Honesty Is the Best Policy Essay

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Honesty Is the Best Policy

Like truth goodness and justice, honesty is a virtue. A good person is always honest, and tells the truth. We must form a habit of honesty. It plays in both the worlds. Honest deeds are always rewarded that should not be measured in terms of money. A person following good deeds is always contended and satisfied. It is true that a person in practicality of life but he does not deviate from the path of honesty and remains peaceful and contented in the hardships of life.

Respected persons and trusted personalities are always to be trusted upon. It is the sign of moral courage. Without truthfulness the world will be dirty place to live in. It is said that truth is always singular. An action cannot be true (honest) and false at the same time. False hood or telling lies writes down a person. He or she loses faith. No body believes him or honors him. Honesty is the mark of honor and good will so we must be honest in thoughts and actions.

Corruption, bribery, black marketing, smuggling and cheating are bad and dis-honest acts. Dis-honesty leads to vulgarity, which is devilish deed. A dishonest person is never believed and as such loss his confidence. We must be honest by heart and with the depth of soul. A man of dead conscience is a person of bad character. He does not have any fear of accountability. An honest man is always successful in his practical as well as spiritual life. His views are always positive because he knows that the problematic sufferings of life are temporary and the troubles of age wiped out with the passage of time.

Honesty is a fundamental factor, which builds the character of a person. It is a precious element, which keeps the shoulders of a person guiltiness and free from criminal thoughts. It keeps determination in right direction.

The personality of such an honest man is graceful and dignified. The command of Almighty Allah is inscribed on the screen of mind. The spirit of truth and crystal honesty profoundly pierced in the consciousness of an honest man.

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