In the following assignment I am going to describe the value of formal and informal performance assessments within ***** and identify ways that will ensure that it is a fair and objective process. Following this I will highlight the factors that influence how people behave in the workplace, and how I would apply a recognised theory of motivation to my team, to improve their performance. I will explain why feedback is important to improve communication and the performance in my team and compare the effectiveness of different types of feedback used in the workplace.

Performance Assessment

Performance Management is a continuous process that involves informal and formal reviews as required. As Plachy and Plachy explained ‘Performance review occurs whenever a manager and an employee confirm, adjust, or correct their understanding of work performance during routine work contacts.1’ this is the best way to manage performance. The objective of a performance review is to improve the performance of the individual which will in turn improve the performance of the company.

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Performance reviews are very effective to both individual and the organisation. It can identify an individual’s strengths and areas of development and indicate how their strengths can be used within the company and how to overcome the individual’s weaknesses.

This can also improve communications by giving staff the opportunity to talk and their ideas and expectations and how well they think they are progressing. Currently *****is going through a lot of procedural changes. There are no formal systems for appraisals currently with ****** but they are looking at introducing and implementing Formal Performance and Appraisal Reviews.

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When implemented each employee will have an appraisal three times within a 12 month period. This will be with a member of HR and the employee’s line manager.

Currently we have very little is the way of formal appraisals, It is important to have formal appraisals annually once introduced as it shows the employee what their strengths and weaknesses are, in finding this we can then turn the weaknesses into their strengths enable the management team to improve the team and KPI’s. This said personally as a Team Lead I do try to have regular informal appraisals with my Team Members. This is beneficial to them and also to myself as it gives the opportunity to identify and deal with issues which they may have.

We can agree and set new objectives which can be achieved or even exceeded. On each informal appraisal I make point of recognising the achievements which were made during the last period, by doing this I feel that the team member knows the work that has been done is appreciated and good work is always noted. This will create motivation and they will want to develop and achieve more. Performance appraisals should be based on trust and mutual respect. An appraisal works best when the team lead and employee know each other and there is mutual respect between the two.

Team Motivation

There are many different factors which influence how people behave at work and it can depend on the type of work that they do. The environment that people work in is very influential of how people behave at work as they are going to feel a lot better if the environment that they work in is nice and if they like it. If people are not going to get along with one another at work then they are not going to be happy when they are working, therefore they may not perform to the best of their ability and may struggle to meet the demands that ***** has in place.

If you have happy workers, then you are going to have a successful organisation. It may be that the employees are not happy with certain factors and motions that are in place at the work place and therefore they are not going to feel passionate about what they are doing and therefore will be less productive. If I was to apply one recognised theory to my team I would choose Job enrichment. The focuses of job enrichment is giving people more control over their work and where possible, allow them to take on tasks that are typically done by supervisors. This means that they have more influence over planning, executing, and evaluating the jobs they do. I would do this by rotating roles on a periodic basis, this will give employees the opportunity to use and gain a variety of skills. I would move employees through different types of jobs that allow them to see different parts *****.

This would enable them to learn what different areas in the company do and how each task affects their own work. I believe by doing this it will also increase communication among teams which will in time break down the current silo effect we currently have within ******. ‘Treat people the way they are and they will stay that way. Treat people the way they can become and they will become that way. 2’ - Johann Wolfgang Communication in the workplace

Communication skills are important because the way we interact with employees affects how well employees receive the feedback given. A supervisor who can communicate work directives and employee feedback clearly, in a manner that motivates employees instead of alienating them is a more effective leader. Feedback is a main part of the communication process.

We may misunderstand the receiver and therefore not fully understand the task or information that has been given, if we did not have some type of feedback from the other party we may never know whether what was done was correct and was completed in the way intended. As a Team leader, part of my role is to give feedback. Feedback is important to individuals and teams. They want to know what they are doing well and where they need to develop. Positive feedback

When giving positive feedback full recognition and credit should be given to let employees know that the Team Leader appreciates them. Positive feedback on good performance is a strong motivator, employees are more likely to accept and respond to constructive criticism. When an individual takes pride in their work they need to be recognised and told that they are performing well. This is effective as the employee will want to work harder as they feel they are recognised and appreciated and will want to progress. Negative/Corrective Feedback

Corrective Feedback is used to highlight what has been done wrong and indicates where the employee needs to spend their effort, This offers an insight into where and how the individual can improve. When receiving negative feedback the employee tends to remember the bad points and ignore the good this can demotivate them and make them feel insufficient. That said Corrective feedback can give the individual the information they need to correct this and take their performance to the next level.


To Conclude I have described the value of formal and informal performance assessments within *******.I explained the value of each and identified ways that will ensure that it is a fair and objective process. Following this I highlighted the factors that influence how people behave in the workplace, and how I apply a recognised theory of motivation to my team to improve their performance. I have explained why feedback is important to improve communication and the performance in my team and compared the effectiveness of different types of feedback used in the workplace.


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  2. Title - Faust Author - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1749-1832
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