Women’s suffrage and Progressivism

Woman’s suffrage: A movement to give women the right to vote through a constitutional amendment lead by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s national Women’s suffrage. Taylorism: A labor system based on detailed study of work tasks, championed by Fredrick Winslow Taylor, intended to maximize efficiency and profits for employers.

Progressive Income tax: the term refers to the way the tax rate progresses from low to high 16th amendment: Congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without appointment among the several states and without a regard to any census.

However, soon after the tax became a law, in Pollock v. Farmers Loan Company, declared it unconstitutional, claiming that only states could levy income taxes.

Square Deal and the three C’s:

TR applauded the growth of industrial capitalism but declared war on the “wealthy criminal class” and its corruption and cronyism, or the awarding of political appointments, government contracts, and other favors to politicians’ personal friends.

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He endorsed this deal which states greater control of corporations, enhanced conservation of natural resources, and new regulations to protect users against contaminated food and medications.

How did Roosevelt curb the trusts? Specifically, how did he protect the public good, and which Titan of industry did he go against? He earned the name as a trust buster through his promise to deal with the “grave evils” resulting from huge corporations exercising dominance over other industries. Early in 1902, the president shocked the business community by ordering his attorney general to break up the Northern Securities Company, organized by J.

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P. Morgan. In 1904, the Supreme Court would rule in a 5-4 decision that this company was indeed a Monopoly, and it must be dismantled.

Under ‘Progressive Regulation’, to what types of business did the Square Deal bring oversight? How did the book “The Jungle” affect this? During this time, the Progressive regulation pushed for more regulated businesses and industries that protected workers and consumers. To “promote the moral regeneration of businesses,” Roosevelt first took aim at the railroads. In 1906, he persuaded Congress to pass the Hepburn Act, which gave the federal Interstate Commerce Commission the power to set maximum freight rates for railroad industries. Along with this the most powerful blow was against these abuses were struck by Upton Sinclair’s novel The Jungle, which involved the story of a Lithuanian immigrant working in a filthy Chicago meat packing plant.

In Environmental Conservation, name three things that the Square Deal did to preserve our natural resource. Roosevelt appointed his friend Gifford Pinchot, the nation’s first professionally trained forest manager, as head of the Department of Agriculture’s Division of Forestry. Both Roosevelt and Pinchot used the Forest Reserve Act to protect 172 million acres of federally owned forests from loggers. Lastly Roosevelt set aside more than 234 million acres of federal land for conservation purposes and created 45 national forests in 11 states.

Briefly describe the Race Riots in Brownsville, TX in 1906 (p. 964-5). What was Roosevelt’s reaction? A dozen or so African Americans shot white people who were then harassing them outside the saloon. Roosevelt dishonorably discharged the whole regiment of 167 because no one cooperated or was willing to talk. At the time critics flooded the Whitehouse with angry telegrams as a result of their anger. It evidently took 60 years for the U.S. Army to clear their records.

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