How to Fix the Problem of Overpopulation

The purpose of human life could be to reproduce just like any other species. Reproduction should be a choice. Having kids may lead to their suffering in an overpopulated world. Having kids can lead to happy families. Should preserving the world and wellbeing of society be monitored through population control? Is having kids selfish? Do humans do good things to fix problems like overpopulation? Limiting the population may not work. Limiting the population may allow for the species to exist for a longer amount of time thereby allowing for more people to walk the earth.

Humans don't necessarily have an obligation to anyone but themselves. It is a right to reproduce and have kids and continue to grow the population. Humans destroy rights of animals and may take away value to other species lives. How can humans live a life that equally returns everything it takes (food/animals/land). Should society even exist?

The law may favor this question. Religion may not because religion is focused on humans.

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Societal tendencies can change based on the generation. Reproduction could be selfish for the sake of one couple's values. When answering the question "should the population be limited?” I believe there are two focal points that should be evaluated. One of these focal points should consider the human freedom or right to reproduce and have children. The other focal point she consider the consequences of limiting a human population. These focal points can determine a solution based on the strength and priority that is given to one or the other.

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The first focal point can be misinterpreted through pseudo ethical lenses such as the law, religion, and society. Each standard can provide a different interpretation of a person's control over reproduction. Some individuals can not reproduce, some can.

A perspective that views reproduction as a natural right that should be exhibited if possible, would likely agree that couples should be allowed to decide to reproduce if they would like. However, even if someone believes that humans have a right to reproduce, they may think that natural right should be deprioritized in favor of the second focal point. The other focal point can be interpreted as the least egocentric if it results in the prioritization of a world and population over an individual. Nevertheless this resolution can be seen as egocentric. In the process of limiting the human population, a person may believe that their natural right to reproduce is taken away from them. Thereby favoring of another person's ideology to limit the population. One problem here is the competing ideologies that view equality through different lenses. One person may believe that equality and fairness should be determined by a person's ability to access their freedoms, while another person may believe that the result of allowing humans to access their freedoms is reckless and unfair to other people or species.

Updated: Sep 11, 2022
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