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In public relations you must have good communication skills Essay

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (458 words)
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In public relations you must have good communication skills. Listening is essential to all communication that is successful, if your listening skills are misunderstood the message is misunderstood and the communication will break down. Powerful listening skills allows you to develop relationships that are favorable in personal and business relationships. In public relations you are taught there is an actual formula for active listening skills. The formula to follow when active listening is to question, repeat, refine, and then question again.

This is key to a good interview where you can find out the most information about someone. Using this process to your advantage will help you become more relatable with gathering information from that person.

To practice this, I spoke with my friend Zoe on September 15, 2019. Zoe and I spoke for about half an hour about our future goals and why she chooses Michigan State University. I did advise her that I was interviewing her for my Advertising class project.

We spoke about why she chose MSU and how she pays for it on her own. To practice active listening skills, I reiterated the university first and how she has to pay for it second. I specifically chose her because we have a lot in common and I still had the opportunity to learn more about her. I thought it might be interesting to choose Zoe because we have similar interests and interesting to learn where your friends are headed with their career. I noticed during my discussion, some important skills to improve my listening skills. One thing I learned was to skip the small talk. The ability to use small talk is extremely important in conversations because it can put people at ease and generate a connection with that person. Also, another important detail is to be open-minded when talking with others. Also, another quality is your non-verbal skills you give to let the speaker know you are still listening to them.

Overall, I learned from this assignment that my active listening skills needed improvement. I have learned that being able to communicate in my daily life is a very important responsibility that individuals hold. I thought of myself as a good listener before this assignment, but now by my listening skills have improved and conversations have improved. I will use this new listening formula to foster new relationships and connect with more individuals on a personal basis. I learned not just to ask a question and listen for the answer. In my future work, I would want to listen to obtain information, to listen to understand, to listen for enjoyment and listen to learn information about someone or something. Clearly, listening is a skill that can improve your productivity, and persuade, influence and avoid misunderstandings.

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