Interventions That Apply Scripture in Psychotherapy

INTERVENTIONS THAT APPLY SCRIPTURE IN PSYCHOTHERAPY was composed by Fernando Garzon (2005) and was distributed in the Journal of Psychology and Theology. The article recognizes that fusing Scripture into treatment can be a test for some Christian guides. In the wake of recognizing this test the creator endeavors “to build Christian advisors’ familiarity with the assortment of kinds of Scripture mediations accessible, and, second, to invigorate “supernaturally enlivened imagination” in the further advancement of systems to fuse the living Word of God in Christian psychotherapy” (Garzon, 2005, p.

113). Garzon (2005) does this by investigating the manners by which Scripture can be consolidated in psychodynamic, psychoeducational, theoeducational, intellectual, social, full of feeling experiential methodologies. The creator clarifies the instance of George which is utilized to demonstrate approaches that can be utilized to join Scripture into different circumstances George is looked with all through treatment dependent on the methodologies recorded previously.

For every one of the methodologies referenced the creator gives a case of how Scripture or the Bible can be fused and utilized for tending to the issues the customer is looked with.

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The article investigates how the objectives of each methodology are thought about while deciding the most ideal approach to join Scripture just as individual components of the customer. As per Garzon (2005) a portion of the approaches to join Scripture as an intercession incorporate; discussing Scripture that relates to the customer, investigating and translating sacred writing that can be identified with the customers feelings, instruction relating to religious philosophy and Scripture, and mending petition.

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Instances of the results dependent on these methods for consolidation are likewise given as they relate to the instance of George. The article infers that “the Word of God exhibits itself a living, incredible asset to be unassumingly taken care of by clinicians in their work” (Garzon, 2005, p.120) when it is connected properly dependent on the customer’s needs and individual circumstances.


I was keen on perusing this article since I regularly wind up considering how I will apply Scripture to my work later on. I have dependably been anxious to do as such and the more I find out about utilizing Scripture to help in mending the more exceptional that inclination progresses toward becoming. A considerable lot of the methodologies talked about in the article are approaches I have pondered when contemplating how I will actually utilize Scripture in my work. Notwithstanding, theoeducational emerged to me since this isn’t something I have pondered. The article influenced me to understand that the manners by which one translates or perspectives Scripture and religious philosophy can significantly affect numerous parts of their lives. At the point when this is the situation the advisor might have the capacity to utilize Scripture to concentrate on giving the customer a more profound understanding which may enable them to reevaluate the manner in which they decipher or see something therefore changing their viewpoint and having a positive effect.

The article additionally influenced me to understand that the manners by which I will have the capacity to utilize Scripture are not as constrained as I once thought they were. I presently have an all the more clear comprehension of how considering individual parts of the customer and their individual circumstance will assume a job when choosing how I will best utilize Scripture to encourage every customer. While one methodology may work best for one customer, it probably won’t be advantageous to another. I additionally now understand that various methodologies can be utilized for various issues confronting the customer. In the wake of perusing the article I have concluded that I might want to peruse more on various strategies for utilizing sacred text and the results of different techniques.

The article quickly examined some moral concerns which I thought was useful in light of the fact that I feel that it is imperative to keep moral issues crisp in my musings. It is anything but difficult to overlook these issues when we are committed to helping other people. I feel the more we instruct ourselves on the theme the almost certain we will be to guarantee we are continually rehearsing in a moral way. While it is constantly vital to stay moral, I for one feel that it is more critical when managing religion since for some it tends to be an incredibly delicate subject.


The majority of the data introduced in the article is entirely learned and can be connected in a clinical setting. On the off chance that a customer came to me experiencing misery I feel that consolidating the utilization of Scripture would be an extraordinary advantage to the customer. In view of what I have realized my methodology would be to first asses the person. I would decide issues that might cause or adding to the customer’s sadness. I would then choose which sort of consolidation would be most proper and helpful to the customer. Expecting the customer ended up discouraged because of mental maltreatment there might be a few different ways to utilize Scripture to encourage the customer.

In the event that the customer was experiencing low confidence due to the maltreatment one way I may utilize Scripture is to present sections with the customer that identify with self-esteem and the affection and acknowledgment of Jesus. From what I have gained from this article mending petition could likewise be exceptionally advantageous for a customer in this sort of circumstance. Odds are the customer has a great deal of hatred and outrage towards the individual that mentally manhandled them. Utilizing the recuperating supplication would enable the customer to confront those negative feelings. When the customer faces those negative feelings they would then be able to request the mending intensity of Christ to recuperate the negative feelings and torment caused by the maltreatment. In light of the customers’ perspectives and elucidations I may likewise join some instruction to endeavor to influence the customer to change their points of view which could change a portion of their negative musings and emotions into progressively positive ones.

For instance, reconsidering the manner in which one translates or perspectives certain sacred writing could help increment fearlessness. I would likewise discreetly appeal to God for this customer outside of treatment sessions as I would for the majority of my customers. I unequivocally have confidence in the intensity of supplication and I feel that it is something that will be exceptionally useful to petition for those I work with just as for myself and my capacity to help other people. The article certainly gave a great deal of data that I will have the capacity to use in my future as an expert.

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