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Essay on Innovation

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Patents and Intellectual Property

Patent laws have more strength compared to the weaknesses depending on the issue of involved in discussion. Through patenting, the innovators and inventors are not only recognized as the owner of the emerging products but they also have various benefits such as financial gains to payback on the capital invested. However, the patent are only limited to 20 years, which in some case...

Siemens case

Effective Sales Promotion and Distribution – The necessary framework and experience is possessed allowing Siemens to know how to best deal with sales promotion and distribution. They have a highly skilled work force that constantly work to strengthen this capability. Efficiency and Speed of Order Processing – Integrated IT systems allow for orders to be quickly and accurately processed and mon...

Strategic leadership and innovation at Apple Inc.

Baden-Fuller, C. S. (2010). The firm matters, not the industry. I B. M. De Wit, Strategy: Process, content, context (An international perspective) (s. 451-455). North Way: Thomas Rennie. Barney, J. (2010). Firm resources and sustained competitive advantage. I B. M. De Wit, Strategy: Process, content, context (An International Perspective) (s. 290-299). North Way: Thomas Rennie. Cyert, R. (2010). D...

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Philips vs. Matsushita: A New Century, a New Round

As Matsushita had a centralized organization, which was a large disadvantage and a reason for slow market responsiveness, they should work towards a more decentralized organization. Matsushita will need to anticipate on the globalization of the market, so that they are capable of sustaining their competitive advantage in low-cost production. To strengthen their position they need to focus on coher...

Coca-Cola Innovation Report

Coca-Cola must continue to invest in new products and technology to remain innovative. Coca-Cola can create a business culture that remains innovative by encouraging innovation in its daily operations. There are various motives and risks associated with investing in higher innovation. By researching market trends and determining how Coca-Cola can adjust to these changes the company can develop ne...

Advantages and disadvantages of technology

Technology today has made life better in modern society so much that people rely on it more than humans at times. Modern technology helps simplify life in so many ways such as communication like video chatting which is much more convenient. Another way technology helps people is in business, it helps boost efficiency and productivity in work area. Businesses have integrated modern technology in th...

Explain the Relationship Between, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Economic Development

http://www.referenceforbusiness.com/small/Di-Eq/Entrepreneurship.html#b. Last accessed 18/11/2012. Gina Colarello O’Connor (2000). Radical Innovation: How Mature Companies Can Outsmart Upstarts. Boston, Mass: Harvard Business School Press. p5. Herman E. Daly (1997). Beyond growth: Economics of Sustainable Development. N/A: Beacon Press; New edition. p13. Jeffry Timmons (1989). The Entrepreneuria...

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Even though, it took incremental change to do so and to get to that point. Another example is e-commerce, many years ago we had to go to the store to do our shopping, but now, just a click of the mouse and you can shop online. From shoes, clothing, furniture, cars, household supplies to even groceries. How about if you want to write a letter, then just send an email they will receive it in second...

Science, Technology and Innovation: Working Together for Growth and Development

These three work together in the field of education. They’ve had all joined forces to become one so that they will be able to help the precious growth and development of youth. Since education is the stepping stone of the youth in attaining good future, their importance in schools cannot be ignored. With the onset of computers, it has become easier for teachers to impart knowledge, and for stude...

Leadership Case Study: Steve Jobs

6. Since the passing of Steve Jobs, this seems to be a question that is on everyone’s mind, from employee to shareholder to customer. While it is a scary thought, something tells me that the passion and vision that Jobs was able to give to the organization in the last decade he worked their contributed to the current mentality of a lot of the current top level managers still working there. It ha...

Individuality vs Nationality

While individuality impacts innovation, the importance of individuality can also be seen in the well-being of society. One may argue that nationalism promotes security and stability; however, this is not the case. Over history, rises of nationalism have often caused the uprooting of morals and the corruption of power. It manifests the feeling of unethical supremacy, which has been the driving forc...


Creativity leads to inventions. Innovation implements those inventions to create value. Creativity is also important for effective problem solving, and finding the best solution for the problem defined. That solution should be evaluated after implementation, because the process may need to be repeated. Innovation is necessary for competitive advantage at all levels, from individuals to nations. To...

Innovation Perspectives – Mechanistic or Organic?

Apart from the organisational structure and culture, motivation and incentives also play a big role in promoting and enhancing innovation. Basically, there are two types of motivation – extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic motivation comes from the outside; it can be a promise of a reward or a threat of punishment that drives employees or teams to do something in order to get something desirable o...

Change management simulation

Beer, M. 1990. The Critical Path to Corporate Renewal. Boston: Harvard Business School Press. Beer, M., R. A. Eisenstat, and B. Spector. 1990. Why change programs don't produce change. Harvard Business Review (November–December): 2-11. Beer, M., and N. Nohria. 2000. Breaking the Code of Change. Boston: Harvard Business School Press. Kotter, J., and D. Cohen. 2002. The Heart of Change. Boston: Ha...

Hewlett-Packard: Case Analysis

None of those big companies such as Hewlett-Packard wants to spend a bunch of money on a useless project. Again, every company should necessarily focus on developing disruptive technology because this is the only way to keep the company being competitive. Furthermore, being a first mover always maximum the profit in your company, the innovated opportunity provides the company access to succeed. T...

Stage gate process

If there was no wheels, people would have gone through extreme difficulties in many parts of everyday life and also industries. The very simple example in industrial part is transportation cost. Moving heavy cargo or materials from one place to another with out wheeled vehicle might be time consuming and also, inefficient to the whole industry it self. Also, in industry plants, people use wheels i...

“The Boeing Company: Moonshine Shop”

‘Everybody listens to everybody’ and ideas are out in the open. c)Keeping track of the things that didn’t work. The moonshine shop team made a ‘wall of shame’. So as you go the way, you know exactly what went wrong and then next time not to repeat the mistakes. It saves time, energy, it build knowledge, expands the way one thinks and approaches task. It results in No fear of failure. To ...

Over-dependence on technology

However, some people are concerned by these developments. They point out all the failures made by computers that have done a lot of harm to people. Scientists fear that the vital skills can be lost by next generations as computer technology replaces traditional ways of working. Moreover, they predict the chaos that can occur when suddenly the systems fail to work or, what is worse, refuse to liste...

Is technology a blessing or a curse in australia

Technology is also a curse. The new advancements of technology have caused major side affects on us humans and the environment. The first floor is that there is an increase of teenagers needed glasses to read and see. Another reason is that in our environment it is impacted a lot by the extra greenhouse gases, which are killing animals, destroying habitats and warming our world causing the polar i...

Innovation, Design, and Creativity

Innovation BusinessDictionary.com Retrieved January 29, 2010, from BusinessDictionary.com website: http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/innovation.html Prahalad, C. K. (2006). “The Innovation Sandbox” Retrieved January 31, 2010 from website http://www.strategy-business.com/press/freearticle/06306?pg=all. Von Stamm, (2003). “Managing Innovation, Design, and Creativity” Retrieved Jan...

3M's innovation process

Technician bypass purchasing agents in order to better understand product needs. Walked into factories and workplaces and talk directly to workers. Then, one developer discovered some success ignoring company order. Causing the attitude. It is better to seek forgiveness than to ask for permission. A “get-out-of the way” attitude on attitude on the part of management towards product developers....

Technology leading to Obesity

Parents must remember that our children are our future, and as such, they have the responsibility to teach them good habits to carry with them all their lives. The government should pass a law where a time period each day is not used on technology, or if it is, used in way to where you are exercising. This could give people time to work out or do something productive with their life. Instead of br...

Bbva case study analysis

Ramis-Pujol J. and Dröege H., 2011. Case study of Innovation at BBVA. ESADE University. P&G Open Innovation (2013) What is Connect+Develop? [online], P&G, Available from: < http://www.pgconnectdevelop.com/home/pg_open_innovation.html> [7 October 2013] Zhu H. et al., 2001. Demand-driven service differentiation in cluster-based network servers. In: INFOCOM 2001, ed. 20th Annual Joint ...

Adidas strategy

Strong brand portfolio to establish a strong retail presence and increase profit margins by increasing retail sales as a percentage of total sales. Adidas currently operates 2,041 stores for the adidas and Reebok brands worldwide. Adidas’ strong brand and enhanced retail presence generates brand loyalty, which enables easier customer recall and gives adidas a competitive advantage. Revenue: $18,...

New Product Innovation Assignment Questions

Slide 7: References page (list of sources using APA guidelines) The title and reference page do not count towards the 5 slide minimum. Please visit the Columbia Southern University Success Center for helpful videos that will introduce you to Microsoft PowerPoint. To access the Success Center, click here for the MyCSU Student Portal. Click on Online Resources from the top menu. Next, click on Writi...

Under Armour -- Industry Analysis

2. Under Armour should focus on innovating their performance enhancing apparel and penetrating markets abroad to increase their sales outside of the US. If they wish to compete with Nike in the shoe sector they should take their time developing their shoe line to produce products that, like their apparel, also improve performance. Developing a shoe line that is unique to the company and that its c...

Case Study- The Amazon of Innovation

They have tried, and they have failed, but they have not given up hope, or given up the act of experimentation. They think outside the box, and deliver such products that they know will please the consumers. Their innovation clearly shows the doings of Moore’s Law, and their order fulfillments demonstrate the five components of information systems. Businesses should be more innovative, more will...

Innovation Strategy at Microsoft

So many processes running concurrently with lots of capital tied into them – is Microsoft delivering on its process? The ThinkWeek & Quest relied heavily no Gates- so what if he departed? IdeAgency great on paper- while delivered many successes, few drawbacks- immense time required to facilitate Too many hurdles trying to make fruitful collaborations in resistant environment Too much effort ...

Technology in the 20th Century

Few people today can appreciate the impact the advent of radio had on the late 19th and 20th century. Not only did it suddenly make it possible for a person to be heard from hundreds or even thousands of miles away without the use of a wire (quite an accomplishment in the first years of the century) but it was the center of family life through the end of the Second World War and into the doldrums ...

Inside Dyson's

According to use, all the capabilities can be imitate excepted someone maybe, in spite of the fact that a protection is ready allowing to keep the secret of success but finally manufactures were reticent to “that technology could be transfered to vacuum cleaners and be patented”, so probably the one thing which could not be imitated by competitors. To avoid it, it’s ceaselessly necessary to ...

Technology Has Its Pros And Cons

The creation of various portable technological devices has slowly ingrained the idea of instant gratification. Cell Phones let us keep in touch at all times virtually anywhere, it has created a mindset of instant gratification and that whenever we want pleasure it should be put immediately in from of us. Technology has had both benefits and drawbacks over the course of the last few centuries and t...

About BRU coffee

BRU was known as master brand in serving coffee as they were able to give new aids to customers at every point on a regular basis. There one of the successful new product was the cappuccino packs. The new flavour was able to generate new thrust in the market and that help them to lead out the product in the market. The new flavours even encouraged hard-core tea lovers to try out these flavours and...

Samsung Corporation Vision and Mission

As they have done for 70 years, they set their sights on the future, anticipating market needs and demands so they can steer their company toward long-term success. Integrity: Operating in an ethical way is the foundation of their business. Everything they do is guided by a moral compass that ensures fairness, respect for all stakeholders and complete transparency. Co-prosperity: A business cannot...

Philips Versus Matsushita Case

Global knowledge transfer is important to provide basic foundation and technical support for innovations. Second, Matsushita should form cross-functional teams to investigate the local market. By employing a diversified profile of people, they can give findings or suggestions on various parts of operations like customer-relationship management, manufacturing, marketing, rather than just produce de...

Joline Godfrey and the Polaroid Corporation

1. The market (external environment) is changing – evolving from film to electronic photography. 2. Sudbey as a corporate leader had a vision for Polaroid to reposition to a service orientation. 3. Project Odysseum was carried out mostly through informal structures and lost track in the end. 4. Polaroid lacked the formal structures to support innovation (e.g. financing, human resources, strategi...

Gore-Tex Case Study

Some of the dangers of being too heavily focused on technology are, losing employees to competitors, creating products that can cost your organization to lose money if it is not selling, and the product being created could be too complicated for the targeted audience. When too many projects are going on based on technology the costs can become astronomical and can weigh down the company by tying u...

Canon strategic analysis case study

(v) Strong monopolies can be broken: with over 93% market share in the 1970s and a brand name that was synonymous with copying, it would appear that the positional advantage of Xerox was unassailable. Canon demonstrated that such monopolies (when not imposed by government) can be broken through the introduction of innovative and quality products. By introducing the personal copier, the company als...

Creativity, Innovation, and Design

However companies choose to incorporate creativity, innovation, and design into their business plan, it is clear that it is a critical component in being successful. References Busniss Case Studies. (2013). Retrieved from The Times 100: http://businesscasestudies. co. uk/business-theory/strategy/business-objectives-planning-and-stakeholders. html Plous, S. (2011, October 23). Social Phycology Netw...

The Influence and Innovation of Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway was a larger than life figure, an American icon that represented masculinity at its highest form. He was a hunter, fisherman, and connoisseur of bullfights and boxing. He seemed to be the epitome of a man's man who dared others to seek adventure. He could be shy and diffident as well as an incorrigible braggart. He was insanely proud of his own celebrity and yet still envious and...

Necessity is the mother of invention

Second future study is by searching more support from the expert opinion to help solve the limitation of unstable argument due to the meaning of research topic, which is too wide in general. The more researched findings of supported expert opinions can strongly help to support the argument and make the research become more reliable. This could be done by focus on the expert opinions that involve i...

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