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Hunting is Bad

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (351 words)
Categories: Hunting Animals, Hunting Should Be Banned
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Discussion why hunting is a cruel sport.

A hunter walks through the woods, stalking an unsuspecting deer…Bang! The deer is dead. The hunter walks away feeling good about himself, and happy that he got a deer. Some people think this is wrong. They think that you should not kill animals for sport. It is important that hunting does not become extinct. A good reason for hunting is for food. Many people who hunt can not afford to buy food at the market.

Sometimes in order to get food you have to go out and use your own brain and bring home dinner the old fashioned way. People say this is cruel, however God put animals on this earth for a reason and to provide food is the reason. So, some people need to hunt for food. Another reason is for sport. This may seem like a petty reason, but it is not. People play sports all the time, football and basketball.

Sports are a very important part of life. Hunting is a hobby, that needs to exist. People get killed in sports such as football and rugby, just animals get killed in hunting. Animals, they do not think on the same level, so why is it such a big deal? Hunting is just a sport for a different class of people. You may ask why do we need to kill animals. A major reason is for the balance of animals. If you have to many deer in a population, all the plants would be eaten. Leaving mice nothing to eat. When mice die owls die that rely on them for food. So you see when you kill a mouse you are just balancing the food chain. It is important not to have to many of one animal. Maybe now you will think twice before you insult a hunter for killing an animal. Hunting is a way of life. Hunting helps humans, and animals. It is important that people are allowed to continue hunting. It is imperative to keep this sport alive. If not then all of us will suffer the consequences.

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