I am proud of what I stopped bullying

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Certain things happen in your life that you never forget; sometimes they’re happy moments, other times sad moments and sometimes they’re even powerful moments like when it’s your turn to be bullied. I’ve always thought that when your friends or you get bullied, by ignoring the bully would make them leave you alone but I realized it just makes things worse.

It was 3rd grade in Elementary School, a year that I realized something important. So far Elementary School was going great for me, I got good grades and had amazing friends who I enjoyed hanging out with.

That year ended up being the year I witnessed my friend get bullied, it wasn’t physical more verbal. People were saying things that weren’t true but hurt because it was my friend. Only because my friend didn’t do another girls homework. That ‘same girl’ was trying to get our classmates to turn against my friend. My friend never stood up for herself, she just took everything in and ignored the bully.

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As the year went on the same things continued happening. This situation was brought into the New Year. I thought to myself “This is a new year, people shouldn’t be bullying others to do their homework when they should be doing it themselves. This has to stop because bullying ruins people’s lives but more importantly it’s starting to ruin my friend’s life.” When we came back from Winter Break, I decided to finally stop witnessing this bullying happen and do something to stop it.

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I said to ‘the girl’, making others do your homework will lead you to nowhere in life, do your own homework and stop making others do it.” We went back and forth in this argument and, finally she realized what she was doing, how bad it was and she apologized to everyone but most importantly my friend. After that, things started to settle, it was calmer and everyone was getting along.

From that year, I told myself that “If I see anyone getting bullied that’s my acquaintance, friend or anyone I would try and do something to stop it. This situation has made me proud because imagine if you were in that situation, you would want someone to help or stop this problem. Bullying ruins people’s lives, and makes them believe that the things what the bully or people around are saying are true even though they aren’t. This situation showed me how much power anyone has to stop bullying. I am so proud of what I stopped at a young age and believed in what I thought was right. Which is why this story was one of the many things that I am proud about in my life.

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I am proud of what I stopped bullying

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