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Caring in Geriatric Nursing

Caring is a very important value in nursing, especially in the field of geriatric nursing. Caring is one of the basic needs of a human being and it is more important for the older people. Negligence from the younger generation is a major reason that affects them psychologically because they expect love and care from their younger generations.

Caring and comfort is so important for the elderly people to lead a healthy life without anxieties and worries. It is an important stage of life when there is a huge need of care and support from others.

When an elderly person comes to the hospital there might be a chance of them ignored by their children, so it is the duty of a nurse to compensate that need by giving good care to them by showing love and affection. So, nurses should nurses should be educated on how to care for the elderly. It is clear when the author states that, “In this perspective, Goncalves, Alvarez and Santos pointed to the need of developing care-educational actions with older adults, such as: caring for the life and health of older adults, especially the health-illness process; preventing health complications; recovery and rehabilitation; and ongoing care in chronic situations and end-of-life care” (Montenegro LC, 2017).

Due to the changes in their behavioral patterns there would be many troubles and issues. They might be facing medical issues such as joint pains, diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems etc. Elderly people are filled with pain, sadness, illness and loneliness.

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So, they may be angry or stressed at all times and it can be showed on the nurses. But still it is a nurse’s responsibility to understand their situation and be calm and compassionate to them.

Nurses should give a feel of confidence to them by helping them in their needs. From this perspective of care, gerontological nurses have the potential to conduct the development of public policies that give strategies to broaden the comprehensive support network for older adults, achieving the promotion of healthy aging(Montenegro LC, 2017).To ensure a good health we should understand their concerns and needs. Sometimes their behavior could irritate you, but nurses should stay calm and it can make a big difference in their lives. Old age is one of the crucial stages in one’s life.


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