Ideal Spouse: Dream Woman

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The ideal spouse might be evasive for lots of people. Maybe they do not know what they're searching for, perhaps they don't know how to discover the ideal person, or maybe the perfect individual is just not in their environment. Nevertheless, if an individual knows what one wants, then the perfect partner may not only remain a dream, but materialize into reality. For me, there are various ideas about what a dream lady would be. Although numerous men may say they would like a wife to kind, beautiful and tough working, the ideas about what it indicates to find this in a lady might not be the very same for each male.

A much deeper check out the concept of the dream woman from my own perspective might shed light on the distinct desires of one man in the look for the right mate. In my opinion, a dream woman would make me feel just like that, as if I remained in a dream.

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She would level all of the rough areas in my life and make me feel as if I was floating in a sea of relaxation and satisfaction. Just the method that she looked or behaved would set my heart on fire and beat a rhythm of calming music through my life. It would never ever be that I got tired of her or even wanted her to be away from me for a moment.

Even though there might be circumstances and times when we could not be together, I would yearn to be back in her existence.

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The ideal partner would be a woman who would never let me down and rather have caring, patience and love for me, every moment of every day. Qualities of my dream woman would include her being kind, beautiful, and hard working, and, for me, this means that she would always be open and communicative, she would be thin and look after herself in healthy ways, and she would enjoy to look after our house and kids.

Her generosity would be warm and welcoming, like a tender smile or laugh or a gentle touch, her appeal would radiate naturally from within and burst like sunlight to everybody around her, and her hard work would be focused on caring for me, our home, and our household, providing adequate quality energy and time to cleansing, cooking, and taking care of me and our kids. In contrast to other men, the qualities of my dream female are special to me. I would not like a wife who was superficial and only cared about things, who was only kind to herself and not to others, who consumed about the next costly cars and truck or vacation.

It would also be sad to be married to someone who wore shiny clothes, high heels, makeup, or even fake breasts. The perfect woman, in my eyes, would embrace and radiate her own natural beauty, have long hair, wear simple necklaces of shells and wood, and dance around in sandals. Her tan would be natural from playing in the sun and not bought from a tanning salon or a tube of tanning cream. My woman would love cleaning our home and cooking for her family.

She would kiss me before I walked out of the door every day and greet me when I came home, and the love and caring that she’d offer our children would be limitless. As far as romance is concerned, my ideal spouse would love to hold me, kiss me, caress me, have sex with me. She would offer no limit to the amount of tender passion we would share. Every morning and every night in bed together, we would lie side by side and say hello or goodbye to our days with loving touches and words. Just like in dancing, I would take the lead and show her the way toward perfect love making and ecstatic bliss.

She would follow my moves and work along with me in find the best rhythm to our romance and our united life. In speaking to others about our marriage, I would always smile and say that we are nothing less than satisfied, and believe it heart and soul. Finding the perfect soul mate may not be easy, and the idea of what it means for a spouse to be ideal may be different from person to person, however, finding that very special someone or working hard to make a relationship very special and intimate is the foundation of true happiness for many people.

There is no joy in a life without love, and romantic love is at the heart of joy. Families wouldn’t survive without the self giving passion of all of the members, and the tender care between husband and wife is surely something to treasure. The pursuit of health and happiness is something we all crave, and finding it in the eyes of the other half is like the shine of bliss.

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Ideal Spouse: Dream Woman
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