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“I Want a Wife” By Judy Brady Essay

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (521 words)
Downloads: 45
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Judy Brady is an independent writer, writing topics mainly connecting to the roles of ladies in society. Judy composed the piece I Desired an Other half right after the second wave of the feminist movement in the United States. The function of the movement was to can vote and have the same equivalent rights as male residents. Judy’s essay appeared in MS. Publication in 1971. She used feminist humor to convince her readers to look objectively at a male’s expectations of what an other half is and must be.

Brady’s intended audience was females and males of that time period. Not only does she compose to married couples, however individuals in basic. I believe she is attempting to go out to the public that these stereotypes of functions for ladies are wrong and should end!

Judy writes in her article about the many demands of being a partner. According to Judy, a partner is also a worker, housewife, mother, provider, and a sexual partner.

She stresses that the roles of women are unfair to the functions of guys. And she illustrates this by telling you all the functions. I desire a spouse who will prepare, tidy, look after the children, and my sexual requirements all while attending to our household so I can selfishly pursue my dreams (442 ). She is stirring up feelings for the reader in hopes that this will encourage you to take action. She is clearly telling women to stop and think of their life. You do not have to act this way, it plainly isn’t fair and needs to stop!

Cespedes2 Judy wants individuals to snap and decide; I think those are her objectives when composing such an emotional piece. Her argument is clear and to the point. She utilizes the quote “I belong to the classification of people referred to as better halves. I am a better half, not entirely by the way I am a mom” (441 ). She utilizes this to reveal readers that she is creditable and has understanding in this topic. She is an activist and has experience in knowing the functions herself which create a strong piece for her argument. I believe she is likewise informing women, its all right to be a better half, but have a look at your life and make sure your spouse isn’t demanding and expecting excessive from you as his wife.

She ends her argument with a very emotional statement “My god, who wouldn’t want a wife” (443). The article is really inspiring and gets you thinking. Women have so many roles and are overlooked in so many ways, or just expected to do act this way because of society. I am very thankful for Judy Brady being such a strong activist for us. I am also a wife and mother and it’s great to be living in a time where I am seen equally in our relationship. There are no gender related roles in our marriage; we chip in equally where it is needed. So for me Judy’s simple words are extremely effective in changing many opinions of what a wife should be.

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