How to Write an Opinion Essay for College Students?

Writing essays is one of the most prevalent kinds of academic work. There are numerous kinds of essays that you can find in the net, but sometimes professors invent new forms of essays. However, this article is dedicated to the opinion essay.

One more essay assignment that plunges you into frustration. Opinion form is still an essay – the most liberal academic work – but with obvious restriction. So before starting to create it, you need to know how to do it.

What is an Opinion Essay?

Opinion essay wants you to discuss and in a greater degree to support one single opinion.

It may be your own opinion as well as an opinion you disagree with. However, the point is to support it. You do not need to compare, to contrast, to dispute this opinion – only developing of its main idea.

You need to concentrate only on pros of this opinion. All your attention is directed on it. It looks like cultivating the opinion you need to stick to, but this is the task.

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Rumors are afloat that every writing assignment in college has some sense! But be quiet about it. And simply improve your skills by carrying out these tasks.

Writing Tips for an Opinion Essay

You clarified what opinion essay wants from you. Now it`s time to clarify how to create it in the most appropriate way. Structure of this text is similar to the free five-paragraph essay`s one with three immutable parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. Let`s look through all the important information regarding writing an opinion essay.

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How to Write an Introduction for an Opinion Essay

The introduction part habitually consists only of one short paragraph, which acquaints your reader with what is going to happen in the next four paragraphs. Here you briefly describe the essence of your topic. You may include some details that would serve as a sort of announce for your text.

Do not run mad after writing absolutely everything – for this purpose you have a body part. Make it short and informative. This part makes it clear for the reader how to navigate through your thoughts. It is very uncomfortable to juxtapose your thoughts after reading and not vice versa.

How introduction for the opinion essay at least in some way differs from the other introduction? The main attention here is paid to the thesis statement. Without strong and clear thesis statement that is disposed in the introduction part, the ‘opinion’ of your essay loses the sense.

How to Write a Thesis Statement for an Opinion Essay

Creating correct thesis statement is a crucial moment in writing an opinion essay. It reflects this opinion. Throughout the entire essay, you should adhere to this statement. To make it properly, think about your topic and pick out the key aspects of it.

As this is the reflection of the opinion you need to support, state it clearly and unambiguously. It serves as the sense of the assignment; it helps you to develop it qualitatively and not to backslide from the point focusing on the thesis; and in fine it helps the reader understand that you are coherent.

So that is why pay the most attention to it while starting writing. Thank God it is at the very beginning of the text. And one more important advice: place it at the end of the introduction to facilitate the perception of the reader and to amplify its effect. When it is a kind of summary of the introduction, the reader would easier follow it.

Main Parts of an Opinion Essay

Main parts are three paragraphs called the body of the essay. Here are common peculiarities for the body. But remember that you do not need to provide any arguments cons, any comparison and any contrast – only support of the thesis.

Hereby you devote all your efforts to the developing of the thesis. Yes, during whole three paragraphs. That is why you cannot just rely on your intuition but should study the topic through the length and breadth. Only this way you will complete this task.

Each paragraph here should describe one single reason why you support this opinion. It is easy to distract but focus on your argument. And what you are telling there should be weighty and authoritative.

And as there is only support for a single idea you need to provide strong argumentation. Use authoritative sources as recognized literature, refer to the experts of the field and be convincing and confident in your thought in order to make reader trust your words.

How to Write a Conclusion to an Opinion Essay

This part definitely has no distinction from the other essays` conclusions. Summarize all you said in previous parts. State your thesis again and show how it was developed giving the examples from your body paragraphs. This part implies reiteration so do not be afraid of it.

Reassure that you summed all up clearly and did not neglect something important. If introduction announces all the thoughts but does not reveal it to the bitter end, your conclusion does it. Conclusion is the resume of your text.

Opinion Essay Outline

Creating an outline for the opinion essay is not obligatory but useful and recommended. If you made it before writing, it would help to simpler follow your own ideas and to make your essay more holistic and logically coherent.

The outline for the opinion essay should look like this:

  • Introduction

Acquaintance with the topic, main information needed to comprehend it clearly. A brief description of the details. Making a thesis statement.

  • Body

First paragraph. Argument that develops opinion from the one side or reason.

Second paragraph. Argument that develops opinion from the other side or reason.

Third paragraph. Argument that develops opining from one more side or reason.

Note: each paragraph should avoid common words and thoughts and should use specific arguments that show your knowledge of the field.

  • Conclusion

Summing up all aforesaid; restating the thesis; definition of the main thoughts that develop this thesis.


You may find plenty of examples of the opinion essays but the most useful information given without the examples. Now you have tips how to write each paragraph of the essay specifically, you have the structure of the outline what means the structure of the essay. And what is the most important, now you know what opinion essay is and what you are asked to do. A clear understanding of the task is the halfway to the success.

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