Innovation Essay Topics

“Traditional” Management Accounting Practices

Introduction There have been a lot of conflicts in using the traditional management accounting practices. It has been proved that this certain practice could no longer function or holds its other aspect because of the technology innovation or the continuous changes in technology. A lot of new strategies were proposed and introduced to the accounting… View Article

The Importance of Innovation in Today’s Changing Economy

 In today’s cutthroat society, companies and organizations in various sectors s constantly need to improve their practices and strategies to cope with the changing times and the increasing competition. People—as individuals or in groups—always have to think about attracting new customers and keeping the old; fielding new methods while incorporating the best strategies from previous… View Article

The Impact of Controversy in Innovation

Controversy does affect innovation and it is commonly observed in an organizational context. Controversy is defined as a disagreement between parties, usually characterized by open debates and arguments. And in an organizational setting, controversy is seen to impact innovation both in a negative and a positive manner. Controversy is usually regarded as something deterrent to… View Article

The Phonograph – Edison’s Greatest Invention?

The Phonograph vs. the Incandescent Light Bulb The incandescent light bulb is generally considered to be Edison’s greatest invention. However, Edison did not really ‘invent’ the light bulb but rather improved upon the already existing versions to make them practicable for home use. Before Edison, many people had already worked on and even fairly succeeded… View Article

Today’s Technology

Innovation and creativity, these are the benchmarks that pave the way in producing new ideas in technology. The common notion with regard to technology always goes both ways; it is either beneficial or it is detrimental. As time moves on, technology has been constantly evolving towards the future but despite these, technology has harmed our… View Article

Cultural Considerations for Optimization of Innovation

Innovations that drive organizations are influenced by cultural elements. Change is a constant in the business world today and those company’s that are able to manage the cultural considerations that are needed for the optimization of innovation will have a better chance at success. Innovation is driven by the need to keep pace with change…. View Article

Competitive Advantage

Reginald M. Beal School of Business and Industry Florida A&M University Tallahassee, FL 32307 Tel: (850) 561-2339 Fax: (850) 599-3533 E-mail: [email protected] Competitive Advantage: Sustainable or Temporary in Today’s Dynamic Environment? Spirited debate in the field of strategic management wages as to whether competitive advantage is sustainable or merely temporary in today’s highly dynamic environments…. View Article

Science Technology and Society

Innovation – an idea, practice, or object that is perceived as new by an individual or other unit adoption INVENTION – devised by independent investors as well as by individuals or teams of workers in university, government or industrial facilities Factors that help to explain invention in modern society: a) external pressures by social and… View Article

Contemporary Management

Trivia: Did you know that 280 years ago, the British government announced if not the world’s first, then certainly the world’s largest prize for innovation at 20,000 pounds reward for anyone who can “discover the longitude”- according to John Brandt. What is innovation? Why do organizations pay so much on research and development just to… View Article

Creativity and Innovation Assignment: Strategies for Improvement

Nowadays, successful business innovations and creative activities are increasingly recognized as key drivers of economic development. Creativity takes difference forms at different times and in different places. From vision to create new products, business models or process to recognition system for teams to take experiment, or even as simple as free expression and acceptance of… View Article

Social Media and Innovation

Methodology The purpose of this literature review is to explore recorded literature and evidence relating to social media and innovation. The research method for the review consisted of by surveying a total of 20 articles; 15 journal and conference-proceeding works, and five practitioner articles centered on the topic in different contexts. A selection of trusted… View Article

Zongshen Group

Chongqing, a city in central southwestern China, had a heritage in heavy manufacturing, as it was one of the centers of the Chinese defense industry, especially for vehicles. In 1980s, when the Cold War slowed, the central government wanted to reduce defense expenditure and asked some of the state owned enterprises (SOEs) to begin manufacturing… View Article

What Serves the Customer Best

Introduction The case study is about the issues regarding the Scotch Whiskey firm, Glenmeadie. The Whiskey market is generally targeted at middle-aged consumers with a disposable income, as whiskey is considered as luxury product. The key issue in this case study lies upon which part Glenmeadie should invest more in product innovations or the front-end… View Article

3m Case: Business Strategies over Its History

1. Describe the organizational structures and devices 3M uses to encourage entrepreneurial activity. Why do they work? 3M heavily based its business on innovation and while doing this it always supported its employees in terms of being innovative. 3M also always followed the alternative ways in order to increase their profit and market share, and… View Article

Case Studies Questions

1 How do information technologies contribute to the business success of the companies depicted in the case? Provide an example from each company explaining how the technology implemented led to improved performance. IT digunakan dalam hal Bussiness Intelegence. Dalam perusahaan eCourier, mereka mempergunakannya untuk membaca tentang kepuasan pelanggan. Bahkan sampai digunakan untuk semacam peramalan. Contoh,… View Article

The Individual

Art is often used to point out flaws in society and what effect those flaws will have if they go unchecked. Two such works are Ayn Rand’s novella Anthem and Michael Bay’s science fiction film The Island .Although these two works have varying settings, plot-lines, and styles, they both serve to develop the same point…. View Article

L. E. Fouraker & J. M. Stopford – Organizational Structure and the Multinational Strategy

Organizations constitute an important part of society. Parsons (1960) said that with organizations it is possible to “get things done”, and “achieve goals beyond the reach of the individual”. However, organizations may face continuous structural change, as A. D. Chandler’s “Strategy and Structure” (1966) suggest. Lawrence E. Fouraker, a Business Administration lecturer, and John M…. View Article

Science and Technology

Yan Wang (Corresponding author) School of Economics and Management, Changchun University of Science and Technology 7989 Weixing Road, Changchun 130022, China Tel: 86-431-8521-7930 Abstract At present, the world economy is shifting to the model of knowledge-based economy, knowledge and technology to economic growth has greatly exceeded the sum of the contribution of capital, labor and… View Article

Stimulating Innovation

In this paper the author will discuss the techniques for stimulating innovation. A discussion will then take place that will describe how the organization that the author works for stimulates innovation. An evaluation of the effectiveness of the techniques employed will ensue and ways improve the process of stimulating innovation will be discussed. There are… View Article

Market fragmentation

Because the PLC (product life cycle) focuses on what is happening to particular product or brand rather than on what is happening to the overall market, it yields a product-oriented picture rather than a market-oriented picture. Firms need to visualize a market’s evolutionary path as it is affected by new needs, competitors, technology, channels, and… View Article

Architectural Innovation

This paper demonstrates that the traditional categorization of innovation as either incremental or radical is incomplete and potentially misleading and does not account for the sometimes disastrous effects on industry incumbents of seemingly minor improvements in technological products. We examine such innovations more closely and, distinguishing between the components of a product and the ways… View Article

Innovation Definition

Innovation is about “bringing ideas into life. Innovation is linked to performance and growth through improvements in efficiency, productivity, quality, competitive positioning and market share. Innovation takes place at different levels from modest improvements on an existing product or process to dramatic and even historically significant breakthroughs in how we relate to the world. In… View Article

Competitive Strategy and Competitive Advantages

1- Innovation is important because it allows differentiation from competitors, manufacturing is easier and more flexible, the bar for competition is raised, and there is greater market segmentation. 2- Some advantages of technological innovation are: a wider range of products and services can be delivered to people, GDP has increased, people can communicate in every… View Article

Marketing Orientation Sample

Marketing orientation is a concept of an organization which underlines that the company`s success is mainly based on customers` satisfaction. The stress here is put on valuing consumers` needs and wants first of all. “A marketing oriented firm (also called the marketing concept, or consumer focus, or customer focus) is one that allows the wants… View Article

Proctor and Gamble

Procter & Gamble (P&G) has a lengthy history of providing a value-driven, ethical workplace culture. Product globalization created threatening issues to their success during the early 1990s. It was determined by company leadership in the mid-90s, that it was necessary to change the workplace product development model in order to remain highly competitive in the… View Article

Invention: The Hot Air Balloon

The Hot Air Balloon is the oldest successful flight technology that held people. This invention is in a class of aircraft known as: Balloon Aircraft. Pre-modern & Unmanned hot air balloons were very popular in Chinese history. It was used in the Three Kingdoms era (220–280 AD). In this time frame these pre-modern balloons were… View Article

Theoretical Framework

A theoretical framework is defined in this study as the structure of concepts which exists in the literature, a ready-made map for the study (Liehr & Smith, 2001); it provides the structure for examining a problem and serves as a guide to examine relationships between variables (Ingelse, 1997). Theoretical frameworks are important in exploratory studies,… View Article

Innovation: What is innovation strategy

According to Dictionary. com innovation strategy is a plan made by an organization to encourage advancement in technology or services, usually by investing in research and development activities. An organizations innovation strategy must align with its mission and vision statements, along with aligning with the organizations statements it must also align with outside sources strategies… View Article

Osborne-Parnes Model

The Osborn-Parnes Model is a method that helps people come up with cutting edge ideas and then to take action on those ideas. “There are many economic and technical forces that are driving an organization to be innovative” (Hughes, 2003). Encouraging innovation that solves problems is what Alex Osborn and Sidney Parnes have identified and… View Article

Innovation in Hospitality

Innovation is seen as difficult in many countries around the world, innovation strategies are not inclusive to all countries but vary in each country. To minimise the situation within these countries many firms in particular small business see innovation as a high financial commitment that may also be very risky to the business operations. The… View Article