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Change is known to be the most constant thing in the world. Hence, individuals are often changing which leads to conflicting issues in life. Moreover, every person gets into a stage where in a person needs to change. Most of us experience change during our moments in middle school. Every person during this time of his or her life experiences changes. In addition to this, there are interests which are discovered by these individuals. More so, the changes lead to the various kind personality developments.

In the book written by Linda Perlstein titled “Not Much Just Chillin’” she discussed the reality of middle school. Through her observation, research and writing, Perlstein is able to provide a very vivid and realistic condition of the students in middle school. Hence, it is very evident that middle school children are usually confronted with issue to their families, environment as well as the media which are highly influential to the development of young people. The book written by Perlstein provided a vivid example of the types of individuals within the middle school setting.

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There are the typical individuals such as the popular group, the geeks, the minor ethnicities and the likes. More so, the people who are reading the book could easily relate to the various types of individuals being portrayed in the book. Definitely, the book is presenting a very important aspect of the teenage life. Different parts of the book present a very good perspective of the situation in middle school. Moreover, the writing of Perlstein focuses on the perspective of the youth during their development into adulthood.

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In the light of this, the book provides a very easy reading to different individuals. For the book is discussing about the youth and their development, the book somehow reaches to the young audiences who are interested in reading and understanding the stages of their development. The varieties of stages that are being experienced by different groups in the middle school setting are discussed through a very descriptive style. On the other hand, parents must also read this book for it provides insights regarding the development of their children.

Although it is known that parents have been in the same stage of youth, the changes and liberation of teenagers are still different in the current era. Also, professors and teachers must be able to comprehend the various types of students in school. More so, the book presents a descriptive perspective of the situation in the middle school setting however Perlstein does not provide any type of resolution regarding this matter. The readers are left hanging of what they could do in order to have a safe environment for different students.

In conclusion, the book is a good read for individuals who are interested in the psychological perspective of middle school age group. More so, there is nothing really shocking about the book provided by Perlstein. Through the very clear influence of media and the environment many youth are led to very complicated situations such as teenage pregnancy, drug addiction, and a changing perception with regards to responsibilities and adulthood. These problematic cases are stated to be caused by different entities provided in the earlier paragraphs. Therefore, all the entities become an important influence to the lives of each student.

Definitely the book written by Perlstein is very informative however; it also has the similar type of theme compared to other books available. Although this is the case, the book was able to reach to me as a reader. Through the experiences which I had in the past, I know have a better understanding of myself. Furthermore, I have a better understanding of the people surrounding me. Hence, I was able to create my own methods of addressing the issues of different personalities and perspectives. Due to the book written by Perlstein I was able to enjoy a book relating to various kinds of individuals.

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