Is It Easy to Be Young?

Childhood is a period of life when you can do many crazy things without thinking about the consequences. You don’t need to be worried about the money that you should bring to your family or about the food that they will eat. But being young is not easy and I want to explain some reasons for that. The first problem that I want to mention is a lack of money. Usually youth suffer from it because it’s very difficult for youth to find a job.

As a result, young people become dependent on their parents. It means that they should follow their rules all the time, and they don’t have the adequate freedom. The second problem is the availability of harmful stuff. Actually, it is the main problem in whole world. Teenagers want to try everything that is forbidden to them. So they try all kinds of alcoholic drinks, cigarettes and drugs.

These things can cause a lot of problems in their future lives.

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In my opinion, the third problem is enormous amount of information. It makes life difficult. Television, magazines and internet shows how they should look, where to study and what to do. This demoralizes the youth and causes a lot of problems. For example, the girls want to look like some celebrities and they do everything to reach this aim, even if it harms their health. I think adults would have to understand their children better and help them, not just criticize them. The government would have to fight with narcotic dealers in more effective ways.

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Adults would have to support young ones in their bid to find employment. These are just some suggestions how to make teenagers’ lives better because young people are the roots of future society.

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Is It Easy to Be Young?

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