Health and Science Through Caring Hands

The Idea

What does it mean to care for something or someone? The definition of care in the Merriam Webster dictionary is “A disquieted state of mixed uncertainty, apprehension, and responsibility”. It is through this definition that you find the best of what people can do for each other. That is exactly what Marilyn Magaram Center does when they organize events at CSUN. Marilyn Magaram Center is an organization that takes specialty in the field for Food Science, Nutrition and Dietetics. They care for those people that are less fortunate, regular/ordinary and people that have a passion in this area.

My report will be on what they bring to the table, literally!

The Problem

So what are the issues that this organization faces? The one main and greatest issue that this organization faces is the simple fact that most people don't know what MMC has to offer. On the other hand, on a daily basis and in regular life most people put nutrition and food science on the backburner.

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If you think about how many people you know that could be in better shape or have a better understanding and knowledge of food, you can think of more than one person in your life that you have met or have come in contact with that can better themselves through that knowledge. This is exactly what MMC is all about and is trying to relay these types of messages and facts to the ordinary and lesser fortunate people that simply don’t know.

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Their mission purpose statement consists of providing knowledge about dietetics and nutrition for a healthier way of living.

The Part I Come In

So what does this mean for me and what I can provide for this organization? This is an organization that cares for people through basic knowledge and understanding of food and the science that is behind it.I myself have studied and taking notes about food and the nutrition that comes along with it through many years of my life because of bodybuilding. I have been a fan of the bodybuilding world for quite some time now in the one greatest hard of this beautiful sport is the nutrition and science that comes along with it. You may ask how is bodybuilding and food nutrition related exactly? In order for you to have the physique you desire, you must have hard work and dedication but that is not the only thing that you must possess as knowledge. They say that food nutrition and the way you eat is 70% of your bodybuilding lifestyle and 30% is actually putting in the work and physically working out. One of the best quotes that I look up to in my years of bodybuilding has come from a bodybuilder known as Jay Cutler. He once said that, “I don't eat for taste, I eat for function.” This basically means that he doesn't eat whatever comes to his hands which could be anything he desired yet he uses food as a source for functioning for the better and healthier. So after some basic knowledge about myself, I think I am a great candidate to help out this organization in teaching people the knowledge that comes with food.

The Part I Help Out

Through the weeks to come until spring break, MMC will be hosting events all week long that are located on CSUN campus and will have dedicated booths set up. One of the booths that will be set up during the week will consist of giving basic knowledge to event goers and handing out pies for Pi Day. I will volunteer at this event to help Ordinary People and event-goers With basic knowledge that comes along with eating and handling food on a daily basis. Not only do I get to talk to new and interesting people but, I get to see their face light up when we hand them out free homemade organic pies from the freshest fruit possible. The mission purpose statement for this event is as follows, “Our mission is to enrich LA's School Gardens by teaching children and our community about the health benefits of sustainable gardening.” I can't wait and will be anticipating every day that passes by until this event occurs. This will be a fantastic event to help give back to my community that has supported me for all my years that I have been attending CSUN.


So let me ask you again, what does it mean to care for something or someone? By now you should be able to answer this question. There is so much good and care that goes around in the world sometimes it's hard to see even when it's been right next to you when you've been walking by it for years. I believe that this organization will help me grow my knowledge base for food science and will help me grow as a person in whole. The days countdown until the event and on the day of the event we will work hard, we will have fun doing it,we will help people with information, and most important thing of all... everyone gets a free pie!

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Updated: Apr 29, 2022
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