Intramurals 2012 had the theme of: “Four Teams. One Goal. One Epic Olympics.” This years event marks my first Intramurals as a student of UP Cebu. I was so excited for this event because in my previous school we didn’t have the facilities for sports so, our intramurals had very limited activities. Unfortunately I didn’t get to participate in any of the sports this year but, I did participate during the parade as a flag bearer. Although the sun was burning, the practices were early, and it took away a part of my free time, it was all worth while when Ms.

Empleo told us that the flags looked really nice during the parade. During the succeeding days, I watched most of the games and cheered for my division. I also helped with the preparations of the candidates for “Mister and Miss Fitness”. I had so much fun watching the teachers dance ballroom! It just goes to show that our teachers can do a whole lot more than just teach inside the classroom.

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After a whole week of cheering, screaming, and yelling for my division, I can say that its a miracle I didn’t loose my voice.

In my opinion and based on my experience, Intramurals is the time where you get to know other people better and where you get to make new friends in your division or cluster because earlier during the semester as a freshman, you aren’t really given the chance to do so. Also, during the events, your inner determination is being brought out, as well as teamwork and cooperation.

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I noticed that there were some controversies and the competition was very heated. This cannot be avoided in any competition. It just shows how much school spirit we have, and how determined we are to win. It also shows that if your team is still standing strong despite the controversies, it means that your team has truly captured the essence of unity.

Being a Management student, there was a great deal of pressure for my division to defend their title as overall champions, and champions for the cheer dance competition. I saw how sad everyone was, when the results of the cheer dance competition were announced. Sadly, this year we lost our title as champs .A lot of tears were shed but, eventually we all accepted it and moved on. Not winning just gives us the opportunity to try harder next year in order to redeem ourselves.

Intramurals was a week of fun for me. It was nice to have a break from schoolwork and exams. It also gave me the opportunity to have fun with my fellow school mates. I’m hoping that next year, I will be able to participate more and be able to contribute a greater deal to my cluster, and maybe the Management Division will gain back their title as champs.

Overall, So many lessons and values can be learned from intramurals. I am glad that most if not all schools practice this event annually. It not only promotes health and fitness but values as well. We learn values such as: teamwork, unity, loyalty, cooperation, school spirit, humility, determination and many more. I look forward for next year’s intramurals, and I’m excited with what it has in store for us.

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