Important social issue - Woman Suffrage

Today was a good day, other than the fact of all the rage about us women in suffrage. It would be nice if we could have voting rights and get a say on what happens in the future; like, I want to have some say on who is our next leader. It could also end up bad because many women like queen Elizabeth (ednemcswegne pg.). do not agree with this They just want us to be a man’s object, or at least that’s what I think.

There were many more important social issues which would affect larger numbers of women, as opposed to the small number of middle-class women (ednemcswegne pg.).

It would also be very helpful because it would bring more justice to the American system, and it gives us the right to vote and change history (POHNPEI397 Pg.)! I think everyone should vote for us to be able to vote. My dad agrees, so why not everyone else? If we could vote, I would first vote for Warren Harding to become president.

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It would be such a pleasure to be able to vote for someone who has great honor and is a great man, everyone is saying great things about him. It would be so amazing if he got elected, and I was a person who voted for him. It would be such an honor. Then I would go off and tell all my friends who I voted for, and why it was so exciting. I would tell them every second of what happened, all the excitement, and what was going through my mind.

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I am so excited to go to the voting booth and put in my slip and see who win and know that I was a part of it. I cannot wait till the day that comes true, if it ever will.

Tomorrow I am going to go and meet Susan B. Anthony. I am so excited to finally meet the woman who illegally voted for a president, who illegally votes for a president I mean isn’t that absurd. I feel like it was a historic event; what she did changed the course of history. If I could have done something so spectacular, I would have done it like Susan B. Anthony. Susan B. Anthony is my idol. I look up to her, and I want to be just like her. If I could do something like her, I would join the army and be the first woman to fight in the army weather its illegal or not. I want to stop people from thinking women are week and are only meant for children and home chores. I want to be the first women in the army, and fight by the men and help our country. I know it would make a riot, but it would help in the future of our country. It would give women more rights. I just want to help our country and not be a stay at home mom like all the other women in the world.

I am so excited for tomorrow and everything that is going to happen to our country. This is going to be a revival. it is going to change this country forever. I cannot wait for the right to vote. I will wait till I am one-hundred, and I will still be hoping for it to happen sometime. In a month or sooner, they will vote if women should vote or not. I am hoping and praying that I will be free of this prison, not being able to have a say on what is going on.

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