Importance Of Waste Management in Philippines

Garbages is everywhere, aside from the fact that in our modern economy more disposable materials are develop and produce by different businesses. This is one of the problems that facing by our country. By this time we are all aware by the fact that in our modern time where nothing is free except from the pollute air that we breathe; with this problem we are the one who can blame because as a person our responsibility is to taking good care of our environment or even our surroundings, but as we can see most of us are not knowledgeable on how to handle this kind of problem, on how to maintain cleanliness and orderliness of our community especially the segregation of garbages and the proper disposal of it.

There are cities in the Philippines that are applauded because of their solid waste management systems executed. Therefore, if the management of solid waste is not properly manage, it will give an effect for the health and safety issues (DailyNation Report, 2004).

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With this topic, the waste management focus on how to organize and manage waste disposal, collection and recycling facilities.

The improper disposal of waste can bring us such problems in our health, community or even to our lives like during the rainy season, some places are easily targeted by floods because some of our solid waste materials will be clogged in our drainage canals and by this problem different diseases can easily to occur. Solid waste management that is not efficient will lead to negative impacts to theenvironment, such as environmental pollution, soil and water, and power generation from gas landfill.

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Solid waste management is one of activity where community participation is key to success.


This research study will be undertaking to find out what is the condition of waste management in Sto.Rosario, Sta.Rosa, Nueva Ecija. The profile of the respondents contains gender, age and status.

Because there is no garbage collector in their community the alternative way they do to lessen their garbages is by means of burning it. Burning garbages is one of the reasons why the air is being polluted because it produced harmful gases that affect the ozone layer together with the air we breathe.

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Importance Of Waste Management in Philippines

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