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The holiday brochures appeal to their customers

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For this essay I shall discuss ways that holiday brochures appeal to their customers. I will examine three brochures and compare them to each other. The three brochures will all have different target audience, so as to show you what different techniques are used to get a certain group of people to buy the holiday a company is selling. The club 18-30 holiday brochure to Mallorca is very bright with colour. This could be to catch your eye as you are flicking through the pages of your holiday brochure to make you stop and look at it.

As your eye-line naturally travels from top left to bottom right when you look at an image, club 18-30 have put their logo in the top left hand side corner. There are two reasons for club 18-30 to do this; the first one is because they must think that their company name is an important selling point of their holiday and two to state who there target audience is.

(Thinking on the same wavelength as club 18-30 forever young has also put their company logo in the top left hand corner although not for both reasons.

Unlike Club 18-30 and Forever young Skytours have kept there company logo in the bottom right hand side corner and so must not find it to be as important). This may sound like a silly thing for club 18-30 to do because by doing this they are losing custom from people such as families and older people but in actual fact they probably get just as much if not more custom doing this because for people who are in this age bracket the idea of not having little children or old people around them whilst they are on holiday, would really appeal to them.

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Using the fact that young people are a lot more care free than people with families are, Club 18-30 made no statistics, graphs and things such like are shown to demonstrate how hot or what the weather is going to be like, like the Skytours holiday did, instead they used lots of bright colours which reflect heat and summer, such as orange, red, blue and green. The other demonstration of heat is a picture, which takes up half of the brochure.

It shows two boys and girls messing around with each other (use of connotation as the image is implying sex) with only their swimming clothes on, which is another use of connotation as it implies that it is hot, they also all have tans. The two girls have put ice creams on top of the boy’s heads. The ice creams are trickling down the heads and chests of the two men, which shows that it is hot. The position of the two ice creams makes it look like there are horns coming out of their heads. Which implies that they are “naughty devils” which implies sex (more uses of connotation)

WOB (white on black) is used in one of the boxes to give more emphasis about one of there extra package deals. A different font is used to highlight sub headings to draw your attention to them. The boxes used are plainly set out e. g. they are not tilted like the boxes in the skytours holiday are. The name of the place club 18-30 is advertising (mallorca) is highlighted in three different colours green orange and red which are all colours associated with summer, it is also tilted to make it stand out.

No underling is used. All the colour and connotation used makes you think of sun, sea and sex which is exactly what club 18-30 are trying to advertise to there target audience who usually want these three things in their holidays, they are known as the powerful three. For all the reasons I have said above this would be a very appealing holiday for Club 18-30 target audience. There is quite a limited amount of text used in the club 18-30 brochure when compared with the Skytours and Forever young holiday brochures.

Colloquial language is used to make the target audience think they can relate with the company and therefore the company (club 18-30) appeals to them. Examples of colloquial language used are “hardened party animal”, “shaking your booty” and “you’ll need a fair bit of wedge”. Alliteration is also used “old skool special with spank” this is used to make the information sound interesting and not boring. A slogan “the works” is used to advertise an extra package to the holiday.

Almost a quarter of the whole brochure is dedicated to the price of the holiday this is because Club 18-30 target audience: young people don’t usually have a lot of money and so price is very important to them. Unlike the Skytours and Forever young brochures, which don’t even mention price. To show what is on offer the brochure uses sub-headings this shows information clearly with limited words. No jargon is used because most young people wouldn’t know what the brochure is talking about.

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