Is “Mass Marketing” Dead? Essay

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Is “Mass Marketing” Dead?

Ans: Mass marketing is the concept that consumers will favour products that are available and highly affordable. Now a days , Product variety and target marketing originated from the mass marketing based on organizational resources and sound financial position to capture whole market. Critics demonstrated that Customers change their need , want and demand based on changing taste overtime. Marketers also change their strategy to make sure more and more create customer value through those marketing attitude. Mass marketing is still useful philosophy in two types of following situation: 1. At the first that demand of the product exceeds thesupply. In this context , management can increase production. 2. Secondly, product cost is too high. At that stage , improvement production is needed to bring it down. To control the whole market with effectively and efficiently , marketers should certitude resources and finacnce. Thus , therefore, management can make a decision whether they may follow mass marketing or not. Finally, mass marketing may actively follow or not based on companies overall position.

I believe that mass marketing is dead theoretically. In practically, by measuring mass marketing weight with oither concept, we should recognize that mass marketing is even not come very close to dead. 2. Mass marketing is still viable way to build a profitable brand? Ans: Mass marketing is the top most one viable way to build a profitable brand. But, achieving company goal through its strategy, company needs resources so that company can create , communicate and delivery to consumer to market with effectively and efficiently. In this context, larger company can make sure profit through this marketing procedure . On the other hand , no make sure profit by smaller company by using product variety or target marketing concept. Product variety and target marketing depends on segmentation level with its effective segmentation.Critics sometimes demonstrated that to make the company object, it has to match with capable and efficient resource. Depends on companies resource capability, company may decide whether mass marketing would be viable or product variety or target marketing concept would be viable. Finally, we can say that mass marketing is still viable way to build a profitable brand .

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