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History: Africa, Asia, Europe and America

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (297 words)
Categories: The Age Of Exploration
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In this essay, the key concepts that build up the question will be discussed to give a clear understanding of the question. As discussed in class, A worldview means interpreting things and events that pervades culture thoroughly that it becomes a culture’s concept of reality, what is important, what is sacred, worldview is more than a culture. Discover, to see, get knowledge of something that was happening previously or something that is unknown.

Encounter, to come upon or meet with, especially unexpectedly. But as with Africans and Asians, Europeans also developed a contradictory view of peoples of the Americas.

From the Tainos, Columbus learned of another people, the Caribs, who (according to his informants) were savage, warlike Cannibals. For centuries, these contrasting images-innocents and savages-structured European misunderstandings of the native peoples of the Americas. Europe’s discovery of the America’s ‘not only opened a new source of wealth to the busy and commercial part of Europe, but an extensive field of speculation to the philosopher, who would trace the character of man under various degrees of refinement, and observe the movements of the human hearts or the operations of the human understanding, when untutored by science or untainted with corruption’.

Europeans set forward to explore the American coastline interior and partly in search of metical routes to the continents so that they could reach Asia more easily and partly seeking American Indian societies who is resources could be exploited for European profit. So to a European, about the extent of the known world, there very good things to be had in India, China, Middle East, Excellent trade goods like Silk and Spices, and they knew there was quite a lot of world outside of Europe and Africa, but they did not think there was much more out there.

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History: Africa, Asia, Europe and America. (2020, May 14). Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/history-africa-asia-europe-and-america-essay

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