How I See Myself as a Teacher?

Teachers possess enormous impacts on the lives of the students he/she taught. As a future teacher, being able to shape the lives of the future generation, I desired to be a teacher that provides my students with an enjoyable education experience. Being a serious person, i believe that the atmosphere in the classroom that I will be teaching would be quite serious, but I should be able to negotiate the level of seriousness in the class with some fun. Even though I am a bit uptight, I can see myself opening up to my students, being able to have a friendly conversation with my students.

Based on my experience and observations during my high school days, most of my friends that were labelled as problematic by the teachers always complains that they did not see the importance of a certain rules implemented upon them. When a teacher asks them to do something, or prevent them to do things, they cannot see the reasons behind them.

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Therefore, when I become a teacher, I want to be able to rationalise things that I do, and everything that I thought them. I want to emphasise the importance of what they are going to learn so that they can value the knowledge. Although i am an English teacher, I want to be a teacher that my students can relate to in every aspects of their life. I want to be a teacher that has enough knowledge about everything, so that my students can look for me for an advice.

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I also wanted to be a teacher that manages to shape the mentality of my students into a better one, from trivial matters such as littering to religious aspects for Muslims.

Finally, as a future teacher, it is my hope to achieve the feeling that I in some way, as an individual have made a difference in the lives of my students, the school community, and therefore in society as a whole. By educating the next generation in terms of morale and in their mentality, it is my hope that I am able to achieve enough to make a difference not only in the lives of the students in my classes at that particular time, but also to impact their lives far into the future, and as a result make the future of our country a better place.

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How I See Myself as a Teacher?

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