Ideal person

An ideal person is is that man or woman who can easily deliver his or her thoughts and ideas in a perfect manner.Actually an ideal person possesses iron determination and is a moral giant in the true sense of the term.The qualities he/ she possesses are truthfulness, honesty, love for his fellowmen, taking oath not to hurt others, not to pain anyone’s soul and try to bow before the worthy and be a balm for the bruised hearts.

If all such qualities are manifested the salt of the earth is born. Can my dream be fructified? May be, I know it for certain that in the modern society most of the people are morally corrupt.

If my ideal person emerges somehow from the rotten system he/she may be the pathfinder of those fallen souls leading them towards the dream destination.At that very time our beautiful planet may get rid of the blemishes. It is quite evident that man or woman with lofty ideals are not at hand but still there are people who can earn our reverence through their honesty and virtues.

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If they were not present in the society the Sun never blazed the Moon never glared.In the desert of corrupt populace they are nothing but the oasis,yet we know they are there with their gorgeous presence amid us.

How to be an ideal person

Always keep smiling. That does not mean to laugh for no reason, but it means to remain composed and confident Be as thankful as you can in your life.

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Of course, not all circumstances in life will be a happy one, but keeping your glace upward will improve your window of the world. Remain as truthful as possible. Avoid being pretentious and fake Stay calm and collected. Whenever someone provokes you, try not to explode. Rather than adding fuel to the fire, perhaps ask what is going on. If they do not want to answer, then just remain in the sidelines. Try not to expect things. Instead, why don’t you try lowering the bar of your expectations.

If you expect the best, you have to give your best. Keep your mind on the goal, but have temperance and patience. If you want something, you have to work for it. Obtaining things in life can be easy, but most of the time it is difficult. So do not give up! Respect your elders, not only the ones you know but also the ones whomyou do not know. Meet them cheerfully and happily. Live life with enthusiasm and perseverance. We all have the same time on earth, so rather than looking down upon a situation or your life, change it so that you can be happier. Things will roll slowly, but with dedication, faith, hope, and love, you can turn things around or make your life far better than it is now. Love yourself in a sense that look upon the ones who are lower to you in wealth and in matters of greatness and good virtue look upon the ones who are higher than you in it.

The Ideal Person In Society

The Ideal person is one of several teachings that Confucius taught. Confucius believed that the ideal person would become an excellent leader and nurture and harmonious society. Confucius believed that both an ideal person and a harmonious society complemented each other. He believed that the ideal person could keep society in tune and a in tune society could produce ideal people. In Confucius eyes everyone has the capability of achieving this level. This was different than the Daoism belief that one can only achieve this level only through isolation.

Confucius believed that in order for harmony to exist in society everyone had a role to play (MOLLOY). He placed these roles into the five great relationships. The first was Father-son relationship, which Confucius considers to be the core of the foundation of Society. Second, was Elder brother-Younger brother relationship, the elder brother had a responsibility on raising his/her younger siblings. The third responsibility was husband and wife, which meant that they must care for one another. The fourth responsibility was Elder-younger, which meant the Elder person had a responsibility on lending a hand to the younger generation. Finally the fifth responsibility was ruler-subject, which meant the rulers were presented as a father figure to all.

Just as social harmony comes from the living out of the Five Great Relationships, so personal excellence comes from the manifestation of five virtues. The first of these virtues is ren. The Chinese definition of ren is to think of others. Western translation would use the words of sympathy, empathy, kindness and benevolence are just a few. The Second virtue is Li, which is defined as doing what is appropriate. Confucius believed that the ideal person should act a certain why in social situation. This includes all mannerism speech, dress and the way you carry yourself. The third virtue is Shu which translate to “reciprocity.

According to the Merrian-Webster dictionary reciprocity is define as a situation or relationship in which two people or groups agree to do something similar for each other, to allow each other to have the same rights (Merrian-webster dictionary online, 2014). Confucius believed that one should view his/her action on how the other person would encounter the outcome. The fourth virtue is Xiao (hsiao), which is translated “filial piety (devotion of offspring to parents). This is where the kids not only honor their parents, but also the remembrance of their ancestors is just as important. The fifth virtue is Wen, which translate to “culture”. It was Confucius belief that all men should not only be educated but have knowledge of the arts.

Confucius ideal person would differ from the western man of today. Confucius felt the ideal person should have sincerity in everything that he or she does. Confucius did not mean for his ideal person to do things from the heart. Confucius meaning of sincerity is to do things that best benefited society. This is where the western man has struggle since the birth of this nation. Things are not done to benefit society but to benefit ones wealth. In all Confucius ideal person would bring harmony and nurture a good society. .

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