Tragic Death of Character Jay Gatsby

Tragic death of the millionaire Jay Gatsby Long island’s socialite got shot at in his swimming pool 23 July 1922 Clara Jones New York- The biggest socialite and businessman, Jay Gatsby died yesterday evening in his swimming pool at his mansion located in the East Egg; confirms the head inspector of New York police. We know less about Jay Gatsby, but the lavish and extravagant parties that he hosted every weekend at his big mansion situated in the East Egg, were always in the limelight.

People from all over the city came to attend his parties; however, very few knew him personally. The whole town used to attend his parties without formal invitation, as he was such an openhearted person who used to send an open invitation to the people all around the city. Some believe that he earned his lavish lifestyle by illegal trade of alcohol, however others find him hard-working. Some people know him by his second name “Oxford Man”, however, there are no records that he attended Oxford University.

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According to the sources, he was a very determined and hard-working soldier in the U.S. Army during the world war and left the army to pursue his studies in the Oxford. There were also rumours of him being a German spy, however the sources confirmed it false. According to the investigation team, the murderer is a poor mechanic George Wilson, whose dead body was found in the backyard of Gatsby’s mansion. It seems that he killed himself with the same revolver which he used to murder Gatsby.

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It appears that Mr. Wilson murdered Gatsby as an act of revenge. According to the sources, Mr. Wilson’s wife Myrtle Wilson was killed in a hit-and-run accident day before yesterday in front of her husband’s gas filling station in the Valley of Ashes situated between Long Islands and New York city. The eyewitness stated that a yellow Rolls Royce going towards the Long Islands struck her as the car was moving at high speed. Due to the collision, Mrs. Wilson died on the spot. During the investigation at Gatsby’s mansion yesterday, one yellow Rolls Royce was discovered by the police in Gatsby’s garage which had some blood stains on the bumper of the car. Those blood stains are sent to the forensic department for further confirmation as the police believe that is Mrs. Wilson's blood.

However, there are no traces of figure prints on the steering wheel. According to the investigation team, it seems that someone has intentionally rubbed those figure prints. Five servants from Gatsby’s mansion are in police custody for further inquiry. Is Mr. Jay Gatsby personally involved in the hit-and-run murder case? It is still unclear as during the investigation, the eyewitness states that a woman was driving the car. However, the identity of the women is still not known. “A separate team is investigating the hit-and-run accident case” said the head inspector. After connecting all the links regarding the incident, Jay Gatsby was last seen in New York’s famous hotel “hotel plaza.” After the investigation, the manager of the hotel said, Mr. Gatsby had rented a suit, he accompanied two other men and two women whose identity is not known; also, lots of heated arguments were heard outside their suit by other guests and the hotel staff.

The gatekeeper of the hotel also gave a statement that a beautiful woman was driving the yellow Rolls Royce, along with a man on the passenger seat to the police, the gatekeeper also added that both of them were furious and were in a hurry. Is one of the two unknown women who accompanied Gatsby responsible for Mrs. Wilson’s murder? Some inquiries are going on both the murder cases, an individual investigation team is working hard to find the mystery girl. After Mr. Gatsby’s death, no relative or his friends were present except his neighbour Nick Caraway. In an interview, post-Mr Gatsby’s death, Nick said that around 7 in the evening he heard a loud noise like of a pistol, when he was working at his place, after 5 minutes the same sound was heard by him, so he decided to go to Gatsby’s mansion. Furthermore, he added that when he reached Gatsby’s mansion all the staff was gathered near the swimming pool when Mr. Nick saw Gatsby’s dead body, and he immediately called the police. When asked about Gatsby, Nick said “Mr. Gatsby was a different person than he showcased to the society. He was working hard to get what he had lost in the past. Mr. Gatsby was flying in the sky captured by the old rich, where the old rich were not allowing the new rich like Gatsby to fly along with them; Hence Mr. Gatsby’s plane crashed before he could accomplish his dream to get back what he lost in the past.” An open funeral of Jay Gatsby is kept by the U.S. army Today 4 p.m. At U.S. army headquarters, New York.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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