Hawaiian Culture and the Impact of Colonization on It

Research papers are always very stressful because there needs to be a good amount of information that are set up in a cohesive way that make sense to the reader. As college students we get papers a couple of months ahead of schedule and all of a sudden it is 2 days before and there is nothing written on the paper except your name. Often times in these situations, it is always how we spend our time and the lack of planning on the students part.

Mostly college students are procrastinators because we think we have all this time and never make a daily plan of what to do in all of the free time that is given. It is imperative to have a plan of what needs to be in the paper and how each source should be used in each area of the paper. This is a great use of time to basically make an outline for the paper as well as a plan on how to be the most successful on the final paper.

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There are certain sources that will be used for background information on my topic, quotes, a different perspective that does not agree with my argument, and finally sources that agree with my point of view.

So for the introduction of this essay, it will be my thesis statement which I am still trying to refine everyday to make sure it makes sense to any reader. The intro is my view of the topic I chose and why I think it is important to me and how it is important to the way I live.

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To make sure the reader understands the topic, the first couple of pages will be the background information of the native hawaiian people because most people are not necessarily educated in their history. It is imperative that I have the right background information because it is the foundation of my paper which hopefully entice the reader to want to keep reading.

For the background information there is a graduate student, who wrote a dissertation to receive her Ph.d of the hawaiian history and the education of said history in public schools. I will also be discussing the different mannerisms and traditions that were very important to the native hawaiian culture that have been almost cheapened by the contact and the colonization of hawaii. This is where Pratts “art of the contact zone” will greatly add some insight to what happens when two completely different cultures first make “contact” and what happens. Another great source for this information is a book written by Eleanor Nordyke which is about the people of hawaii written by an historian and author about the type of the people who live in Hawaii. This is very important because a lot of immigrants who came to work in the plantations did not know english, so as a result there was a new form of “english” called pidgin which is still being used to this day. As much as I want to focus on my point of view during this whole paper, it is important that I discuss the other viewpoints of how Hawaii being colonized and finally being annexed to america was a great opportunity for the natives. So this is where the book by Harry Bingham counter argument that the natives were barbaric and needed the US’s guiding hand to enter the new world as a modern state of america. It is always good to have a different viewpoint to make it more interesting as different sides of the argument are being added.

For the conclusion, it has always been a struggle but it something that needs to be just as strong as the rest of this paper. A good conclusion wraps up the paper in the best way to give your read that closure. All of the ideas were discussed in the body so this is not for adding more ideas, but more like summarizing using different words. I plan on using the conclusion of my paper to tie my ideas together.

Annotated Bibliography

Herreria, Carla. “Land, Loss And Love: The Toll Of Westernization On Native Hawaiians.” 2018

This is a journal article that was published in May of 2018 by the Huffpost. Essentially the article is about how where you come from will change your view of Hawaii. Many tourists view Hawaii as getting lei’d at the airport, then attending a Luau on a beach. Locals appreciate that aspect, but they also see the horrible prices and the worst population of Homeless people. Then we come full circle to the actual kanaka (native hawaiian people) who view Hawaii as sacred land that was unlawfully stolen away from their ancestors. This document addresses each side, but mostly it talks about how the colonization of Hawaii has left the native hawaiians vulnerable to displacement.

Mishina, Christy, et al. Hawaiian Culture-Based Education: Reclamation of Native Hawaiian Education, 2017, pp. ProQuest Dissertations and Theses

This article is actually a dissertation created by Christy Lokelani Mishina who wrote this to help achieve the requirement for her degree, Philosophy from the Prescott College. So as previously stated, this is a dissertation from Christy for her to a committee who reviews her paper and determines if she will receive her Ph.d. The Board is made up of 4 people which are Ka’ai Pua, Walter Kahumoku, and Vicky Young. this dissertation is written well and she did her research in order for her to receive her Ph.d and she actually got her Phd so this paper survived 4 board members who all excel in their field of work. I trust the sources she used because I know this paper is very important and she cited them all corrected. It supports my claim because it has the right background research and it is all about the education of the hawaiian culture which includes the good and the bad of the colonization of the islands. It includes how the hawaiian culture is slowly diminishing. The main conclusions and findings include how their needs to be more education of the history of hawaii in schools especially on the islands themselves because this is becoming a pandemic.

Bingham, Harry. The Annexation of Hawaii: A Right and a Duty. An Address. Concord: Rumford, 1898. Print.

This book was actually written by Harry Bingham who was a famous author, lawyer and a legislator who lived in Vermont. This was published in 1898 to convey his views on the annexation of Hawaii So this article is very insightful in the sense that it has good historical facts about the annexation of Hawaii by the U.S. Most of my articles agree with the fact that Hawaii is changing, but this article produces a good counter argument. The article is written in favor of the annexation of Hawaii which Bingam suggests is the best possible outcome for both parties involved. Even during this time there was a lot of controversy surrounding does America have the right of possessing Hawaii. According to this article, America has every right to take control because if not America then who else which is basically the foundation of his whole claim.

Nordyke, Eleanor C. The Peopling of Hawaiʻi. 2nd ed., University of Hawaii Press, 1989.

So this book is better suited than others to explain the history of its people on the islands which is what this is being used. The book was written by Eleonor Nordyke around 1989 which does seem long ago, but it has reliable information because it was published by the University of Hawaii. This document is very helpful in explaining the different people groups that were established and how it affected the original people group of the island. She touched base on everything from how tourism affects Hawai’i itself to the marriage and divorce rate of the entire state.

Mary Louise Pratt. “Arts of the Contact Zone.” Profession, 1991, pp. 33–40.

So the author of this article is Mary Louise Pratt, who was a professor at NYU. She wrote several other books as well. In this article Pratt tackles the zone where 2 different cultures meet and the result of what happens between them. There are multiple points in history where cultures collide and try to understand and most of the time take advantage of in these gray areas and this space is called “the contact zone” These zones have led to some terrible fallouts such as enslavement, the formation of 2 different languages combining, and colonization of the new worlds. This is a great primary resource because it discusses what happens when cultures make contact and that is exactly what my whole paper is about, the result of westernization on the hawaiian culture.

Updated: Feb 26, 2024
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