Not Just a Disease, But a Threat to All People

Findings are always preceded by data collection and analysis. In this section, the findings, limitations, use, and applications of findings, and recommendations of the research regarding what essentially leads to obesity and whether by reversing the causes, obesity is preventable will be discussed. Having collected data and analyzed it, it was found that obesity was a lifestyle condition brought by caloric imbalance, unhealthy eating habits, and failure to exercise accordingly (Lobstein, 2008). From the analysis, it was also found that obesity is closely associated with poor social-economic status (SES) background because children from such backgrounds were unable to afford healthy foods.


The study had numerous limitations that could have positively or negatively influenced the results and findings. For instance, coming up with concrete objectives that were narrow to the study to ensure accuracy was very difficult in this study. This is to mean that the objectives could have been too broad to guarantee study focus. Another limitation of the study is that my scope of inexperience or having few years of experience in conducting research and producing research paper findings individually could also have compromised my findings compared to the research works of experienced scholars.

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I used a sample size of 14 students. This is to mean that, if I had based my study on larger sample size, I could have generated more accurate results. The limited time-limited-time heart desire research for data collection was a big hindrance in collecting all the needed data and this could have compromised my results.

Use and Application of Findings

The study of obesity is of paramount importance to the health of the nation.

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The findings may help identify risk factors that predispose individuals to obesity. The findings may also be used to emancipate the nation on the relative importance of eating healthy and exercising adequately. This is to offset the possibility of being obese which is a life-threatening condition. The study findings are also highly applicable in the school environment where obesity tends to start before progressing to adulthood (Canoy, & Bundred, 2011). The findings may to a large extent also pinpoint risky groups that may be obese allowing concerned institutions or individuals to be proactive in preventing it among the groups.


Recommendation 1:

The first recommendation to alleviate to developers is to promote healthy eating habits and encourage exercise. Healthy eating habits mean that children eat foods that are not junk (Deckelbaum, & Williams, 2001). They ought to cut down their consumption of fatty and sugary foods to ensure that they do not accumulate a lot of calories. Heating health can also increase calories in the body to a harmful level that leadsdeveloperstofor to obesity. Therefore, heath eating habits should be accompanied by exercising adequately to burn those excessive calories.

Recommendation 2:

The second recommendation for reducing obesity among the school-going children is developinto develop-nationwide develop into developing public nationwide developingpublic policies that promote access to healthy, low-fat, and high-fiber foods. It should be realized that high-fat, and low-fiber foods are unhealthy. Tonationwidenationwide ensure children have access to healthy, low-fat, and high-fiber foods both school-wide and nationwide policies must be in place (Kumanyika et al., 2002). The nation-wide policy is intended to be a framework upon which children access healthytohealthily foods. The school-wide policies are policies that schools adopt to ensure that children eat healthily and do not intake a lot of calories. For instance, schools can bar candy shops from operating within their premises.

Recommendation 3:

The third recommendation is increasing increase the training of healthcare professionals. This will ensure that they effectively support people who need to lose weight as well as help others avoid gaining weight. School-going children may for instance be obsessed with and desire the unhealthydesirheart desires of junk foods (Lifshitz, Rising, &Alemzadeh, 2006). With the healthcare professionals in place, they will be guided on what to eat ensuring that they eat healthyhealthlife-threateninghealththreatening heart desired foods. They can also help those who are already obese in burning those excess calories by engaging them in exercises or weight loss activities.


Obesity is not only a heathhealthlife-threateninghealth condition but also a menace to the human population. It has a lot of adverse effects including threatening healthinclulife-threateninghealthde ing a life threatening heath conditions. This is to mean that it is accompanied by other heal conditions that are not only limited to breathing problems but also circulatory difficulties. Although it may be seen that low SES children are prone to obesity, it is a lifestyle condition that can also affect the high SES individuals. If a caloric imbalance occurs in the body due to unhealthy diets and failing to exercise adequately the resultant effect is obesity with no exception.

Children and adults alike need to be emancipated on the benefits of healthy eating habits. Moreover, the policies formulated need to be casino health implementeddevelopingimplemented developing with no hesitation to prevent them from being victims of obesity. Exercising is also healthy as it helps individuals to burn execs calories and balancing balance calories in the body hence preventing obesity. Being a lifestyle health condition, obesity is preventable. Finally, if not prevented among the young, it will be carried to adulthood implying that, interventions should start atinof  childhood.

Updated: May 21, 2022
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