The Presidency and Fundamental Factors That Cause the Economic Failure of 2017

The year 2017 was predicted to have outstanding results economically, however, the results happened to be just the opposite. Little to no economic growth has been made as a result of the latest presidency. Gross domestic product has seemed to rise only a mere 0.6% at the very start of the year, making it widely underperforming in comparison to past years. Additional percentages include a whopping 0.2% in payroll growth according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in regards to vehicle and manufacturing industries.

One of the United State’s most well performing industry fields has failed in performance standards due to mostly the national economy.

The economic fail has surpassed expectations, and is even worse in comparison to previous years. Due to a removal of national healthcare, and job layoffs, the unemployment has been higher than ever, however, is to the numbers of the Great Depression, although the economy is reaching close to it. Many are starting to fall below the poverty line, or even reaching it due to unemployment or underemployment.

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Many United States citizens are employed only part time, thus making them fall farther underneath the poverty line. A part time, or even two part time jobs, means receiving under minimum wage, and therefore do not have enough money to survive, and need additional assistance from the government. However, there lies another issue economically, seeing as more money has been lost/spent on other fields, such as military, or Ivanka Trump’s new clothing line.

Government healthcare, or government financial assistance has been receiving less funding, thus drastically harming those who have been affected by 2017’s national economic standard.

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Payrolls have drastically fallen badly short due to latest consensus, even if it falls higher than those payrolls after the recession, and the Great Depression. Fundamental shifts in the national and global economy has left the United States in near shambles, the number of vacancies not being to supply the amount of unemployed people in America. The amount of low pay, low skill, occupations has risen as a way for businesses to fill the demand, as well as make a profit in the meantime. All in all, due to the presidency, as well as many other additional fundamental factors, 2017’s economic results for America are in no way positive for the people of America.

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