Why We Should Stop Judging People By Their Appearance

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A lot of the time, people are noticed for how they look. A problem with this is that looks are only skin deep. We judge people for how they look at our first glance, before we even get to know them properly. This is even shown in real world situations like employment. Attractive women and men are actually proven to get jobs easier. Usually, the average callback rate is around 30% across all of the CVs that are received by a company.

For attractive women, it is 54% and for unattractive women there is average of only a 7% callback rate. Discrimination like this is so dumb. “Unattractive” people are disadvantaged even with trying to get a job, not because of a lack of skill but just for the way they naturally look.

Models. They are stunning. The ultimate human beings. Why should we have to change the way they look? Models are regarded as some of the most beautiful people in the world, yet we still alter their looks to create a more ideal image.

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By photoshopping models, humans have one upped the idea of ‘Perfect” one more time. A full 91% of adults are unhappy with their bodies, maybe this is because what is shown to them in media as “beautiful” or “handsome” is just too unrealistic? Even to start with, models are above average in the looks area which already makes it hard enough for the average males and females to accept the way they look. If we as a population were able to accept imperfections, I can guarantee that everyone would be a lot happier.

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As a child it is your responsibility to have the time of your life. Get dirty. Get hurt. But these days children are put under pressure to be beautiful. As older people, we are so obsessed with how kids look, especially attractive children. As an example of this I will use 5 year old Jare from Nigeria. Despite her age, she has been dubbed the most beautiful girl in the world. This may be “big news” that is exciting, but what people might not see is that Jare will now live a life revolving around beauty. People will not care about her personality or who she is, only about the way she looks. Even at her youthful age of 5, Jare might not have to opportunity to be treated like a normal child because of how she is viewed by society. Is this unfair? For media to possibly rip away the most enjoyable part of her life. To look at forcing beauty upon children from another perspective, I found that children can have body image issues from the age of 3. As these children grow older, they can suffer from illnesses such as depression and anorexia all because of society forcing beauty on them from such a young age. This should NOT be happening in our developed world.

The expectations that we as people have for beauty are taking over the way we are able to live our lives. Our number 1 priority should be the happiness of others around us, not all about how they look.

Updated: Feb 14, 2024
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