Guevarra and Cimanes 2017 indicated that there are different

Guevarra and Cimanes (2017) indicated that there are different stress coping mechanisms when it comes to senior high school students that are majority aged at 17-18 years old, The different mechanisms wherein they cope with stress include the factors of instrumental social support, social isolation, emotional social support, planning and active coping but among the five

coping mechanisms, "planning" was the most favored by the Technical-Vocational students from the Pastry and Bread strand; thus it also bears the highest impact when it comes to dealing or coping with stress among the students.

According to Schuschu (2017), "Stress is a fact of life for people of all ages." For teenagers, the experience of attending high school or preparing for college may expose them to a higher level of stress. Schoolwork and studying take up students' time and after-school hours may be riddled with extracurricular activities, mixed with social life, family relationships and a busy schedule may induce stress for a teenager. The methods told by Schuschu on how to handle stress are the following: Relaxing/taking a break, creating a clean workplace, meditating, exercising, and developing a better sleep habit.

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Practicing better stress management should be done by everyone and a person's physical and emotional state should not be neglected. Following these steps will make the people's daily activities less stressful.

Morin (2015) has stated that some reasons for stress can include financial setbacks, health problems, and workplace difficulties. However, in order to handle stress better, Morin has given the following ways: exercising, developing

healthy habits, balancing social interaction, and propagating positivity.

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Exercising apparently helps combat stress since this produces endorphins, which basically reduce their perception of pain in the body as stress can manifest physical conditions. Developing healthy habits as in avoiding vices, balancing social interaction in order to maintain interpersonal relationships and a reserved time to be alone with themselves, and propagating positivity in which you need to develop a realistic outlook but recognize good tings from stressful situations.

In addition, as stated by Shahmohammadi (2017), Grade 11 and 12 students tend to run away from their problems instead of facing them, mainly males who sought to resort in moderate to extreme alcohol usage or drugs, where areas females were found to become more emotionally upset rather than males, nonetheless, it turns out that women resorted to rather praying and positive reinforcement to themselves in order to cope with their problems, finally despite having lower stress levels than men, women tend to feel higher sensations of emotion. Based from the data given, it was shown that religion was the highest scored coping strategy within the students and that it was the mostly and efficiently used factor when it comes to recovering from emotional distress.

For a more valuable pressure control, Rai (2016) stated that every student needs to recognize the definitions of "stressor," "pressure," "eustress" (good stress), and "distress" (bad stress). If they are not able to clarify the meaning of these terms, they may be looking to manage stressors, thinking they are dealing with strain. The stress control can begin most effective after they understand that the extra demands made upon them are stressors, not strain. If they want to know properly about the pressure control practically, they will need to recognize that there are two sorts of stress. So if they understood those terms properly, they have unlocked the primary door leading to stress control.

According to Nirmala (2015), effective stress management of pressure can only be accomplished under conditions. First, the person ought to be able to understand stressors and understand their consequences and second, they should develop stress prevention, as well as strain reduction strategies.

However, according to Ugwuja (2009), stress management strategies used by one person may not be suitable for another individual probably because of one's profession. It has also been discovered that a number of individuals adopt different coping techniques and behaviors in managing pressure. Those actions range from dangerous, through anti-social and bizarre, to absolutely normal. The

dangerous coping behaviors have been recognized as: excessive drinking of alcohol, smoking (cigarettes and pipe tobacco), and use of dangerous narcotic pills, along with cocaine or heroine, and marijuana. The two models of stress management techniques have also been reviewed namely: transactional and health realization or inner health model. The transactional model was observed upon the interaction between the stressors and people. While the health realization or innate health model proposes, Ugwuja stated that pressure may be reduced by helping pressured individuals change their perceptions of stressors, offering them with strategies to assist them cope and enhancing their confidence in their ability to do so.

Updated: Aug 11, 2021
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