It’s Not Men’s Soccer- It’s Just Soccer

The average speed is 80 miles per hour, 11 players on each side, one of the biggest games that happen every four years ; this sport is loved by billions all over the world with an estimated “3.5 billion fans” (Topend Sports). Loved by both women and men, soccer is where two teams play against each other for about 90 minutes and the team who has more goals wins. But within those 90 minutes anything can happen on the football pitch to being slide tackle, to being red carded .

On or off the pitch many female fans cannot express their love for soccer because it’s considered a male sport. While women can do anything a male does, and they are not equally treated the same.

Soccer is not just a male sport there are millions of women who love soccer, but they cannot enjoy it to their full potential. This includes in the stands and on the pitch. According to a case study in Denmark (2015), “female fans have to comply with specific rules of conduct in the stadium where “masculine” behavior in both male and female” (160).

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Saying that women felt pressure about how they should behave towards loving soccer. This either meant that females had to be yelling or drinking beer, or even fighting physically on who’s team is better. Women should love this sport with no ideal fan behavior. On the other hand, women cannot be seen coaching a soccer team because “coaching soccer is a man’s job” and women do not have the skills it takes to be a coach.

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In today’s worlds, out of all soccer coaches, 23% of them, are females that is almost ¼ of all the coaches (GOOD), if females didn’t have what it takes the percentages should be a lot lower.

Women should be allowed to do anything men can do because women soccer players have more masculine behavior on the pitch than men. Women seem to love the sport more than men and actually play the game how it’s supposed to be played. Women soccer players play soccer to actually enjoy the sport and not always trying to get the advantage. Women soccer matches are more of them playing then stopping because someone sustaining got injured. Women soccer games stop less often because “women soccer players are far less likely to fake falls” (NBC News). On the other hand, looks like women have “men” behavior on the pitch. Women rates of actually being hurt during a match is 13.7%, while men are 7.2%. In contrast of being injured, men fake injuries are 11.26 per match and women at 5.74 per match (Dr. David Geier).

While billions love the sport, most if not all would rather watch the sport without being stop every ten minutes. After all this, women still get paid less. Comparing women and men soccer players pay men get paid four times more than women. Between the USA women and men soccer teams, making it into the world cup roster men make $76,000 and women at $15,000(The Nation). Even though women’s soccer teams play with the same rules, same size field, and same time, they are not treated equally. Women get injured more than

men they play on the same 120 yards by 80 wide field, same 90 minutes, with the same rules, why not the same pay rate? Some may say because it not as popular as men which can be true for some sports but not for the women’s soccer teams. Women’s soccer is far more popular than men. During the finals in 2014 women soccer team brought in an “estimated 21 to 23.5 million viewers on Fox” compare to the men final with 17 million viewers (American Express). With this said, women seem to be better players, USA soccer team won three World Cup campions while men are still waiting for their first.

In conclusion, this sport is not just for men but for everyone to enjoy. Women and men are capable to do anything men can and even more. With billions of fans, they should set their differences aside because at the end its just soccer in the same environment trying to enjoy this awesome sport and to show their love for it no matter how that looks like. For women soccer players they need to be treated the same because they are playing just as the men, but their DNA is the only difference when it comes to soccer. While women show more men behavior on the pitch the least, they can do is treat them like they treat men with the same amount of pay.

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