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Homeschooling Essay Examples

Essay on Homeschooling

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Home School vs. Public Eduaction

Based upon the research I have done and the interviews that I have conducted, I believe that both public and home-school are exceptional educational environments for a child. However, I believe home-school benefits your child's education more than public education. I believe parents should have the right to chose which option is best for their child. There is a lot of controversy on this topic, as...

Home school vs Public school

In conclusion public school students have a responsibility to do their work and make their own decisions, by doing so it will prepare them for real life situations. For example, attending college the instructor is not going to spoon feed the students. It will be up to the students to get help if needed and complete assignments by the due date. Public schooled students will adapt to their environm...

The Disadvantages of Homeschooling

The major disadvantage is the student’s lack of socialization with peers. Students that are homeschooled should not be totally separated from society. They should still interact with other kids in their environment; they should be involved in sports and other extracurricular activities. According to the article “The Advantages and Disadvantages of Homeschooling”, “An inability to socializ...

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Negative effects of homeschooling

Among all the choices one can make for their kids, why would a parent chose to deprive them of important life skills and a quality education? The idea of "going to school" is a relevant building block in any person's life. Not being at school learning with peers is missing out on very important aspects of childhood. Getting familiar with the ideas of how the world works is necessary to having a su...

Homeschooling vs. Public Schooling

Therefore, choosing to homeschool or send a child to public school is not a very easy decision for parents to make; much thought and research needs to be done on students' performance, the cost of each, and what is in store for the student after graduating. Homeschoolers score better on tests than those in the public setting. Though, children who are homeschooled are not able to participate in gro...

Critique on John Holt's Artitlce, Right to Ones Own Learning

The education system is in sheer need of reformation and still has to deal with most of the concerns raised by John Holt, but, that does not mean students should not be given an exposure to this experience. As years have passed the platform to perform and interact with people of diverse backgrounds, provided by the educational institutes, has broadened. In conclusion, this would not just help in g...

Disadvantages of Homeschooling

Moreover, many parents are not qualified to be the teachers, especially in different areas; such as, History, Geography, Algebra, and foreign language. Also, keeping disabled children at home all the time is a terrible mistake. These children can get special education and services in the public schools by interacting with other kids. The only important and main key in a child’s success at a happ...

The Effects of Homeschooling

Not being able to learn with friends or being able to associate with children the same age could lead towards developmental problems; such as the “children feeling isolated, passive, lethargic and alone or ill-equipped to handle situations where interaction is required” (educationnews.org). However, “by being involved in other activities such as dance or sports, by living in a neighborhood w...

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