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The well known yet mysterious West Egg citizen Jay Gatsby appears to have been killed in a murder-suicide, say investigators. His body was found yesterday by a fellow West Egg citizen , Nick Carraway, who claims to have been a friend of Jay Gatsby. Carraway claims he had stopped over at Gatsby’s elegant mansion, only to find him floating lifelessly on an air mattress in the pool, with a gunshot in his chest. Investigators and Carraway found a second body as well.

The second body at the scene has been identified as George Wilson, a resident of the “Valley of Ashes”. George Wilson owned a small car garage in this area, where he worked as a mechanic and lived with his wife and highschool sweetheart, Myrtle Wilson. It has been confirmed that George Wilson died from a gunshot wound as well, likely from the gun found in his hand at the scene of what appears to be a murder-suicide.

Investigators attempting to create a report and determine who committed the crime believe it may be directly related to the recent death of George Wilson's wife, Myrtle Wilson.

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The day before the deaths of Jay Gatsby and George Wilson, Myrtle Wilson was struck by a yellow car that appeared to be a Rolls Royce. The Rolls Royce continued to drive away despite fatally striking Myrtle Wilson. A witness who wishes to remain anonymous notified the police department that they had seen the incident from an apartment window, and the driver of the automobile was a woman.

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Another witness., Tom Buchanan of East Egg has told police that George knows the car that hit Myrtle by its yellow color. During the investigation of the apparent murder-suicide at Gatsby’s estate, investigators found a yellow Rolls Royce with dents near the front right corner of the automobile. Although this may not be the car that was involved in the death of Myrtle Wilson, it may provide answers or clarify the motives of the main suspect in the murder-suicide, George Wilson.

The current findings have led investigators to believe that the following events have occurred: First, Gatsby’s Rolls Royce was used to attack Myrtle Wilson. The driver was either Jay Gatsby or a woman. If it were a woman that did not know Jay Gatsby it is possible she attacked Myrtle Wilson for her own reasons, or Jay Gatsby and the driver of the offending yellow vehicle may have been collaborating.

The motives for this attack are not yet known. Second, George Wilson, deeply saddened, angered and likely unstable from his wife’s death, sought revenge on his wife's killer. He then found Jay Gatsby by identifying that he a Rolls Royce that was identical to the one involved in his wife’s death. Therefore, he shot Gatsby at the pool on the premises of his mansion, then proceeded to turn the gun on himself several paces away.

Any witnesses or person that have knowledge of the murder-suicide investigation or Myrtle’s fatality are asked to report it to the West Egg police station as soon as possible. The murder of Jay Gatsby will surely impact West Egg. Jay Gatsby hosted extravagant parties throughout the summers that lasted throughout the night and into the early hours of morning. The parties were primarily attended by wealthy couples and residents of the West Egg area, where they danced, drank, and socialized throughout the night at the wild gatherings.

Despite the parties, Jay Gatsby remained to be a mysterious character. Nick Carraway describes that many of the partygoers did not seem to know much of Gatsby or his past when asked. However, among those that do claim to have knowledge of his past, many conspire that he has gained his wealth illegally and changed his name since. The conspiracy assumes that Jay Gatsby has worked in organized crime and bootlegging, after he was allegedly seen with New Yorker Meyer Wolfsheim, a known head of crime.

Updated: Feb 25, 2024
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