How The Two Elements Of Solow Model Promote Economic Growth Economics Essay?

There are a figure of bookmans who have developed theories to construe or explicate economic growing, and one of them is Robert Solow, who won Nobel Prize in economic sciences for theory in economic growing. He has found theory which is called Solow Growth Model to construe economic growing. Harmonizing to Solow Growth Model, there are four elements which contribute to economic growing, and those elements are capital, salvaging, population, every bit good as engineering. However, my group is traveling to research lone capital and economy.

The term, Capital is viewed as the machinery and resource in manus ballad within the boundary line of a state. In the epoch of globalisation, state with plentifulness of capital is an aim for the investors in the universe of fabrication and sold. Therefore, capital plays a polar function in speed uping economic growing. Based on Robert Solow and Trevor Swan in the 1950s, investing in capital with comparatively to the bing labour will take to an addition in productiveness and productiveness boost the growing ( Growth, n.

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d. ) . Trying to pattern long tally growing, states use their resources expeditiously and that there are decreasing returns to capital and labour. This gives a opportunity for hapless states with less capital per individual to turn quicker as each investing in capital will bring forth a higher return than rich states with sufficient capital. Despite this premise state with adequate capital will necessitate to research more in engineering to maintain their economic growing. For case, in the yesteryear, husbandmans in Cambodia normally used conventional tools for agriculture, but today, the husbandmans use machinery for farming such as tractors and other machineries.

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By making so, husbandmans can increase productiveness, so they can bring forth more than earlier. Harmonizing to Economics @ ANZ, rice has been grown by approximately 80 % since 1995, and agricultural merchandises contribute to Cambodia & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s GDP 31 % ( Joiner, 2006 ) . Therefore, Cambodia GDP growing consequences from addition of agricultural merchandises because of capital.

Beside capital, increasing in salvaging in a domestic degree will impact economic growing, as they are comparatively mutualist. As holding been mentioned above, the growing of capital with combination of engineering will bring forth more goods and services and so higher the capacity of economic system. Solow growing theoretical account theory shows the relation of salvaging every bit good as economic growing. Harmonizing Solow theory, high salvaging rate leads to high investing so that there will be economic growing ( Mohan, 2006 ) . For illustration, Singapore has had domestic economy in mean about 50 % , and the high economy push Singapore to turn significantly ( Mohan, 2006 ) .

International Political Economy

In International Political Economy, there are three important theories which consist of Mercantilism, Maxims, and Economic liberalism. Among these three theories, Economic liberalism, which has a position of positive amount game in international trade, has been used in current universe economic system because of free trade construct, which was created by Adam Smith and David Ricardo. By following free trade construct, many states have been sing economic growing significantly because free trade can heighten trade, foreign direct investing ( FDI ) , and specialisation every bit good as productiveness.

In Economic Liberalism, there are a figure of bookmans ; Adam Smith is one of the bookmans of the theory. Adam Smith has a position that there is positive sum game in international trade ; it means that all provinces and people can be better off through trade with one another with construct of absolute advantage. For absolute advantage, two provinces do merchandise with each other when each province can bring forth a merchandise in lower cost than the other. Beside this, he is besides the male parent of free trade construct. He believes that all provinces and people will acquire common addition by following free exchange of merchandises ( Jackson and Sorensen, 2007 ) . In order to make free exchange of merchandises, provinces need to cut down their duty and non-tariff barriers viz. import duty, quotas, ordinances, licences, and others. By making so, provinces will be able to entree easy to universe market so that there will be more Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI ) to come for investing. Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI ) promotes a figure of economic activities which leads to economic growing in a state.

Egypt is a concrete evident to turn out that openness to free trade Lashkar-e-Taibas Egypt experience in economic growing significantly. Since Egypt reduced its mean duty rates from & A ; gt ; 30 % to 6.4 % , Egypt & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s existent GDP growing rates has been increased in about double from 3.2 % to 6 % ( Smith and Kulkarni, 2010 ) . Besides, GDP per capital growing has been increased from $ 1,197 to $ 2,652 because of the riddance of duty and non-tariff since 2002. The below figure show

Figure: Simple Duty degrees and Growth in EgyptC: UsersAcer_4736DesktopPage 11.jpg

Beginning: International Trade as an Engine of Economic Growth Revisited: A Case of Egypt, p11

clearly that when low degree of duty rates, there is besides high existent GDP growing rates in Egypt. In 2001, there is the lowest degree of duty rate ; there is besides the highest degree of existent GDP growing rate. Furthermore, addition in FDI, which is contributed by free trade, has unusually raised existent GDP growing rates in Egypt. Egypt has received FDI from $ 1 billion to $ 10 billion yearly from 2004 boulder clay 2006, and the addition of FDI has positively affected existent GDP growing rates of Egypt ( Smith and Kulkarni, 2010 ) .

After Adam Smith, David Ricardo had developed a new theory in international trade by utilizing Adam Smith theory, and that theory is called jurisprudence of comparative advantage. David Ricardo besides has the same position as Adam Smith that there is positive sum game in international trade. However, unlike Adam Smith, he believes that provinces and people do merchandise with each others by following jurisprudence of comparative advantage ( Jackson and Sorensen, 2007 ) . For comparative advantage, provinces and people do merchandise with one another non because of low production cost but because of low chance cost, which refers to something that person give up in order to bring forth something. Harmonizing to David Ricardo, all provinces and people who involve in international trade will acquire benefits because jurisprudence of comparative advantage enables the provinces and people obtain specialisation which leads to increase productiveness ( Jackson and Sorensen, 2007 ) . Thus, economic growing is besides appeared because of productiveness addition. For illustration, United States and Mexico do merchandise with each other under North American Free Trade Area ( NAFTA ) so that they get a batch of benefits because of comparative advantages ( Villarreal, 2010 ) . United States exports cars to Mexico since the United States has lower chance cost than Mexico to bring forth these merchandises. On the other manus, Mexico exports fabric merchandises to the United States as Mexico has lower chance cost than the United States to bring forth these merchandises. By making so, the United States and Mexico can utilize their resources more expeditiously and specialise in production. Therefore, they can better their productiveness which enables them to speed up economic growing.


Looking back to China in the base on balls of the closed market with every establishment owned by the authorities, China was non a success state in term of economic growing. But after she reform the economic system policies, reopening market to the universe and implementing the denationalization to promote FDI ( Foreign Direct Investment ) , she has become a fast turning state that ne’er mentioned in the history of China. To research more why denationalization boosts the growing, one should look into the undermentioned three facets. Denationalization as an economic growing policy is the procedure of reallocation assets under control of the province to genitalias ain can be an affectional manner to cover with outwardness. First, the private sector responds to inducements in the market, while the public sector frequently has non-economic ends. In other words, the populace sector is non extremely motivated to maximise production and allocate resources efficaciously, doing the authorities to run high- cost, low-income endeavors. Second, private companies give a asset to financial policy of the authorities. For case, denationalization enables states to pay a part of their existing debt, therefore cut downing involvement rates and raising the degree of investing. By cut downing the size of the populace sector, the authorities reduces entire outgo and begins roll uping revenue enhancements on all the concerns that are now privatized. Third, it is denationalization that gives a large opportunity for every people to put his or her money. Individuals both local and abroad are inspired to work and put on private sector. Foreign Direct Investment, which is known as a key to growing, has `positive spillovers of improved engineering, better direction accomplishments, and entree to international production webs ( Filipovic, 2005 ) .

Political Stability

Political stableness is besides one of outstanding engines of economic growing. When there is political stableness in a state, that state will be able to pull more Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI ) . Foreign investors seldom take hazard to put in a state where there is political instability because they improbable get net income from making investing in that state. Furthermore, a state that political stableness can guarantee assurance of foreign investors since the authorities can modulate jurisprudence and regulations to vouch the investors. When there are more FDI, the economic system will be grown every bit good. FDI provides occupation chance to local people so that local people will be able to gain more money and will pass more every bit good. Consequently, there will be more economic system activities and economic growing. In add-on, the authorities besides gets more gross because of FDI through revenue enhancement so that the authorities will hold more resources to develop economic substructures to hike economic growing. For case, after 1993 election, a batch of foreign investors who are Chinese, Nipponese, Chinese, and others came to put in Cambodia because they thought that there was no more war and struggles in the state, and these FDI could hike economic growing in Cambodia from 1994 boulder clay 1996. However, Cambodia fell into political instability once more in 1997 because of putsch in Phnom Penh, so the many foreign investors left Cambodia to put in other states. Then, economic growing was besides decreased. Since 1998, we can see that Cambodia has experienced in noteworthy economic growing because political stableness in the state provides good investing clime for local investors and foreign investors.


Indeed, there are several chief engines of economic growing that my group has raised, and those engines are salvaging and capital, which are elements of Solow growing theoretical account created by Robert Solow, free trade, which is construct of economic liberalism developed by Adam Smith and David Ricardo, and political stableness. Even though my group has non covered all the engines of economic growing, we strongly believe that the paper can give a clear range of economic growing.

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How The Two Elements Of Solow Model Promote Economic Growth Economics Essay?

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