Iphone Marketing Strategy Essay

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Iphone Marketing Strategy

Apple rank no. 1 as the most admired company by fortune. The actual I-phone was launched through Apple Company during 2006-2007 periods. It uses marketing mix & market segmentation strategies. It maintains high secrecy about its products from getting out in the market. It creates innovative products & services aligned with a digital hub strategy, whereby apple computer functions as the digital hub for digital devices. It fully understands that all aspects of customer experience are important & that all brand touch points must reinforce the Apple brand.

There are various kinds of creative advertisements designed by Apple that reflect their products to creative individuals. Various other strategies adopted by apple I-phone are Brand awareness, ease of use, Compatibility with iTunes & Mac/apple products for upgradeability, secrecy is maintained before any high level product launch to increase the inquisitiveness about the particular product & generate keen interest from the market & consumers & it’s promoted as form of new generation hip phone which has bit of a professional touch to it.

Due to their secrecy, innovation, branding & product to product connectivity & compatibility, i-Phone is the most sought after mobile device & is the current market leader in the mobile market. I-phone incorporates consumer behavior into their marketing strategies by maintaining a high level of secrecy about their product.

They let the rumors fly left & right about their products that only a particular number product units are being produced & sold in the market, which is about to be launched by them, which in turn creates an awe-inspiring hype & buzz over the apple products, This scarcity of product in the market leads the consumer to put a lot more value to the product & push itself furthermore to purchase it.

The coy approach has been the company’s mantra since the first I-Phone release, a strategy that has worked to drum up insatiable demand of the consumers. People actually camp out near the shops 24 hrs before the launch of a new I-phone, everyone wants to get their hands on the product before anyone else, it becomes a must have product for the consumers.

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