest enemy. Darth Vader makes the Jedi both anxious and burning with impatience. His main aim is to save the planet from such ruinous evil powers. The force Luke possess enables this eternal freedom fighter to show himself as highly skilled combat. However, somewhere deep on the bottom of his subconsciousness, he is not quite confident who will become the final winner in this fight to the death. Without any doubts, the good guys are not always supposed to become evident winners. Because otherwise there will be no possibility for them to show all the spectrum of their astonishing skills and virtues. The idea that there should always exist some positive powers that will be able to destroy the death. Regardless all the stumbling stones are one of the best morals this movie explicitly teaches us.

We highly recommend you to watch this masterpiece. The main reason for it is that this film will broaden your erudition and enrich imagination with its magnificent plot. Nowadays, it is a type of impossible thing to find a person who has not seen Star Wars. Hope you don’t belong to such group. Undoubtedly, this movie attracts the audience of different age and social groups that is why it deserves your attention. Do not hesitate and plunge into the adventurous and mysterious world.


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