“I Have a Dream” by Martin Luther King Essay

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“I Have a Dream” by Martin Luther King

The effect of repetition of words and phrases on the main messages contained I have a dream is an inspirational speech delivered by Martin Luther king to emphasizeover the critical situation of negroes, who are still living in the dark age. Whereas he examinesthat how the blacks are suffering in the crucial situation, to convey the true feelings of AfricanAmericans. This is an argumentative and persuasive appeal to the readers in order to makethem aware about the duality that is among the blacks and whites; they are not treated equallyin America. The speech of the king become noticeable and effective to the readers because ofthe continuous use of repetition of words that is also the strategy of the king to give the nationa wakeup call to take a step towards Negroes for their welfare. The speech also leaves thetremendous effect on the minds of people. Although the speech was more effective when theking first delivered it in 1963.

Hence, the whole speech contains several examples of repetition of words like onehundred year later, we must face the tragic fact that the Negro is still not free. One hundredyears later, the life of the negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and thechains of discrimination. These lines describes the present unbearable condition of thenegroes that they are still grabbed in the terrible situation and they have a desire to get rid ofthis poverty and sadness which is not easy for them to tolerate. And they want to acquire theirown peaceful land where they get the equal rights and which should be free of all bounding andrestrictions. Coming up with the other repetition that is now is the time to in the last lines ofthe fourth paragraph he uses these words several times, where he strongly addresses that this isthe time to help yourself by making yourself independent like a rock and say goodbye to thedark side of life and by throwing away this separation and inequality because every humanbeing is equal in the eye of God.

Furthermore, he also emphasize over the satisfaction of Negro by repeating the words wecan never be satisfied as long as on behalf of them. The Negroes are being the victims ofbrutality and at every step they are treated like animals that did not do anything without thepermission of their masters. Perhaps Blacks are not supposed to enter in the hotels and placeswhere the whites live and their vote even do not matter in any elections. These are thedepressing things for them and they will never be satisfied until they get justice and a completefreedom.

King sounds recommending the nation in the words go back to with these words healso took the names of those areas where black lives. He recommends looking forward theseblacks communities, then you come to know that the situation of blacks can be changed and itwill be changed. Instead, he is provoking those blacks that have lost their hope to live withtheir own identity and he also tells the blacks in a didactic way that they should leave thevalley of social outcast. Another repetition of word is I have a dream that begin from 10paragraph to 18 paragraph.

Which indicates king emotional appeal towards the black that howimportant is freedom for them, their desire to be treated fairly not by ignorance and hatred,desire of holding the hands of whites to walk and live their lives together, the dream of havingjustice and the dream not to judge by their skin color but by their heart and character. Theydont want any separate nation for them but a nation, which is united and with equalopportunities as with the other white Americans. They want to destroy this inferiority amongthem, they want to low down all those hills and mountains where a person feel himself superiorto others and this is not only the dream of blacks but of America.

Elaborating the other example with this faith we will be able to indicates that by this faithwe will definitely be able to come across the feelings of brotherhood and love for each other,and by this faith we will do every work of our routine life together. The word together willcome in our lives and with this togetherness we will understand the meanings of life that isgifted by God to us. By the help of the following words let freedom ring from the king tellsthat every state, valley and city will sing the song of freedom, love, prosperity, brotherhoodand justice. And we need to struggle for the day when we would say finally that we our free.

In a nutshell the kings style in the whole essay is very effective and appealing. Therepetition of words and phrases used in this essay are very powerful which directly effect theheart of reader and make them realize that this is the time to do something for the negroes andnot be late now.

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