As indicated by Imam Hassan in wholey Dennis video the word Islam

As indicated by Imam Hassan in wholey Dennis video the word Islam itself, signifying “accommodation,” is a subordinate of a Syriac word for “making harmony.” Furthermore, accommodation to god. It is a confidence that calls for philanthropy, modesty, and administration. What’s more, it takes after the other extraordinary monotheistic religions to a noteworthy degree. They have confidence in unity of god .prophet Mohammad as an errand person .There is two transcendent in Muslim which is shiah and Sunni .They have confidence in five day by day petitions in morning, noon, afternoon, sunset and night which interface them to god ,regardless of your identity, by what method may you could be, despite everything you require assistance from the God and direction .

They believe in giving and helping significance of giving is Muslim can’t accomplish most elevated amount of confidence except if they will in general be giving and helping poor .They believe in confidence ,supplication, fasting and philanthropy .I found out about the hajj trip through my some Muslim companion however I didn’t realize that what is it ,Through this video I become more acquainted with about hajj .

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Muslim trust that each Muslim male or female must take trip .It happen once per year for five days .In this they wear loose fitting clothing which is all inclusive uniform for all Muslim .In that they circumambulate around the kaba. There they go and walk between two little slopes nearby kaba. Second day of hajj they go to another land called Arafat.

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This is where Arafat Adams meet his significant other eve after they removed from paradise. third day of hajj they go to another land called mina this is the place when Abraham taking to his child Ismael for forfeit. They have confidence in God made earth and paradise while they are no person. I thoroughly concur with Imam Hassan that disasters originate from human himself, not from god.

In my opinion, I think Islam which is followed by the second biggest majority in the world has taught me many things which I feel will be very useful for me in my future. A great explanation by Sister Aminah about this religion has helped me learn more about it. Her experience is really unique because she practiced Christianity before, but she couldn’t find peace of mind in that, so she started following Islam and this is where she realized that she found what she was actually looking for in her life. People are biased against Islam saying it provokes war, instills terror etc. But that is not what Islam is all about. That’s not what the Quran or Prophet Muhammed’s life was about at all. Islam establishes a way of life, urging you to do good in this world. All religions are good, and it depends on person’s believing to practice one religion. But following one religion doesn’t mean that you should not respect other faith. All religion teaches us tolerance for other believe and humans. Despite being a practicing Hindu, I have a great respect for Islam.

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As indicated by Imam Hassan in wholey Dennis video the word Islam

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