How Earning a Degree Will Change My Life Essay

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How Earning a Degree Will Change My Life

Earning a degree will change my life, and my children’s life in many ways. A degree would help us in this economic downturn. I have been working at Village Inn as a server for a year now, and while it pays the bills, there is no room to go on vacation, or go out to eat ourselves. There are no emergency funds set aside. Our economy may be getting better; however I do not believe I can get a head working at Village Inn. I will continue skating by, or worse, an emergency may happen and I will not have the funds to cover it.

A degree would give me pride in myself. I’ve always wanted to go to college, however I could never find the right time. A degree would help me accomplish a better life for myself, and my children. It will also set a huge example for my children. You never want your children to experience your downfalls. People want the best for their children. I believe my kids will be more inclined to go to college if I were to graduate and earn my degree.

They have seen the jobs I’ve had in the past, the trials, tribulations, financial hardships, stress, the many times we’ve had to move, and they can compare it to how stable we can live once I’ve earned a successful living because of Higher Education. I would like to study Medical Specialties, and then follow my dream to be a nurse. I want to help and care for people, and to give back to society. My short term goal is to earn my RN in nursing. My long term goal is to give back in teaching or supervisory nursing.

My profession in nursing would make my mother and immediate family so proud of me. Not one person in my immediate family went to college. I would love to make new history, and set a new trend within my family. With a degree, I would be more knowledgeable and socially accepted. I haven’t always chosen the right friends. Luckily, I haven’t been in any trouble. I believe a degree in nursing will give me more self-confidence and knowledge, not only in the medical field, but it will surround me with people who have similar goals in life.

I will make friends who want to challenge themselves and learn as much as I do. And whom we could help and encourage each other chase our dreams. A degree will help me in so many ways. I have shared some examples with you. For the most part, I want to be proud of myself for being the first in my family to attend college. I want to be able to say to others, “If I can do it, anyone can do it”. I am so thankful to be given the chance to chase my American Dream, for Higher Education, and for Stevens Henager College.

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